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CE Certificate Program
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From CE Student to Volunteer

I think the most gratifying part of being able to work at the Conductive Learning Center this summer is that I know what these kids are going through, because I was once one of them myself. Even though I don't remember much from my time at the CLC, since it was so long ago, it's nice to know that these kids are still getting the education and help from the school that I got myself many years ago. I love knowing that these kids are getting a chance to learn some skills that will help them succeed in the future, and that I can be a part of that. 
Lily Conklin, CLC student turned volunteer

Status of Conductive Education in North America

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For the past 2 years ACENA has circulated a baseline statistics form to all known CE providers, regardless of their ACENA membership status. 2011-12, sixteen CE providers reported. 2012-13, sixteen CE providers reported. This represents only 45% of the identified, active CE programs in North America.

Note From the Board President

Welcome to our first Constant Contact ACENA Newsletter! Yes, we have entered the e-zine world and shall be constantly contacting you via Constant Contact moving forward! 


The Fall was a busy time for ACENA and included Board representation at the World Congress on Conductive Education in Munich, Germany and much work by your Board. To touch on a few highlights and upcoming activities...  Read More


National Conductive Education Day

The Fifth National Conductive Education Day offers a great opportunity to let people know about CE. Many of the professionals who work with children with motor disabilities remain unfamiliar with CE, as do many of the families of these children. This is the day to join with programs around North America to let people know about Conductive Education and how it can change lives for children and adults with motor disabilities. Please check out ACENA's National Conductive Education Day 2014 Campaign Kit and design your own campaign!


In the past few years, organizations have focused their efforts on promoting awareness and broadening knowledge regarding Conductive Education, to build the CE "brand" locally. Here are a few suggestions to promote this event:

  • Send out informational packets about program
  • Distribute CE materials in shopping areas, doctors' offices, and family agencies
  • Hold an open-house event for the community
  • Invite local politicians, leaders in education, rehabilitation and the medical community for tours
  • Send out a press release for media coverage

Rhythm & Balance was the motto for the 2013 World Congress on Conductive Education back held October 9-12. This was the 8th congress but the first congress hosted by the Peto Association in Germany. The objective of the congress was to further promote conductive education. Munich was the location of the first German Peto School and the site of the only conductor teacher training program in Germany, so a perfect location to hold this Congress.
Professor Ildiko Kozma, President of the International Andras Peto Association of Conductive Education called on attendees from all over the world to use their talents to come together to build relationships, partnerships, and knowledge to expand the co-operation in education, rehabilitation, medicine and research fields to benefit the world and the CE community.


ACENA was honored to have been involved with this congress. The following ACENA members worked with the Organizing Committee in the following roles:


Dr. Roberta O'Shea - Scientific Board

Andrea Benyovszky - Advisory Board, USA

Dave Dvorak - Advisory Board, USA

Brent Page - Advisory Board, Canada


The North American CE community was well represented at the congress and ACENA presented 30 abstracts! You can read more about the congress and review presentations here.

Participant Experience with 
 Conductive Education´┐Ż

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1988. After the initial attack things settled down and it was not until the winter of 1996 that the symptoms reappeared with a vengeance. Once I accepted my new reality I decided that I was going to do whatever I could to make the best of what I had. I have the best medical team you can imagine dealing with disease progression, drug therapy and the relief of severe problems like spasticity. But no one was there to help me cope with living with MS. There was a gap between diagnosis, medical intervention and learning how to deal with the challenges that the disease presents on a daily basis. Read More 


Keith Sherwood, adult participant with multiple sclerosis March of Dimes Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

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