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An important check off list for the FALL.
Say good bye to the leaves!

  1. Winterizing your irrigation system.  You don't want a costly surprise come late spring when your system is being turned on.  Our Irrigation Schedule
  2. Cleaning your gutters is too often overlooked.   Overflowing water from the gutters can damage the paint and the siding to your home.  It also could cause damage to area's not seen by the naked eye. 
  3. A fall clean up can save you money on your future spring clean up.
  4.  Ornamental tree and shrub pruning is ideal in the fall.  The overgrowth is allowing excess moisture to build up on the home causing rot and mildew problems.   Some have grown so big that they are prone to snow and ice damage.

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Fall Tree and Shrub Fertilization


Typically trees and shrubs growing in their natural environments rarely show signs of nutrient deficiency due to the natural nutrient recycling that occur in undisturbed soils and natural settings. This however, is not the case with most landscape plantings. Many plantings are often installed in sites where the natural soil profile has been stripped away during construction and replaced with less than adequate loam. These soils are often lacking in nutrients, biology and proper soil structure to provide proper plant health and vigor. Additionally plants growing in their natural environment are growing where they are best adapted and have natural competitive advantages. This is not always the case in landscapes even when much work has gone into selecting the proper plant material for the planting sites. 


We offer fertility programs for trees and shrubs to deal with this. Fall is an excellent time of year to do this due to a number of factors including plant physiology, recovery from summer stress, and better weather for increased nutrient uptake. Our tree and shrub fertilization can be custom tailored to plant material and soil conditions. The long term goal is to improve soil structure and biology. The fertilizers we use contain nutrients, but also add humic acids and biology to the soil to give sustained results to the plant material. The ultimate goal is to improve overall plant health and vigor.


Written by Justin White



OH NO!  Did you experience GRUBS in your lawn?  What are Grubs?


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