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July 2017
In this Issue:

  • Membership Meeting - July 8
  • Youth Council Meeting - July 8
  • Affordable Housing Survey
  • Minority Parent Participation Survey
  • Body Warn Camera Policy
  • Discrimination Against African American Teachers
  • Special Election for School Board - August 29
  • Farewell to Courtney Brunson, Communication Chair
  • Radcliffe Bailey Art Reception - July 15
  • NAACP National Convention - July 22-26
  • Cops Vs. Kids Basketball Game - July 29
  • Criminal Justice Panel Discussion - September 9
  • Veterans Affairs Panel Discussion - September 30  
General Membership Meeting 
July 8th
Join us for our monthly meeting on Saturday, July 8th from 10AM-Noon at the Kings Park Library (in Supervisor Cook's meeting room) located at 9000 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA.  

Youth Council Meeting
July 8th
When: Saturday, July 8th at 10 a.m.
Where: Kings Park Library
Who: Contact Shareem at youthcouncil@fairfaxnaacp.org

We'll be hosting a Youth Council meeting this Saturday at 10 am at the Kings Park Community Library. We'll be appointing officers and start planning for the upcoming year. All youth under 18 are encouraged to attend, even if you aren't a member yet.

Fairfax NAACP Youth Council: Redefining the struggle while building tomorrow’s leaders.

Housing is a critical element of individual and family well-being, as well as a cornerstone of a sustainable local economy. Your responses to the following questions will help Fairfax County to better understand our community’s housing needs and to plan for ways to ensure the County has a range of housing options to meet those needs. The results from this online survey will help shape the County’s Community wide Housing Strategic Plan. All responses are confidential and will only be reported in a comprehensive manner.

Lackluster minority participation negatively affects our ability to affect change and advocate for issues that impact minority children’s education. This survey is our attempt to understand the barriers to greater minority parent participation in Fairfax County Public School (FCPS). Only complete it if you are a parent of a child currently enrolled in FCPS, or was enrolled in a FCPS school in the last year.

Minority Parent Survey
FCPD Body Worn Camera Policy

On June 13th President Annan testified at the Fairfax County Public Safety Hearing on the importance of implementing body worn cameras for the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD). The adaptation of body worn cameras would be a significant step towards bringing the FCPD on par with other local and regional police departments, as several have already adopted body worn cameras.

As not only one of the largest jurisdictions in the area, but one of the largest in the country, it’s important that our department remains a leader in innovation, transparency, and public accountability. This step would accomplish just that, and it would reassure the citizens of Fairfax that both the FCPD and County are attentive to their demands, and are taking concrete steps to making it a reality.

Discrimination Against African American Teachers

We remain committed to the fight for meaningful reform and transparency in the way teachers are hired in Fairfax County Public Schools in light of the May George Mason University study that demonstrated that African American teacher applicants are being discriminated against even when they are more qualified than their white counterparts.

In late June, President Annan sent a letter to Dr. Scott Brabrand, the incoming FCPS Superintendent requesting a meeting with him and the school board leadership. Dr. Brabrand agreed to host a meeting in August, after he officially takes office. This would serve as a follow-up meeting to one held in late May and the panel discussion (see video below) we hosted on June 10.

We will not rest until the FCPS leadership agrees to implement tangible reform that includes a timeline for implementation, and mechanisms to ensure greater transparency and accountability of the hiring process.   


On August 29, Fairfax County will hold a special election to fill the vacant at-large seat on the School Board. So far, the candidates that will appear on the August 29th ballot are:

If you plan on being outside of Fairfax County, working emergency services, have a medical condition that may restrict your mobility or ability to stand for an extended period of time, pregnant or any one of the remaining 19 reasons for In-Person Absentee Voting, you can cast your ballot at the Fairfax County Government Center beginning on July 14, 2017.

For more information and to check your registration status go to:
www.fairfaxcounty.gov/elections .

New Virginia Laws

Nearly 1,800 state laws went into effect last Saturday, many of which will affect our daily lives.

Here are some details about a few of them:

Left lane fines

Slower drivers who camp out in the left lane can be fined $100 (HB2201). Del. Israel O’Quinn, R-Bristol, told WTOP radio the change would address “a particularly pervasive and ever-growing problem of cars going grossly under the speed limit in the left lane.” He hopes the new penalty would encourage drivers to move over and cut down on road rage from drivers stuck behind slowpokes.

Don’t call it visitation

Judges will be allowed to use the words “parenting time” instead of “visitation” in custody cases (HB1456). Del. Dave Albo, R-Fairfax, said a partner who practices family law suggested it because parents who don’t get “visitation” rights say they feel like second-class parents.

Birth control access

Women will be able to get a full year’s prescription for birth control at one time (HB2267). Currently women can get only one or three months’ at a time. Advocates say women are more likely to use birth control continuously and consistently if they have a full year’s worth, leading to significant drops in unintended pregnancies and abortions.

State pay raises

If you’re a state trooper or other employee, a public school teacher or a state college faculty member, you’ll see some more income through the budget (HB1500). State employees will get a 3 percent raise and teachers a 2 percent raise. State trooper starting wages are going up significantly, and the budget also addressed pay compression for more veteran members of the force. Raises go into effect July 10 and will be reflected in the first August paychecks.


Farewell to Courtney Brunson

July will unfortunately mark the last month of service to our branch for our Communications Press and Publicity Committee Chair, Courtney Brunson. Despite being one of our newest and youngest members, Courtney’s contributions to the branch were most impactful.

She was critical in synchronizing our branch’s messaging, developing relationships with members of the local press, and energizing and expanding our social media footprint. She also demonstrated tremendous leadership in other areas outside of communications, as she was always ready to contribute her time, opinion and energy to fighting to make the branch great. Courtney is a rising star not just in politics in general, but will be a driving force in the civil rights fight for years to come. I know I speak for the entire Executive Committee when I say I’m proud to have served alongside you, and we wish you the very best in her future endeavors!  

- Kofi

Thank you for attending the Father's Day Jazz Brunch.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Father of the Year 2017 Awardee, Dr. Roger Baskin and his children (left); Karen Campblin, Fairfax NAACP 1st Vice President and guests enjoy the smooth jazz sounds of Common Ground (below).
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Upcoming Events
  Radcliffe Bailey Art Reception

When: Saturday, July 15th at 1pm to 4pm
Where: Greater Reston Arts Center
Who: Contact Michelle Leete at freedomfund@fairfaxnaacp.org

We are teaming up with the Omricon Kappa Kappa Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. to host a Wine and Cheese Reception and Exhibition. Radcliffe Bailey is a prominent African American painter, sculptor, and mixed media artist who utilizes the layering of imagery, culturally resonant materials, and text to explore themes of ancestry, race, and memory. Bailey believes that by translating his personal experiences, he can achieve an understanding of, and a healing from, a universal history. His work is often created out of found materials and certain pieces from his past, including traditional African sculpture, tintypes of his family members, piano keys, and Georgia red clay.

108th NAACP National Convention
Baltimore, MD

July 22-26, 2017
The 108th Annual Convention of the NAACP will be held in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center from July 22-26th.

Purpose of the National Convention:

The Annual Convention of the Association shall establish policies and programs of action for the ensuing year. All actions of the Convention on questions of policy and programs, which are not contrary to the Constitution, shall be binding on the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Officers and all Units, except as hereinafter provided.

No resolution for change of policy or program of action shall be in order unless it shall have been favorably voted upon at regular legislative meetings of a Unit in good standing, or has been submitted by the President and CEO. The resolutions for policy or program change must be certified by the President and Secretary of the Unit, and received by the President and CEO in the National Office by May 1st annually. The Convention shall act on all such proposed program or policy changes during its Legislative Sessions.


  Cops vs. Kids Basketball Game and Cookout

When: Saturday, July 29th at 1pm to 4pm
Where: James Lee Community Center
Who: Contact Kofi at president@fairfaxnaacp.org

We are teaming up with the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) to host this community event that brings together our youth and law enforcement in a fun basketball game.

Chairman Bulova and members of the FCPD will also be presenting information to keep our kids safe, answering your questions about police reform and citizen accountability efforts, and information about joining the force.

There will be free food, drinks and entertainment.

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  Fairfax NAACP Officers and Committee Chairs


Kofi Annan

First Vice President
Karen Campblin

Second Vice President   
Evelyn Spain

Third Vice President       
Dr. Iris Hunter

Michelle Leete

Michael O’Brien

At Large Members:

George Alber
Sylvia Washington

Committee Chairs:

Communications, Press, and Publicity
Courtney Brunson

Community Involvement
Evelyn Spain

Criminal Justice
Kofi Annan

Economic Development
Karen Campblin

Ralph Cooper

Freedom Fund (Fundraising)
Michelle Leete and Evelyn Spain

Legal Redress
Dr. Lawrence Bussey

Dr. Iris Hunter

Political Action
Karen Campblin

Niki Zimmerman

Young Adult
Brittany Jackson and Orlando Johns

Youth Council
Shareem Annan