Thursday, December 21, 2017
Fire, Safety and Security News
Fire and Emergency Management
Crisis and Reputation Management: Professional Development Seminar in Toronto. Register now!
Greater City of Sudbury launch home fire prevention information on wood-burning systems. Full story
Fire inspection results for Toronto high rises now online . Full story
Health and Safety
Historic changes to Ontario health and safety. Tripled corporate OHS fines, quadrupled individual OHS fines and more . Full story

The mother of a London man who died after being electrocuted on the job hopes to make occupational health and safety training mandatory for all Ontario high school students. Full story
Bruce Power fined $110,000 after worker injury at Lake Huron Plant. Investigation found that the flames resulted from the release of hydrogen from pressurized containment inside the rotor core. Full story
Study on workplace violence an 'indictment' of Ontario healthcare system. Nurses and personal support workers aren't the only health care staff that experience workplace violence - study. Full story

A high-security Ontario mental health facility has been fined for failing to protect its employees after a patient stabbed two workers. Full story

Drone use comes with flight risks for condos .Technology could capture more than building data, raising privacy concerns. Full story

Cyber Security
Russian website streaming hundreds of cameras in Canada. A Toronto-area dental office's waiting room security camera was being streamed live on the Internet. Full Story

Report warns that Canada’s electronic spies will be limited “only by their imagination.” Full story

Canadians are more concerned about cyber security than they were in 2016. Full story

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