Are you a member of the Mortar Board Alumni Association (MBAA)? If not, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to “network” with outstanding Mortar Board alums from all our chapters.

Why “network” in quotes? Well, most of our events this year are virtual, using Zoom to open up participation to our many alumni around the country and world. While you are using your network, you will be networking with old and new friends, making connections, and reaffirming your commitment to Mortar Board values. Here are some upcoming events:

March: Book Club – discussing Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World by Timothy Ferriss.
April: Welcoming New Alumni members
May: Honor Your Mentor – MBAA Happy Hour
June: Book Club
July: Financial Literacy

More details on all the events are on their way. If you join the MBAA NOW, you will soon receive MBAA Update with all the deets…
Alumni Awards: Nominate! Nominate! Nominate!

As the National Council begins the process of requiring that collegiate chapters will rely on campus-based nominations for membership, we alums too must step forward and embrace nominations.
We receive very few nominations for our alumni awards. Why? Busy schedules? Lack of awareness? Disinterest? We urge you to look past these possibilities and take it upon yourself to nominate Mortar Board alumni that you know NOW for alumni awards. These are “rolling nominations,” so you don’t have to wait until a deadline. Please click here to indicate your interest in nominating a deserving member. 
Randi McKenzie and Lorise Diamond together and with members of Civil Core, the volunteer service organization of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts at SDSU.
Honor Your Mentor!
Testimonial by Lorise Diamond
Lorise Diamond recently made a generous donation in honor of her mentor, Randi McKenzie, (Kent State University, 1971). Randi is emerita assistant dean for student affairs at San Diego State University and is an advisor of the Jane K. Smith Cap and Gown chapter, where Lorise was initiated in 2018.
Randi has long been a champion of faculty-student mentorship. First meeting at Civil Core, a group Randi developed that is dedicated to creating a kind and compassionate culture, Randi encouraged Lorise to join Mortar Board. Lorise says that Randi is a guiding light for her and has empowered her in everything she does.
Thank you to both Randi and Lorise for their continued support of Mortar Board. If you’d like to make a donation in honor of your mentor, please go here.
Starlington Prize for Extraordinary Mortar Board Membership
Mortar Board, with the support of the Starlington Fund, offers the chance to recognize extraordinary collegiate members. Any member of the chapter may be nominated for this honor. The recipient of the prize will also receive $500. Nominations may be made by the chapter, an advisor, a section coordinator, a group of members, or a college or university official or faculty.
Know a collegiate member who is fits this description? Nominate for the Starlington Prize on or before April 15.