Grace Episcopal Church
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
News for March 16, 2017


On that evening we will be having the Kick-Off Dinner for our Capital Campaign--and you will want to be there! Philip Gulley, who spoke at our last such event approximately ten years ago, has not been forgotten by  those who attended. He is a gifted preacher, speaker and humorist, and he will have a message for us that we all need to hear. It will be an evening of good food, good cheer, and great inspiration.  We hope that as many church members as possible will be there!
Capital Campaign Update

As you probably know, we finished the Feasibility Study for the Campaign in very early February. Special thanks to all who participated! Our consultant Pete Rauchenstein returned four weeks later and pushed the go-button. Since then a Space Utilization committee has been meeting, talking to various groups within the church and their particular needs, gathering information about courses of action and costs involved, and putting together a more-detailed plan. Also a Capital Campaign Committee has been formed, and more leadership and volunteer positions remain to be filled. Please let Alice or Pete know of your willingness to serve. 

Just a reminder of our priorities for the campaign--a new roof for the church and Gaither buildings (insulated), and a new HVAC unit for the church(both of which should have a significant impact on expenditures for utilities and reducing our carbon footprint); increasing the corpus of our Endowment Fund for future financial stability; and a number of changes in all buildings to better utilize our space as we move forward in expanding our ministries. We hope that we will all grow in our enthusiasm for "Sustaining Grace."  
Lent Is Here!

We began Lent with a wonderful Fat Tuesday celebration on February 28.  Eva Akpom provided a sumptuous pancake supper, and Jim Garnett led in a great time of music and fellowship. Over $400 was donated for the support of Grace Kindergarten and Pre-School.  Thanks to all who assisted and all who donated!

Ash Wednesday and two of our traditional Fridays at noonday events have passed, the only minor interference being March Madness taking a few potential attendees to Nashville instead! A special addition to our Fridays has been a short organ recital beginning at 11:40 am. Brendan Jones will be performing on Friday, March 17, and the Rev. Mitchell Fort of Virginia Street Baptist Church will be our guest preacher--always a favorite!

On Sundays during Lent we are celebrating Holy Eucharist Rite One, Penitential Order.  In the Penitential Order, we begin the service with the Confession and Absolution--giving it a special emphasis during this penitential season. Also on Sundays, we are having a service of Sung Compline at 6:00 pm. This is a brief service--less than thirty minutes. Compline is a popular service to those of us Episcopalians who are familiar with it. If you are not familiar, this is a great time to learn something new.

Grace Youth and Family Council 

Grace Youth and Family Council continues to thrive and grow with relatively few months since the offical formation and just over 60 days into the New Year.  Recently had to work around rescheduling two events due to illness (i.e., Tending The Blocks and Embracing Lent).  We look forward to the future of these events, which also parallel an initiative to unlock opportunities for mentoring leadership and service development confidence and capacities as well as nurturing the growth of our young people in their spiritual journey. 
Our year began with entering an ongoing campaign to support a commitment to promoting an active culture of nonviolence and participating in domestic & urban mission work in Hopkinsville, all of which honors our baptismal covenant, builds community both outside and within our walls, and supports the principles of The Jesus Movement.  
Grace Youth and Family Council participants are very excited about the willingness of parishioners to share their talents in leading activities with our young people.  When approached for the most recent newly scheduled activity, Charlie Ross responded, "I will be glad to do it."  Receiving the invitations with gladness has been a common theme of all parishioners approached thus far. Currently, the schedule of activities are:
April 3          Bread Making with Pam Vance ( 11:30
April 10         Child Abuse Prevention - Pinwheel Planting at the Labyrinth
April 14       Good  Friday  Cross Walk with our Rector  & The Christian County Ministerial Association  ( 10:00 )
April 16       Joining with Grace in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Joyce & Jamie)
May 7           Scavenger Hunt with Robin ( 12:00 )
May 21        Peace Crane Making & Story Time with  Charlie Ross (Peace Crane Extraordinaire)
June 4         Making Blue Bird Houses with Joe Vance
June 17       Exploring The Gifts - Field Trip to Mammoth Cave with Joyce  ( 7:00 )
September 10     Going to a Pow Wow!  ( 12:00 )
We  want to extend a very special thanks to those outside our immediate circle whose willingness to lead, be present, and share to help make what we do are doing and aiming to do possible:  Joe Vance, Pam Vance, Rev. Alice Nichols, Mark Richard, Charlie Ross, Skyla Savoir, Tilley Warren, and Sheila Evans.  
If you are not scheduled for an activity, but are interested in sharing talents and leading, please contact Robin, Joyce, or Jamie.  We welcome you!   Let us walk in love; moving forward in directions that simultaneously support the principles of The Jesus Movement and honor the vows of our baptismal covenant; celebrating unity, diversity, working together for the good of our common life.   (Robin Ferguson)
Report on GraceWorks 

Busy times!  We're working on ideas and designs for items related to the upcoming Solar Eclipse. With a projection of having 50,000+ visitors for the event, we will definitely have the opportunity to sell lots of our merchandise.  Several commission jobs are in the making, and we are quickly adding on part-time employees.  Our ministry is growing! 

Our website is up and running and taking orders.  Check it out at !  
Good Shepherd Update

The Sunday Good Shepherd Program and School Program are modified versions of The Catechesis of The Good Shepherd, which is Montessori based.  It explores and nurtures the present and growing relationship of the mystery of the child and the mystery of God each one and to one another, separate yet not.  "Who is this child?"  . . . "Who are you, Lord?"  "Who am I in relation to you, Lord?" Children in the program learn the value of the small and how important, very important, they are to God in this big wide world and this big mystery of life and God.  They belong to The Good Shepherd and he calls them by name...he is theirs and they are his.   It has been described as an Invitation to Love, albeit a simple descriptor not shallow at all and extends without end.  
For our children on Sunday, we also incorporate other activities which nurture their growth in the life of the church and future participation as leaders.  Development of the program from the establishment a few years ago is awake and moving forward with very active participation in attendance and development.  Observation of the children both in school and during the school week with four-year olds reveals their enthusiasm, love, and growth.  When Alice, Tom, & I walk to the classroom doors in the school we are met with enthusiasm, smiles, and hugs.  They are excited to come and most often not ready to leave.  The children love their work and sense of belonging.  Creations and sharings of thanksgiving by the children have revealed their love of God, one another, and Grace Church.  

Joyce Cornett and Robin Ferguson are both taking Level I training and have spent numerous Saturdays in Franklin, Tennessee, learning more and more about this inspiring and creative approach to children's Christian education. 

Dates to Remember (abridged)

Friday, March 17--11:40 am--Organ Concert (Brendan Jones); 12:00 pm--
Lenten Preaching Mission (Mitchell Fort); 12:30 pm Lenten Luncheon
Sunday, March 19--Usual morning schedule
Sunday, March 19--6:00 pm--Sung Compline
Monday, March 10--5:30 pm--EFM
Wednesday, March 22--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist and Healing Prayers
Friday, March 24-- 11:40 am--Organ Concert (Wayne Eastham); 12:00 pm--
Lenten Preaching Mission (Meghan Holland); 12:30 pm Lenten Luncheon
Sunday, March 26--Usual morning schedule (The Rev. Anne B. Stevenson,
supply priest)
Sunday, March 26--6:00 pm--Sung Compline
Monday, March 27--5:30--EFM
Wednesday, March 28--12:10 pm-- Holy Eucharist and Healing Prayers
Friday, March 28--11:40 am--Organ Concert; 12:00 pm--Lenten Preaching
Mission (Basilio Az Cuc ); 12:30 pm Lenten Luncheon
Sunday, April 2--Usual morning schedule
Sunday, April 2--Sung Compline
Monday, April 3--5:30 pm--EFM
Wednesday, April 5--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist and Healing Prayers
Friday, April 7-- 11:40 am--Organ Concert; 12:00 pm-- Lenten Preaching
Mission (Bishop White); 12:30 pm Lenten Luncheon
Sunday, April 9--9:00 am--Adult Forum and Good Shepherd
Sunday, April 9--10:15 am--LIturgy of the Palms and Holy Eucharist
Sunday, April 9--6:00 pm--Sung Compline
Monday, April 10--5:30 pm--EFM
Wednesday, April 12--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist and Healing Prayers
Thursday, April 13--6:00 pm--Maundy Thursday (Agape Meal, Holy Eucharist
and Stripping of the Altar)
Friday, April 14--10:00 am--Community Cross Walk
Friday, April 14--12:00 noon--Good Friday Liturgy
Sunday, April 16--9:00 am--Adult Forum and Good Shepherd
Sunday, April 16--10:15 am--Festival Holy Eucharist for Easter (Alleluia!)
Mission Statement for Grace Church
       Our mission is to embody the compassion and mercy of Christ; to be fully welcoming and inclusive; to be a community characterized by acceptance, generosity, peace, and reconciliation; and to be witnesses in word and action to God's abundant and indiscriminate love and to Christ's transformative power.  We recognize that we need to be part of a community of faith in order to fully live out our baptismal vows, that we cannot fulfill them completely on our own.  Together, we strive to continually be transformed into disciples--following in the path of Jesus and doing God's work in the world.