News from Grace Episcopal Hopkinsville
News for July 12, 2013
Sunday Evening Pizza and Film

Please join us Sunday evening at 6:00 pm in the Gaither Room for a showing of the first half of Helen Whitney's documentary
Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate.  A group of us watched this film last summer and agreed that it is very powerful, but we did not have an opportunity to talk together about it and decided that it was worth a re-showing with sufficient processing time built in.  The DVD cover describes the film this way:  "Helen Whitney's
Forgiveness explores the act of forgiveness through a wide range of stories, from personal betrayal to the post-genocidal reconciliation of nations, in focusing on specific instances of affliction--one family torn apart by abandonment, the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation hearings in South Africa or the memories of the '60s radicals coping with their violent acts of protest--
Forgiveness studies the psychological impetus and impacts of this crucial sentiment, illuminating its power, its limitations and, in some cases, its dangers."  The second half will be shown two weeks later.  After we see how many of us come, we will order pizza for supper!  
Report on "An Evening with Jack Glazier"

We had a great event last Sunday evening in All Saints.  A giant thank-you to Pam Vance and team for the wonderful supper and hospitality.  About sixty people were in attendance and were very engaged with Jack Glazier's message and conversation about his book on Hopkinsville's history of slavery and subsequent race relations issues.  Sign-up lists were available for those who would be interested in coming to another meeting to talk about the way forward and for those willing to contribute to buying copies of Jack's book for decision-makers in Hopkinsville.  If you were not able to attend but would like to be included on either of these lists, please let the Rector know.  
Sanctuary, Inc. Annual Celebration Dinner

Sanctuary, Inc. will be hosting its Annual Celebration Dinner on Thursday, August 8, at Bruce Convention Center.  Social hour will begin at 5:30 pm with dinner and program following at 6:15 pm.  Many members of Grace attended this event last year, and we would like to reserve a table for eight or ten for Grace members and friends.  There is no cost for the dinner, but there will be an opportunity to make donations or pledges. We are currently supporting Sanctuary through monthly giving to defray the cost of one of their rooms.  Hope we can fill a table at this special event!  Please let Alice know of your interest.  
Military Welcome Home 
The Missions Group is sponsoring a Welcome Home ceremony for returning Fort Campbell soldiers.  This event will take place in either late July or early August.  This is a way we can welcome the deployed soldiers and thank them for their sacrifice and diligence in doing a tough, dangerous mission.  Our job is to host this event which includes serving refreshments, talking with the waiting family members and greeting the returning soldiers.  Typically these events are on very short notice and can be any time of the day or night.  I (Tom Brewer) have personally worked on several of the Welcome Homes and have found them to be one of the most rewarding experiences I've been involved with.  This is a way that we, Grace Church, can reach out to our military community and also honor our own Grace Church military family members.  If you are interested in participating, see Tom Brewer or call 484-1543 for more information.  Thanks!
Upcoming Meetings/Services
Wednesday, July 17--5:30 pm--Vestry
Thursday, July 18--4:30 pm--Website Group
Sunday, July 21--10:45 am--Missions Group
Sunday, July 21--6:00 pm--Celtic Eucharist

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