Grace Episcopal Church
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
News for October 27, 2014

Update on Kroger contributions


Many of us have registered our Kroger Plus cards to indicate that a percentage from our purchases are designated to Grace School.  If you haven't done so, one piece of information that you will need is our organization number, which is 88636.  If you have any difficulty with getting your card registered on the Kroger website, please contact Tom Schmidt. He is also happy to do it for you, if you would like!  This is a significant and painless way to contribute to Grace School.  Thanks!  


We are also taking orders for goodies from Little Lambs Cookie Dough.  You may recall that we did fund-raising for the School through Little Lambs in the Spring and made more money than we expected ($2,000+) with minimal effort.  Someone will be available to take your orders for frozen cookie dough and cheesecake on Sunday, November 2, with deliveries to be received prior to Thanksgiving.  

Celebration of the Feast of All Saints


Next Sunday, November 2, at 10:15 am, we will be celebrating the Feast of All Saints.  It is traditional to read aloud the names of loved ones who have died during the past 12 months--since All Saints of 2013--as part of the Eucharistic prayer.  Please make sure to let Alice know the names you would like to have included.  

GraceWorks Update


Since we have a little money in the bank, we were able to move ahead with acquiring some basic silk screen-printing equipment and supplies for producing special Christmas cards for sale to all would like to use them.  Our Assistant Rector has designed three beautiful choices that will be produced through the silk screening process.  A fourth card will feature the Grace stained glass window of "mother and child."  Getting our first products out is an important milestone along the road to developing an industry that can make a difference in the lives of many Hopkinsville residents who are living on the edge financially.  (Update of October 1:  The equipment has arrived and is being set up in the Red House.  Several church members will be attending the Thistle Farms National Convention in Nashville, October 12-14, in an effort to learn more about how that program works so that we can replicate aspects of what Thistle Farms has accomplished in our GraceWorks program.  GraceWorks Group meets again on October 15 at 4:00 pm and welcomes others to get involved.) (Update as of October 26:  The Thistle Farms National Convention was very inspiring! A room in the red house is now prepared for our first run of Christmas cards--hopefully this week.)



The Fall season of Music at Midday began on October 23 with Steve Wiggin playing three variations on hymn tunes. Wayne Eastham--our organist this summer--will be performing on October 30, followed by Rich Barnett on November 6, Dan Wilkinson on November 13, and Steve Wiggin on November 20.  


The pipe organ at Grace Church was installed in 1906.  It was a gift of John C. Latham, Jr., in memory of his mother, Virginia, a long-time member of the Grace Church choir.  


The organ was totally rebuilt in 2009 by the Milnar Organ Company of Eagleville, Tennessee.  It consists of over 850 pipes, divided into 15 sets, playable from three keyboards, two played by hands and one by feet.  Pipes vary in size from the smallest, about the size of a pencil, to the largest, pipes made of wood that are about a foot square and close to ten feet tall.


All are invited to these programs.     

Adult Forum


We completed our first twenty-one sessions of "Living the Questions,"  and yesterday morning we began a seven-session series entitled "Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith." This is a thought-provoking topic presented on DVD by a stimulating variety of speakers/teachers.  Each session stands alone, so feel free to join us if you are interested and available.  


The Monday night series is continuing and open to all.   

Weddings at Grace


Please note on our website that we have added a page for "Weddings at Grace"--including information about use of the facilities for weddings of non-church members--for a fee, of course.  The page can be accessed through "About" on the menu at the top of the home page, as well as through the icon at the bottom of the home page.  Take a look!     

Forum's speakers agree people of faith can be catalysts for good in tough conversations 


Here is a link to an interesting article through Episcopal News Service about an Episcopal Church forum held on October 22 in Philadelphia.    

If you receive your eGrace through the mail and do not have internet access but would like to read this article, let the church know and we will provide a copy.   

Thoughts from Saint Teresa of Avila

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.
Dates to Remember

Monday, October 27--6:30 pm--Living the Questions
Wednesday, October 29--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing
Wednesday, October 29--5:30 pm--Vestry meets with Keith Stroud
Thursday, October 30--12 noon--Music at Midday with Wayne Eastham
Sunday, November 2--9:00 am--Adult Forum and Catechesis
Sunday, November 2--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist Rite II
Monday, November 3--4:00 pm--GraceWorks Group
Wednesday, November 5--12:10 pm--Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing
Friday and Saturday, November 7 and 8--Diocesan Convention at Owensboro
Sunday, November 9--9:00 am--Adult Forum and Catechesis
Sunday, November 9--10:15 am--Holy Eucharist Rite II

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