April 2015


Day of Mourning

In honour of Day of Mourning, Aware-NS would like to share a few stories.

 Tommy Raymond

There is something chilling about a phone ringing in the night, when social protocols generally decree an etiquette around acceptable hours of making calls. Our instincts automatically tell us that something is not right; that something must be very much out of order if someone feels compelled to get in touch with us outside of generally accepted calling hours.

Paulette Raymond had been sleeping when she groggily reached for her ringing phone. It was one of her sisters. She asked if Paulette was awake and then said, "Tommy's gone."

Struggling to process the situation, she thought, "Gone? Gone where?" What her sister was telling her about their brother, Tommy, was too incomprehensible to be real. She hung up the phone, pulled her knees to her chest and rocked back and forth on her bed, completely shattered by the impossible news and feeling as if she hadn't done her job as a big sister to protect her little brother.

Tommy Raymond worked as a foreman at a container pier in Bedford, Nova Scotia. He had been employed there for over 25 years. He loved his job and the friends who worked beside him every day.

On September 13, 2009, Tommy had been called in to work an extra shift. He was in the process of locking up some containers in the vicinity of a parked tractor trailer. Realizing the driver was preparing to leave, Tommy gave him the thumbs-up "all-clear" signal. Then the lock he was carrying fell out of his hand and rolled under the trailer. In a split-second decision to scoop out the lock with his foot, Tommy lost his balance and fell. In the meantime the driver, who was unaware of Tommy's predicament, started up his truck and began to pull away. Tommy died instantly underneath the wheels of the trailer.

There were 12 Raymond children, 11 of whom grieve their brother's death in their own way. The workplace tragedy that took their brother from them without warning, without a goodbye, has fundamentally changed each of them. Their family is incomplete and their hearts ache every day.



Jamie Lapierre: His Mom's Story

Call it a mother's intuition. When Brenda Lapierre answered 'that knock' on her door one February day, she had almost been expecting it. She immediately knew by the look on Andre's face that he was the bearer of bad news and the unthinkable had happened.

Brenda's son Jamie Lapierre, was a 21-year-old deckhand who died while working on a barge in February, 2000. On the day he died, Jamie was assigned basic maintenance duties in the hold of the barge. Jamie did not complete his task. While the rest of his shift crew was on break, they noticed Jamie was missing. They discovered him in the hold. The first rescue attempt nearly proved fatal too- his rescuer lost consciousness almost immediately and needed rescuing himself. Later, it was determined that Jamie's death was caused by the amount of rust in the hold which led to a lack of oxygen. 

Jamie lived at home, drove a yellow Mustang, and enjoyed spending time with his friends and girlfriend. Jamie was adored by his parents and siblings and as the baby of the family, often charmed his way out of whatever playful trouble he found himself in. He was just an easy-going and kind-hearted guy who would have done anything for his friends and family.

One Christmas, when Jamie was 16, he wasn't able to afford a Christmas gift for his mother. So instead, he wrote her a letter. It was his greatest gift to Brenda and explained how she meant the world to him and that he loved her very much. Jamie's letter has become one of Brenda's most treasured possessions, and she reads it whenever she wants to feel close to her son.

Jamie's death created an enormous void in the lives of those who knew and loved him. His family have become involved with Threads of Life, a national family support network. Through the organization's Speakers' Bureau, Brenda and Jamie's sister Karen look for opportunities to share Jamie's story in the hope that the tragedy that took him is never forgotten or repeated. 







"Make Safety A Habit For Your Career!"

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Join us in welcoming Trisha MacIsaac as our new OHS Program Development Coordinator. Trisha joined the AWARE-Team on April 27, 2015. Under the direction of Heather Matthews, OHS Specialist, Trisha will focus on the development of OHS program tools, resources and training materials. Through her participation in COSP, Workplace Violence Prevention, and the Soteria Strains Projects, she will facilitate stakeholder engagement through program development. Trisha comes to AWARE-NS from Annapolis Valley Health as an Occupational Safety, Health & Wellness Consultant, with her formal education in Occupational and Safety Management she will bring passion and knowledge to help build a work-safe culture.

To reach Trisha by phone 832-3868 ext.104 or by email trisha@awarens.ca



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