Grace Episcopal Church
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
News for May 19, 2016
Disaster Preparedness

The Episcopal Church, along with many other denominations, is encouraging all churches to develop disaster preparedness plans.  Episcopal Relief and Development has developed a Preparedness Planning Guide for Congregations and Parishes, and the  Diocese of Kentucky has a Diocesan Disaster Team that works with churches in developing congregational disaster plans. Here in Western Kentucky we are all too familiar with the destruction that can suddenly occur from weather-related events, and a significant piece of Grace Church's history is the story of the tornado a number of years back.  Ed Bryant, a parishioner at Ascension Church in Bardstown, is our Diocesan Co-coordinator.  He will make a visit to Hopkinsville on Sunday, June 12, after the 10:15 Eucharist and will talk with us about developing a disaster plan for Grace.  We hope that a number of members will want to be involved.  Please let Alice know of your interest or just plan to stay after the service on June 12.  
Update on Benjamin Hart

We gave Benjamin a good send-off to his new position as Assistant Rector at St. Matthew's Church in Louisville.  We had special events the last two Sundays he was with us (May 1 and 8) and presented him with some new clerical garb--a new alb and a tippet (which is a black stole that can be worn at non-Eucharistic services).  Benjamin also gave GraceWorks a departing gift with the offering of a number of his pieces of artwork for a silent auction on May 8 and 15, the proceeds going to GraceWorks.  We will always remember how he used his many talents to help us birth this program, which we hope will benefit many lives over the coming years.  He was also instrumental in beginning Level 2 of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Thank you, Benjamin, for your two years with us and for the many ways that you shared God's love with us!  
Strengthening the foundation of the Catechesis program

We need the help of every person who believes that every church should have the best possible Christian Education program for children!  We have made a very good start with our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. Every child in Grace Kindergarten and Pre-school has had the opportunity to participate, and our atrium has been in use most Sundays over the past 3+ years.  The greatest challenge with this program, and any Christian Education program, is having enough adult leadership and assistance.  Becky Rochford, who has been the Director of Christian Education at Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville, has recently retired and has agreed to help us in various ways to solidify the foundation of our program.  She and Chris Hanson, a catechist at the Cathedral, will come on Sunday, June 5, at 11:30, to give an introduction and overview of the program for anyone in our church--male or female, young or old--who may have any interest at all in knowing more about the program.  Out of this time together, we are hopeful that a group might emerge of those who would be willing to be trained as "assistants," and perhaps volunteer to be in a rotation of people who would serve as the "second adult" in the atrium.  We would then have additional training for assistants.  Out of that group, we hope that we might have several people who decide to make a greater commitment and volunteer to train to be "catechists," or teachers, in the program.  Training would more than likely be held in Hopkinsville at a convenient time for as many as possible.  Please give this ministry your prayerful consideration.  Many people have given their personal "testimony" about their participation in Catechesis training and in serving in the atrium and say without hesitation that is has been a joyful experience and very enriching to their own personal spiritual lives.  
Kindergarten Update

Grace School was a busy place over the past few weeks as the end of school was approaching. The Spring Fundraiser was a success, and the products from the Bloomery are beautiful and healthy!  The children had their Spring program--"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"--on April 21, and their end-of-the-year party at Zig-Zag Bouncer on May 10.  More than 150 parents, grandparents, friends, etc. came for graduation on May 12.  It was standing-room-only in our nave!  The program was filled with music, and many thanks are due to Tom Price who has worked with the children all year in music class--as well as in regular visits to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium. Thanks are also due to Robin Ferguson who served as the catechist assistant! So many people work tirelessly to make Grace School successful! Tweetie White's position as Board Chair seems to have turned into a full-time volunteer job!  After Tom Schmidt's death, Emma Nanney agreed to step into the position of Treasurer, and is working hard, along with Tweetie, to get end-of-the-year finances up to date.  Tom's dedication to Grace School, and especially to working toward the school's becoming self-supporting in terms of direct costs, was more than admirable.  It is certainly fitting that his family decided to ask that memorial gifts for Tom be designated to a new scholarship fund that we are calling the Tom Schmidt Memorial Fund. Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of Grace School.   (Board members: Sharon Alexander, Leesie Carter, Jim Coursey, Susan Ferguson, Ginny Lawson, Mary Ann Milligan, Dennis Netz, Lannie Ross, Pam Vance, and Tweetie White.)     
Pictorial Directory Arrived!

Our directories finally arrived several weeks ago, and many people are enjoying the great pictures, not only of members but of members at work and at play in the church.  If you have not received your copy, they are available in the church office.  There is a copy for each family or individual. Let us know if we need to mail a copy to you.  There are only a few extras, so we are trying to distribute them wisely.  Enjoy!
New Secretary

Judy McPherson started her new position as Church Secretary on May 13, and we know she's going to be a great asset to Grace.  Many of you already know Judy and her energy and efficiency--and good humor!  Let's all give her a warm welcome.  Her hours will basically be 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  
Kroger R e-Registration

Have you received a card from Kroger telling you that, if you are participating in the Community Rewards program, you will need to re-register August 1?  Yes, it's apparently true.  So, mark your calendars and make the update.  Money that we have received for Grace School from Kroger has not been insignificant, and, any that we continue to receive will be placed in the Tom Schmidt Memorial Fund.  Re-registration is easily done online.  Simply log onto  and search for Grace Episcopal Kindergarten or enter 88636 and link your card to our school. Then check your next Kroger receipt at the bottom to make sure that it indicates a contribution to Grace Episcopal Kindergarten.  

Thanks for your help and your support of our ministry to the children and their families.    

Another way to financially support our school is to save BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION from the labels of many items that we use frequently.  We recently sent in a batch which will bring in $150.  It's a lot of work for a little bit of money, but every dollar counts! Start saving BOXTOPS now for our next submission in about six months.
Dates to Remember

Sunday, May 22--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, May 22--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist for Trinity Sunday
Wednesday, May 25--NO HOLY EUCHARIST
Sunday, May 29--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, May 29--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist
Monday, May 30--Memorial Day Holiday--Parish Office Closed
Wednesday, June 1--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with Prayers for Healing
Sunday, June 5--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, June 5--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist
Sunday, June 5--11:30 am--Catechesis of the Good Shepherd introduction
Wednesday, June 8--NO HOLY EUCHARIST
Sunday, June 12--9:00 am--Adult Forum
Sunday, June 12--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist
Sunday, June 12--11:30 am--Disaster Preparedness

The Contemporary Mystic . . . 

is called to represent an invisible power in the world 
through a personal spiritual practice,
through the power of prayer,
through living consciously and practicing compassion,
and through becoming a channel for grace.

As a contemporary mystic, you are measured by the quality of attitude you bring to all your tasks, by your capacity to be a model of generosity, and by challenging the fear that there is not enough to go around in this world--whether that is money, love, food, fame, power, attention, success, or social position.  
Mystical service means modeling calm in chaos, kindness amid anger, forgiveness at all times, personal integrity--to live, in other words, mindful that every second offers a choice either to channel grace or to withhold it.  
(Caroline Myss, Entering the Castle)