Grace Episcopal Church
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
News for June 6, 2017

Heads Up!  Eclipseville Info!

Wednesday afternoon, June 7, at 4:00 pm, Brooke Jung, coordinator of events surrounding the Solar Eclipse for the City of Hopkinsville, will be meeting with the GraceWorks Group to fill us in on overall plans for August 18-21 and especially on how we can best promote our activities and our GraceWork products. Any of you who are interested in knowing more about the City's plans and preparations for this huge happening and/or sharing your ideas and energies with us are welcome to attend.  See you there--in the Gaither Room on Wednesday at 4:00!  
Sacred Space Worship

During the months of June, July, and August, we will be having special worship opportunities that we are calling "Sacred Space Worship."  These services will be twice a month--once on Saturday at 6:00 pm and once on Sunday at 6:00 pm.  Some will be in All Saints parish hall and some at the labyrinth--partially dependent on the weather!  The first will be next Saturday, June 10, in All Saints. 
Capital Campaign

Our Capital Campaign is officially completed, and the pledges were presented and blessed this past Sunday.  We did not reach our goal, but we feel very positive about the outcome.  Our pledge total is $743,900, and, of course, it's never too late to turn in additional pledges.  The new HVAC unit for the church and Gaither building is scheduled for installation to begin on June 12.  The project will take more than a week, so we will have at least one Sunday service in All Saints.  We don't have an exact date for the roofing to begin, but that may result in another Sunday service being moved.  Grace is on the move!
Education for Ministry

EFM is drawing to a close for this academic year, and we are accepting registrations for new participants. EFM is a program created by and administrated through the University of the South at Sewanee.  Thousands of (mostly) Episcopalians all over the world are EFM graduates, and our own Kip Cameron will join their ranks in a few weeks!  EFM is a four-year program, but participants commit to one year at a time. The first year covers the Old Testament, second year the New Testament, third year Church History, and fourth year Theology, Ethics, and Interfaith Relations.  The group meets weekly for 2 to 2 1/2 hours and has reading assignments to complete between meetings.  If you think you might be interested, please let Alice know.  The yearly cost is $375, which covers materials and administrative costs.  Think about it!  We would like to be able to re-register our group in July.
Mark Richard's Journey

As most of you know, Mark Richard is in the process toward ordination as a Vocational Deacon in the Diocese of Kentucky. He will officially graduate from the School of Ministry on Saturday, June 10 at 3:00 pm at All Saints Camp and Conference Center in Leitchfield.  All are invited to attend!  Very shortly he will be starting a Discernment Internship at Christ Church in Bowling Green, which means that he will be away from us for six months or so.  We will miss him greatly but look forward to his return! 
Go with our blessing, Mark!
Our Housekeeper Jamie Cornett

Jamie Cornett has been working with Grace Church for several months as our temporary Housekeeper, and has decided that she would like go on permanent status and be available to us more days of the week.  She will be working approximately twenty hours a week--in addition to going to school full-time at HCC and taking care of three children--Chassidy, Caiden, and Carlee.  She will also set up for special events.  Jamie is a diligent worker and eager to please--and she loves being at Grace.  Please let our Secretary, Judy McPherson, know if you need for Jamie to do specific things.     
Glass Recyclers

When you put your glass to be recycled in the bin across 5th St., near the Red House, please make sure it is in a bag or container that makes it possible for the recyclers to remove it to carry it away!  It is impossible to reach glass that is loose.  Thank you for your recycling efforts and for honoring this request.    
What's up with the straw bales?

You may have noticed that there are some straw bales placed across 5th St., in the open space behind the Red House.  They are in the process of being composted, the first of many steps toward eventually creating a community garden in that area.  You will be hearing more soon, including how you can help.  This recent activity has begun as a result of conversation in the Adult Forum about the necessity of churches becoming more concerned about care of creation.      
Report on GraceWorks (Update)

Busy times!  We're working on ideas and designs for items related to the upcoming Solar Eclipse. With a projection of having 50,000+ visitors for the event, we will definitely have the opportunity to sell lots of our merchandise.  Several commission jobs are in the making, and we are quickly adding on part-time employees.  Our ministry is growing! (Eclipse bracelets are in production--you will want one, or more!  T-shirt design in process.)

Our website is up and running and taking orders.  Check it out at !  

Dates to Remember  

Wednesday, June 7--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers
Saturday, June 10--6:00 pm--Sacred Space Worship 
Sunday, June 11--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, June 11--10:15 am--Trinity Sunday/Holy Eucharist
Monday, June 12--5:00 pm--EFM
Tuesday, June 13--5:30 pm--Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner
Wednesday, June 14--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers
Sunday, June 18--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, June 18--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist
Wednesday, June 21--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers
Wednesday, June 21--5:30 pm--Vestry
Thursday, June 22--3:00 pm--Kindergarten Board
Sunday, June 25--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, June 25--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist
Sunday, June 25--6:00 pm--Sacred Space Worship
Wednesday, June 28--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers
June 30-July 5--RECTOR AWAY
Sunday, July 2--9:00 am--Adult Forum?
Sunday, July 2--1015 am--Holy Eucharist (Rev. Rod Murray, celebrant)
Tuesday, July 4--Independence Day (Parish Office Closed)
Wednesday, July 5--NO HOLY EUCHARIST
Friday, July 8--6:00 pm--Sacred Space Worship
All Sorts and Conditions

Those in our parish family in need of God's healing: Jim Coursey, Susan Valentini, Helen Marshall, Lou Stea, Bill Nichol, Bryson Alexander, Virginia Nelson

Those who are deployed: Devin Tyrrell, Dillan Tyrrell, Sam Richardson

Those with birthdays in June: Tony Prim (3), Elizabeth McCoy (3), Alice Nichols (7), Frances Pepple (7), Glory Sanders (7), Kristine Gavitt (10), Hill Ferguson (18), Arinze Akpom (20), Mary Ann Milligan (20), Larry Campbell (23), Karen Hayes (27), Virginia Price Nelson (30)       
Mission Statement for Grace Church
       Our mission is to embody the compassion and mercy of Christ; to be fully welcoming and inclusive; to be a community characterized by acceptance, generosity, peace, and reconciliation; and to be witnesses in word and action to God's abundant and indiscriminate love and to Christ's transformative power.  We recognize that we need to be part of a community of faith in order to fully live out our baptismal vows, that we cannot fulfill them completely on our own.  Together, we strive to continually be transformed into disciples--following in the path of Jesus and doing God's work in the world.