September/October 2019

Dear St. Nicholas Family,

THANK YOU to everyone for your help and support with our Gyro Fest fundraiser! It was a success and we could not have done it without the help of so many of you.
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Dear Parish Family Members,

Sometimes clergy are asked a question which might go like this: "Why do you insist that I need to attend church on a regular basis...especially the same one?"

We live in a day which offers the message of the Gospel to all, and inspiration to the Christian in a vast variety of ways such as the internet, radio, television, apps, MP3 files, podcasts, and on and on it goes!

Well, I wanted to take a few moments to share some thoughts regarding the importance and value of attending St. Nicholas. You may know of more reasons, but for now here are a few.

  1. A place to call "home" - "Home" is usually "where the heart is." We get to know our "parish family" and they get to know our strengths and weaknesses, and as "iron sharpens iron," we become stronger both in the short and long term.
  2. Accountability and encouragement - A home church becomes a place for accountability, (continuing the thought from the previous point),and also is a great place for receiving encouragement from brothers and sisters in our parish family.
  3. Pastoral care - We all encounter times of crisis, such as sickness, death, divorce, family events, as well as times of joy such as marriages, baptisms, job promotions, etc. It's wonderful to share these events with our families, and of course, it's always so comforting to have your parish family surrounding you with prayers and support.
  4. A storehouse for regular offerings - Where would St. Nicholas be without the support and offerings from its members? Basically, wasting time with fundraiser after fundraiser to fund the church ministries.
  5. A place to get involved with a ministry on a consistent basis - As part of a community of believers, there is something powerful about having the faithful, consistent witness of a person in ministry not only in the good times, but also in the tough times. Impressionable children and youth often look up to those in ministry as examples for their own lives as they are young, and to be remembered and followed as they grow older.
  6. Gives stability for more effective and impactful ministry - The church knows who can be depended upon for ministry and the financial support. If everyone moved from church to church, there would be no opportunity for effective ministry whatsoever, and churches would have to close the doors due to lack of faithful participation.

Well, there are just a few reasons for the value of attending St. Nicholas and no doubt there are many, many more. I trust these will be of assistance to you as some may ask you this question I and other clergy are often asked!

And, of course...there's always this powerful scripture from St. Paul's Letter to the Hebrews 10:25 "not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching."

With love in the Lord,

Dear St. Nicholas Family & Friends,

We met for the special General Assembly to vote on the seven-person leadership committee and seeing that there were eight candidates, a motion was passed to vote on the seven and have the eighth person be an alternate on the committee. Our 50 Year Strategic and Planning Leadership Committee consists of: Emily Babalas Blake, Carol Irene Bearse, Patty DiOrio, Jason Kontos, Melissa Papayannis, Tim Sheahan and Michael Tanionos. George Papayannis is the alternate. Congratulations and thank you for taking on this important role in helping shape the future of our church! Everyone with an interest in serving on the subcommittees will be contacted by this leadership committee. More to come at the Fall General Assembly.

Congratulations to the Gyro Fest team, led by Leto Papadopoulos and Lou Saledas. While the final numbers are still being crunched, early signs show it was a great success.

The parish house repair from the water damage is finally behind us, and the insurance payment covered nearly everything. The current tenant at the parish house signed a new 24-month lease.

As always, If you have any questions or concerns or are interested in getting more involved at St. Nicholas, I look forward to hearing from you. 

God bless,
Maria Decoulos
Cell: 617-645-1684

We are thrilled to announce our Church School's new Assistant Director, Stasi Le! Stasi is a wonderful and most welcome addition to our Church School. Let's all thank her for taking on this critical role for our children.

Also, Church School Registration is still open. If you have not yet completed your registration you can do it online. The web address for easy sign up is:
Church School begins on Sunday, September 15.

All things are possible to the one who believes in Christ

7 The sacrifice of a just man is acceptable. And the memorial thereof shall never be forgotten. 8 Give the Lord His Honor with a good eye, and diminish not the first fruits of thine hands. 9 In all thy gifts show a cheerful countenance, and dedicate thy tithes with gladness. 10 Give unto the most High according as he hath enriched thee; and as thou hast gotten, give with a cheerful eye.  (Wisdom of Sirach 35:7-10)

Thank you St. Nicholas family for your generosity.  Here is the latest update as of August 12, 2019.  We are $700 short from our goal of total pledges, and $33,195 short of our goal of total payments.  I truly believe we will EXCEED our goal because I believe in God who dwells in your hearts.  Thank you to all of you who responded via email, pledged, and paid during the year and especially during the summer months.  I want to warmly welcome the new members who recently joined our beloved church. You are in for a beautiful spiritual growth surrounded with our loving family members.  Stay tuned for the Q3 2019 newsletter which will include the latest research, and more video blogs.
Save the dates for the following events:
  • Making apple pies (October 2019)
  • Selling Apple pies (November 17, 2019)
  • Ginger bread party (December 1, 2019)
  • Movie night (January 24, 2020) Movie TBD
  • Honoring our elders party (November 14, 2020)

Here are the latest numbers:
With the love of Christ,
Ghada Massabni
Stewardship Director

Our goals for the upcoming year include a few lectures/classes on first aide, adult CPR, child and infant CPR. We would like to do a few presentations on healthy eating habits, and cardiac and pulmonary health. We would also like to start our Health walks, and are planning our first walk in October.
If anyone has something they would like us to present/discuss, please let us know!

Be well!

Judy Gray
On May 25, the daughter of Nikoloas and Gina Stamos was baptized and given the name 
Lia Rose.  The Godmother is Andrea Baras.

On June 1,  Logan Oliver  was baptized. His parents are Philip and Amy Kallis and his Godfather is John-Kevin Delegas.

On June 24, a funeral service for  Eleftherios Apsokardos  was held at the Chapel of Giragosian Funeral Home in Watertown. He was the father of Ellen Schubert.

On July 27, 2019, the marriage ceremony of  Aliki Haralambos Pishev and Bruce Stockdale  was celebrated at our church.  The sponsor was Anthony Nicholas Patsiocostas.

On August 10, 2019, the twins of Felix and Stephanie Klock of Paris, France were baptized and given the names  Zoe and Maxwell.   The Godparents were Jaime Simotas and Katherine Tsagaroulis Cross, respectively.  The twins are the grandchildren of Nicholas and Francine Miles.
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A gentle reminder to all Fellowship hosts: Please keep in mind that families hosting coffee hour (children's table and main table) are responsible for clean up after completion. We appreciate your help with keeping our parish clean and treating it as your own home...because it is! Thank you.

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