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News for July 26, 2013

Rector's Note


Dear Grace Church Friends,  


The general consensus seems to be that many of you are enjoying getting our weekly e-newsletter, especially since it allows for us to keep more current with information about what's happening at Grace--as well as other information.  For those who do not have access to electronic communication, printed copies of "eGrace" are being mailed out in a timely manner.  Therefore we have decided to discontinue "Grace Notes" for the present time.  Debbie will send out copies of the server schedule for those who are serving.  Please email me with anything that you would like to have included in eGrace!


I wanted to update you on developments related to Jack Glazier's visit to Grace on July 7.  At that meeting, I solicited names of those interested in having a conversation about how we might move forward in making more progress with race relations in Hopkinsville and Christian County.  I invited those who signed up to come to Grace last Sunday afternoon for an initial meeting.  About ten people met for an hour and a half and spent the time getting to know each other and sharing information and feelings about earlier attempts to move toward reconciliation.  Jack Glazier had recommended that we refer to a website on The William Winter Institute, a racial reconciliation program at the University of Mississippi, and participants agreed to look into that resource before our next meeting.  We will meet again at Grace on Sunday, August 4, at 4:00 pm.  Please come if you want to join in this effort.


It's hard to believe that the end of summer is approaching, and we are preparing for pre-school and kindergarten to start again.  I hope everyone has had the opportunity for rest and relaxation.  Peace and Blessings, Alice+ 

Going "Live"


The Website Group has been working for several months on a new website for Grace--something more attractive and more user-friendly.  With the expertise and creativity of Dr. Terry Fuqua and Troy Suite, we are ready to "go live."  So--anytime now--when you go to be prepared for a very different look.  Troy is serving as our webmaster and is easily accessible to us and our needs.  Thanks, Troy!

"Forgiveness" Cancelled


Due to low attendance at the Part I of "Forgiveness," Part 2, scheduled for Sunday, July 28, has been cancelled and may be rescheduled for a later date.  

"Bully" Project


On Sunday, August 11, at 5:30 pm, we will be having a showing of the movie "Bully" and a discussion of the pervasive problem of bullying behavior among our children and grandchildren of all ages.  Studies have shown that bullying is a major factor in the increase in suicide among young people, and we all need to increase our awareness of the symptoms and many ways in which this victimization takes place.  The Bully Project is a nationwide program and thousands of people have been trained and have made commitments to be part of the solution to this tragic issue.  Please join us.  Supper will be provided.  Misti French will be leading the discussion.  

Go, Phillip!


The Health Department made their yearly surprise visit to inspect All Saints, and, thanks to Phillip's diligent efforts, we scored 100! 

Grace/Carnegie Tutoring Program


The schedule for our Grace Church/Carnegie Library Tutoring program is now in place, and will begin on Thursday, 12 September, with a Staff Orientation Session in All Saints at 3:00 pm.  Ron Gager, the MLK program coordinator, will speak briefly--and provide an overview for our tutors, subs and tutoring staff.  All are invited to attend to learn more about the program.  


Our weekly sessions begin on Thursday, 19 September, in All Saints at 3:00 pm.  Tutoring will initially be offered to four students (grades 3 through 5). These one-on-one sessions require--in addition to the four tutors, a sub for each tutor, plus a staff of three--bringing the total number of adults involved to eleven.   


Four of these positions are still open, and provide an excellent opportunity for YOU to be a part of this new, exciting and potentially fruitful avenue of outreach to the youth of Hopkinsville and Christian County.


If you would like to be a part of this innovative groundbreaking program, please contact Jim Coursey at 270-719-9462.  

Sanctuary, Inc. Annual Celebration Dinner

Sanctuary, Inc. will be hosting its Annual Celebration Dinner on Thursday, August 8, at Bruce Convention Center.  Social hour will begin at 5:30 pm with dinner and program following at 6:15 pm.  Many members of Grace attended this event last year, and we would like to reserve a table for eight or ten for Grace members and friends.  There is no cost for the dinner, but there will be an opportunity to make donations or pledges. We are currently supporting Sanctuary through monthly giving to defray the cost of one of their rooms.  Hope we can fill a table at this special event!  Please let Alice know of your interest.  
Kentucky Exoneree Tour with Randy Steidl
On Monday, August 5, at 6:00 pm Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church and the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty will host a presentation by Randy Steidl who spent 17 years in Illinois prisons, including 12 years on death row, before his exoneration in 2004.  This should be a powerful talk--one that many of us will want to hear.  
Military Welcome Home 
The Missions Group is sponsoring a Welcome Home ceremony for returning Fort Campbell soldiers.  This event will take place in either late July or early August.  This is a way we can welcome the deployed soldiers and thank them for their sacrifice and diligence in doing a tough, dangerous mission.  Our job is to host this event which includes serving refreshments, talking with the waiting family members and greeting the returning soldiers.  Typically these events are on very short notice and can be any time of the day or night.  I (Tom Brewer) have personally worked on several of the Welcome Homes and have found them to be one of the most rewarding experiences I've been involved with.  This is a way that we, Grace Church, can reach out to our military community and also honor our own Grace Church military family members.  If you are interested in participating, see me or call 484-1543 for more information.  Thanks!  Tom
Upcoming Meetings/Services
Sunday, July 28--10:45 am in All Saints--Info about Education for Ministry
Sunday, August 4--4:00 pm in All Saints--Race Relations Group
Monday, August 5--6:00 pm--Exoneree Tour at Sts. Peter and Paul
Tues.-Thurs., August 6-8--9:30-11:30 am--Good Shepherd Camp
Tuesday, August 6--4:30 pm--Junior Warden's Council
Wednesday, August 7--4:00 pm--Kindergarten Board
Sunday, August 11--4:00 pm--Tour of Grace Church for the community
Sunday, August 11--5:30 pm--Showing and discussion of "Bully"
August Birthdays

Kip Cameron (1)
Greg Bridgeman (6)
Jacqueline Blankenship (7)
Eva Akpom (10)
LaDanna Mattison (13)
Shirley Puls (20)
Marilyn Smith (20)
Mike Quitter (23)
Karen Connerth (28)
Zachary Hamby (29)

Kroger Gift Cards


We have earned almost $1000 for the Kindergarten Scholarship Fund in the past three months by using our Kroger Gift Cards.  Please help us to take full advantage of this great opportunity.  If you haven't purchased a card for $5 or if you aren't quite sure how to use your card, please contact Tom Schmidt!  


Silent Auction


The Silent Auction has been postponed until later this Fall, and, we are therefore unable to accept early donations!  But, starting collecting your "good stuff" and hold onto it!  Thanks!


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