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February 2017
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Feb 21, 2017
11th LD Meeting
Meeting 7:00PM
Carpenter's Hall

Mar 5, 2017
McGavick Conference Center at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood

Feb 20, 2017
Town Hall Meeting
Sen Hassegawa
Reps Gregerson & Orwall
10am - Noon
Aviation High School
9229 E Marginal Way S
Tukwilla, WA

Aug 8, 2017
Primary Election

Nov 7, 2017
General Election

11th Legislative District Democrats
Membership Meeting
231 Burnett Ave N, Renton, WA

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 
7:00 pm 
Meeting Agenda
Agenda -
7:00: Call to Order
7:01: Pledge of Allegiance
7:03: Approval of Agenda
7:05: Approval of 1/17/2017 Minutes
7:07: Introduction & Meet and Greet
7:15: Activity: Postcard campaign targeting Dave Reichert
7:30: Elected's Reports and Q&A
7:45: Chair's Report
8:00: Ten minute break
8:10: Announce proposed bylaws changes for next meeting approval
8:20: At Large Appointments
8:25: Sanctuary Cities resolution
8:35: Budget Approval
8:40: State Committee Report
8:45: KCDCC Report
8:50: Good of the order
9:00: Adjourn
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Election Results
The following people were elected to serve on the 11th LD's Executive Board for the next two years.
  • Chair:  David Fleetwood
  • Vice Chair:  Celia Jackson
  • Secretary:  Sue Edwards
  • Treasurer:  Robert Howard
  • State Committeewoman:  Kate Kruller
  • State Committeeman:  Robert Kangas
  • King County Committeewoman:  Jessica Bonebright
  • King County Committeeman: Rick Polintan
  • King County Committeewoman Alternate: Becca Ritchie
  • King County Committeeman Alternate:  Gordon Glasgow

The following folks were elected PCOs for their precinct:

  • Kasey Goodman
  • Ed Gale
  • Toshiko Hasagawa
  • Monique Taylor-Swan
  • Jessica Albright
  • Day Shina Jones
  • Alonzo Smalls
WSDCC Meeting Report

January, 2017
By Kate Kruller

The Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) General Membership meeting convened on January 28, 2017, in Olympia, Washington for the sole purpose of re-organizing.  This happens every two years and all of the State Committee Officer positions were in contention (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary), along with 10 Congressional District Chairs that will be on the WSDCC Executive Committee.
Leading up to the actual voting meeting, there are hospitality events to meet candidates, the Chair's Committee (made up of all county and legislative chairs, such as our own David Fleetwood) used this time to elect their "Chair of Chairs" (Lynda Foster), many other special interest caucus organization orientation meetings are held, along with each WSDCC standing committee holding open house events (Affirmative Action Committee, Eastern Washington Committee, Elections Committee, Finance Committee, Rules Committee and Technology Committee).
This year, county and legislative district reorganization meetings across the state sent the WSDCC a great number of first-time WSDCC Male and Female voting members. I'm told a little over 60% were new to the position or had not served in that capacity for some time.  Robert Kangas and I are grateful for your support in sending us to represent you. It was a great opportunity to network and talk about the make up our state leadership. 
THE Meeting
By 1:30 p.m. Saturday, a full count of state committee members turned out for the State Committee General Session.  For the first time in collective memory, every county and legislative district state committee member from all over Washington State were in attendance.   There were 176 eligible voting members present.  WSDCC Chair Jaxon Ravens called the meeting to order to open the meeting with normal preliminary proceedings, then turned the gavel over to Parliamentarian, David McDonald to preside for the WSDCC Chair election. Three names were nominated: Tina Podlodowski, incumbent Jaxon Ravens and Rodger Flygare. After allowing five minutes each to address the body, one ballot was cast - Tina Podlodowski emerged as the new WSDCC Chair by a large margin.

State Committee rules prescribe that the WSDCC Vice Chair must be of the opposite gender and reside in the opposite side of the state of Washington from where the Chair resides.  It was no surprise that Joe Pakootas, who had been running together with Tina, was nominated and elected by acclamation.   Joe is the first Native American to hold this office.  He is a member of the Inchelium Tribe.

Rob Dolan was re-elected as WSDCC State Secretary and Habib Habib was re-elected as WSDCC State Treasurer.
Congressional District Meetings The WSDCC General Session temporarily recessed to allow for the election of Executive Board Members by Congressional District.  In our 9th Congressional District, incumbent Bryan Kesterson and Jessa Lewis were nominated.  Kesterson was re-elected.
Here are the results for all of the Congressional Districts by their respective number:

1.  Rick DeWitt
6. Robbie Meyer
2.  Lona Welbur 7.  Javier Valdez
3.  Justin Oberg 8.  Josh Turpin
4.  Jay Clough 9.  Bryan Kesterson
5.  Don Schwerin 10.  Patrick McLaughlin

WSDCC Chair's Report:

Our new WSDCC Chair, Tina Podlowski, was enthusiastic and grateful for the support she received.  To the immediate business at hand, she announced a survey would be out shortly to capture what state committee members desire to serve on which standing committees.  She is committed to considering geographic, gender, race and diversity in selecting and appointing committee leaders. 

She also said the WSDCC will be sending out information on voter rights and voter registration.  There will be a focus on county auditors. There are 30 Republican county auditors to get them on record with their position on voting processes, ballot drop box locations, etc.  Districts with upcoming special elections to fill crucial house and senate seats will also be given extra attention.  Tina also announced that she would be creating a new standing committee:  Communications and Training Committee.

For a meeting of this nature, a "Temporary Resolutions Committee" functions to address timely resolutions that cannot wait until the next meeting.  Go here for detailed results:        
One new resolution was submitted with 50 signatures from the Young Democrats to oppose denial of entry to the US to US Visa and green card holders.  The purpose was to oppose President Trump's recent Executive order on immigration and refugees.  As you could imagine, WSDCC members had been hearing all day about detainees in airports across the nation and the protest going on at SeaTac - this resolution passed resoundingly! Afterwards, Tina said she would be appearing at Westlake in Seattle the following night for a large protest with the Governor and other electeds planning to be there - and she encouraged everyone to join in!   Our next WSDCC meeting is in April.

WSDCC Meeting and Event Dates for 2017:  

Crab Feed
March 5 Lakewood
State Committee Mtg April 21-22 Walla Walla
Primary Election August 8 Statewide
State Committee Mtg September 15-16 Seattle
General Election November 7 Statewide

Respectfully submitted,
Kate Kruller
Mexican/American History
Bill Taylor

Perhaps there's a way Mexico could respond to Trumps ridiculous wall. As a child I vividly recall Walt Disney's Davy Crockett series. "Born on a mountain top in Tennessee ... Davy Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier." The Disney story told of Davy Crockett going to the Alamo in San Antonio TX. Mexican troops launched an assault on the Alamo Mission, killing Davy Crockett on March 6, 1836. Disney did not mention that Davy Crockett went to Texas and took his slaves because slavery was becoming difficult in the United States.  Texas was Mexican territory. 

Back between April 25, 1846 & Feb 2, 1848 the United States went to Mexico and under President James K. Polk conducted a war. Polk believed the US had a "manifest destiny" to spread across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. The US ended the Mexican war by threatening the Mexican leaders with death unless they turned over their territory north of the Rio Grande... Texas, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Perhaps that's why there are so many cities in these states with Spanish names: El Paso, Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Mesa, el Fenix (Phoenix), Provo, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, etc. etc.

Now Trump wants to build a "wall", between Texas and Mexico. Perhaps the Mexicans should hold a gun to Trump's head in a manner similar to the Americans holding guns to the heads of Mexican leaders. Today's Mexico could demand that the US return their property which was stolen from them back in 1848.  That might be an improvement for the citizens of those SW states given the Trump presidency.

William Taylor
Newsletter Editor
11th Legislative District Democratic Organization