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Novak recycled  57.3 millions pounds of materials in 2015.

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Together we saved the energy equivalent of 2.2 million gallons of gas in 2015

According to the EPA, for every ton of paper recycled it can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. 

Thanks to residential and  commercial customers -- in 2015, Novak shipped 13,500 tons (or 27 million pounds) of shredded paper to pulping mills.
In 2016, these shredding events generated 83,245 pounds:
  • Crime Stoppers' fund raising event produced 71,754 pounds of shredding 
  • AARP's member event produced 7,200 pounds of shredding
  • M-O Federal Credit Union's member event produced 4,291 pounds in Huron
Save money & keep your family safe with the FoodKeeper App

The USDA FoodKeeper App makes it easy to look up storage and cooking instructions for food items.  It offers qualified advice for year round food safety and ways to reduce food waste. It's free. 

To Scoop or Not Scoop

Most pet owners recognize the social faux pas of not cleaning up after their four legged friends. 
But did you know leaving pet excrement behind is actually harming your health and the health of your loved ones - including your furry best friend?

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Recycle orange or white prescription bottles

Instead of throwing the white and orange EMPTY prescription bottles out, place them in your Novak Recycling cart.  Before you recycle, do these 4 things:

  1. Make sure it is completely empty.
  2. Deface or remove the label with your name on it.
  3. Completely remove paper instructions, cotton packing, and foil or paper tops.
  4. The lid can be recycled too, but it must be screwed onto the bottle.

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Upcoming events served  by Novak

Novak Sanitary works to keep these events safe and clean.  Hope to see you there.
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The Choose Your Location button makes it easy for you to find your pickup details.  The schedule includes a list of the 2016 holidays that will impact your town's pickup schedule. 

Recycling metal cans

The can's distinguished history began in 1795 when the French government, led by Napoleon, offered a prize of 12,000 francs to anyone who could invent a method of preserving food for its army and navy.

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 Earn recycling rewards

 When you sign up, your household has the  ability to earn rewards and discounts from  local and national businesses.      

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Novak's News

Starting July 1, 2016, garbage and recycling collectors like Novak Sanitary will be charged an additional cost per ton for taking their recyclables to Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls. Due to this new cost, Novak residential customers will see a $.95 per month rate increase on July 1. 

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