It's hard to believe it is November already.  Our season is winding down and there are a few services that happen in November.
  1. Fall clean-ups are typically  performed mid-November to mid-December.  Call or email us if you would like your gutters cleaned with your clean up.
  2. There should be at least one lawn mowing done in November.  The lawns are mowed shorter this month to help minimize winter debris and damage.  If there are a lot of leaves on the lawn there may be a nominal charge to process them.
  3. This is a great time for a final pruning on ornamental trees and shrubs.  This is the best time to shape them for next year.               
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A Quick Word on Grubs


A few seasons ago we made the decision to not include preventative grub control in our Nature Guard Organic Lawn Care program. The logic for this decision was based off of a couple of important factors. One factor being that we were only finding treatable grub thresholds on about 2%-3% of our lawns that we were caring for. This meant that we were treating and charging 97%-98% of our clients for something that they didn't need. Additionally this meant applying a pesticide needlessly on most of our lawns. Another factor that weighed in our decision was that the only real choice for preventative grub control a few years ago was a product called Imidacloprid. Imidacloprid is in a group of insecticides call neonicotinoids. These insecticides have come under much scrutiny for their potential link to Colony Collapse Disorder in honey bees and have been banned in Europe, Canada and some US states. This season grub populations exploded. We found treatable thresholds on roughly 30% of our lawns we care for. Because of the increased grub population this year and the availability of newer, safer and more environmentally friendly control products we will likely add a grub preventative option to the program next season.


Written by Justin White


What is Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting and How Can It Help Discover Your Home's Full Potential?

It is impossible to utilize one's property to the fullest extent without outdoor lighting. A professionally installed low-voltage LED landscape lighting system will simultaneously increase the security, safety, beauty, and resale value of your home.

Hoxie Landscape Services strictly specifies Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, based on the brand's selection, optic quality, extensive guarantees and overall excellence.

All of Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting products are backed by the most liberal warranties in the outdoor lighting business. Skilled craftsmen shape, polish and perfect all Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting equipment with a hands-on approach to production and an uncompromising commitment to detail. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting equipment will function properly for you now and in the future, it's guaranteed.

Using Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, Hoxie Landscape Services can illuminate your walks, drives, entrances, gardens, trees, patio areas and more. With Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting you have the freedom to emphasize the features of your property that you find most attractive. Every Hoxie Landscape Services installation is custom designed with the individual homeowner in mind.

For more information on how Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting can turn your home into an alluring display of light and architecture please contact Hoxie Landscape Services for a free demonstration that will change your evenings forever.

You can view all of Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting available fixtures, pictures of different lighting techniques, and receive complete warranty information at

Written by Bob Gurkin

Let's go GREEN together!  The advantages are....
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  • We can send you reminders when we'll be at you home in an email.

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50 ways to help the planet!

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 All of us at Hoxie Landscape Services would like to wish you a
 "Happy Thanksgiving". 

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