March 2018

Dear St. Nicholas Family,
We are more than halfway through our Journey to Great Lent! Please join us for Pre-Sanctified Liturgy on Wed, March 28 as we host other communities in the area. We hope to also see you at the remainder of the upcoming services.
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"St Nicholas Week” will be the 1st session: July 9 - 15

Saturday of Lazarus
Saturday, March 31
Matins: 8:30am, Divine Liturgy: 9:30am

Pancake breakfast, Palm Cross making, Church Cleanup/Prep for Great and Holy Week
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Fr. Demetri's Message

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Greek School
Fr. Demetri's Message


Chances are this question is asked of priests by either one or a few people every year around this time. The only realistic advice possible is to say to the person…do what YOU CAN!

Everyone knows the essentials: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving (charity).

A person should fast as much as they can. More and more people are finding that total abstinence from meat for the entire Lenten Season is not out of the question. Practically speaking…everyone can keep certain weeks, or at least one week in a very special Great Lenten way.

We must all know that fasting, prayer and our generosity to others must be exercised strictly in secret and there one will be able to know and to have the final goal of this period…to be able to have the love of God! Give to others and ask NOTHING in return

If this is done, there is no doubt that the result will be very positive and the time spent will prove to be the most inspiring and fruitful time of that person’s life!

Some of you may have the following question: What can I do if i haven’t done anything yet?! Well how about you try the following suggestions for the rest of the Great Lenten season (or if you can’t, for part of it)

1.      Examine your life in all its aspects: family, work, society, values, desires and put them in and around the teaching of our Lord.
2.      Keep useless talking to a minimum, don’t just visit for the sake of visiting
3.      Question yourself with regards to the following
a.       Love – not just for family for all!
b.      Are you truthful all the time?
c.       Are you always honest?
d.      Do you have humility?
e.       Are you peaceful…when you need to be?
f.        Do you forgive?
g.       What about mercy and patience?
h.      Do you hunger and thirst for God the way you do for your…
                              i.      Spouse
                              ii.      Kids
                              iii.      Work
                              iv.      Extra cir. (sports, arts, etc)
4.      Give a donation to others…those in need: the poor… and DON’T TELL ANYONE!
5.      Suit the Fast to your life and avoid luxury and don’t judge other who are not fasting with you!
6.      Forgive all who have EVER offended you in the name of our Lord, if you haven’t talked to them in some time…YOU MAKE THE PHONE CALL!
7.      Pray at home/work at certain times of the day…keep this faithfully!
8.      Study the Scripture readings of the day and think about them after you have digested them.
9.      Be faithful to the Church by your every thought, word and action

Participate in ALL of the Services during the week…Great Compline, Presanctified Liturgies, Salutations, Divine Liturgy on Sunday, receive Holy Communion and Confession!

God Bless,
PC President's Letter

The new parish council has had two meetings this year. The first meeting mainly was used to bring the new members up to date on ongoing issues There are six new people on this year’s council. Once this was done we could delve into new business.

The council is working with the master planning committee to explore future options for our church. Father, Maria Decoulos, Tom Tsaros and Bill Sager met with His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and Chancellor Father Ted Barbas to get there guidance and feedback on possible plans. They provided many suggestions and offered to connect us to other contacts which may be helpful. Look for an informational meeting and a special general assembly with the master planning committee.

The council also filled the financial and stewardship committees. Meli Papayannis will lead the stewardship committee and Judy Gray will be the parish council liason. Elie Tamer will lead the finance committee and will be joined by George Papayannis and Nick Vafiades.

The parish council decided that we can invest some of our money from the endowment and operating accounts. We voted to open certificates of deposit in the amount of 20,000 dollars. These will be in certificates of different terms so that we can more easily access the money without penalties. The certificates are safe and insured accounts.

The council will continue to monitor the maintenance issues of our parish. We are keeping a close eye on the HVAC system and the boilers. The garage door at the parish house was recently replaced. A new copier for the office should be arriving soon. This copier is faster and better than the old one and comes at a lower cost. The council will be reviewing our current vendors and service providers to see if there are better options out there.

Currently, the council is preparing for Lent, Great and Holy week and Pascha. We will provide the support needed for all of us to enjoy, experience, and benefit from this wonderful and holy season.

As the new parish council president, I encourage anyone with questions, concerns, suggestions, or offers to help to contact me or talk to me at coffee hour.

Bill Sager

Thank you to all who joined our February meeting. Below are some updates and upcoming events:

Women's Lenten Retreat in Allston on March 17th. Register soon because seats fill up fast! See flyer.

The Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos announces an Evening with Yvette Manessis Corporon on April 26th. See flyer.

Giving Joyfully - 2 Corinthians 9:8
"And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others."

Lent is the season of giving back! Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us on Good Friday, and we should give back to him out of gratitude, especially during this special time of reflection and prayer. Saint Irene's Philoptochos is offering a special way to give back this Lenten Season. The Philoxenia House established 25 years ago, is our Orthodox “home away from home”. It continues to offer hospitality to fellow Christians from throughout Greece and the world, all of whom come to Boston for medical treatment.

The Home is currently in need of many items, to help make its residents stay a more comfortable one. Our Philoptochos will be collecting donated items, and will be delivering them to the Philoxenia House during our spring visit. Please refer to the flyer with the list of items needed. Please also note that ALL items must be NEW, and in its original packaging. Collections will begin now through April 16th. If you have any questions please contact, Anna Travias at 617-680-7888 or

Next Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 16th from 6:30-8pm.

God Bless, 

Eleni Saledas / 803.514.8696 
Greek School

Καλό μήνα! As the days get longer and brighter, one is reminded that Spring is just around the corner. The Apokreatiko Glendi was a great success, and it was a beautiful night with much dancing, music and delicious food. The students performed wonderful dances that everyone enjoyed. A big thank you to the parents who came together donated food and drinks.

Also this month we celebrate Greek Independence Day and the Feast Day of the Annunciation of the Theotokos. Students will recite poems, readings and sing Patriotic songs. Of course, the dancers will perform for you once again. This will take place on Sunday, March 25 after Liturgy. The Parade will take place on April 22. We encourage all to march this year.

Καλή Σαρακοστή!
On November 18, 2017, James Perloff was baptized into the Orthrodox faith. His sponsor was Penelope Tzougros.

On November 18, 2017, the son of Maura and Anthony Miminos was baptized and given the name Miles Gregory. His Godparents are Charles and Jessica Gillis. Miles is the grandson of Mark and Sandra Miminos.

In December 2017, Souhel Massabani passed away in Syria. He was the father of Ghada Massabni.

On February 1, 2018, the funeral service for Charles Babalas was celebrated. He was the husband of Athena Babalas and father of Emily Blake and Diane Bablas.

On February 17, 2018, the funeral service of Demetrius Kazan was celebrated. He was the husband of Stavroula Kazan and father of Olympia Wheeler

Sunday Fellowship Hour:
A gentle reminder to all Fellowship hosts: Please keep in mind that families hosting coffee hour (children's table and main table) are responsible for clean up after completion. We appreciate your help with keeping our parish clean and treating it as your own home...because it is! Thank you.

Not Receiving Church Materials?:
If you have not been receiving church material/mailing or emails, please contact the church office at 781-862-6453 or email  Thank you.

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