ACENA NEWS 2015  [Issue 16]  January 2015
Justin Herbst Testifies Before Senate
ACENA Presents at UCP Family Conference

Abigail Payne, lead conductor at March of Dimes Canada, and Katie Lightfoot, ACENA Board Member, represented ACENA at the UCP Family Conference in Portland, Oregon on October 24th& 25th, 2014. Our goal was to promote the practice of Conductive Education and increase awareness for children and adults in the northwest.


The ACENA Board is now considering how it may be able to work with existing CE Centers to mentor families in the northwest to ultimately establish a program. See more

National Conductive Education Day 2015 is Thursday, Feb. 19. 

The Sixth National Conductive Education (CE) Day offers an important opportunity to promote CE programs nationally. Often professionals who work with children and adults with motor disorders remain unaware of CE, as do many of the individuals with motor disorders and their families. This is the day to focus efforts on developing a general awareness of Conductive Education, broadening knowledge about CE, and building the "brand" locally. 


ACENA provides a platform and tools to make this day a success for your organization. Please join with ACENA member organizations to celebrate CE. This community seeks increased recognition and support. Please check out ACENA's National Conductive Education Day 2015 Campaign Kit and download all the files and design your own campaign!

ACENA had a productive year in 2014 representing the programs and professionals working in Conductive Education. Last year, the ACENA Board of Directors:
  • Promoted awareness of CE by presenting at conferences, offering site visits, maintaining a current and updated Website.
  • Provided members with professional development through peer mentorship, continuing education and dissemination of ongoing research studies on CE.
  • Expanded Membership to all CE stakeholders. 
ACENA has membership opportunities for parents, CE participants, and all program staffers. Join Now!
Greetings From ACENA Board President
January marks the start of a new ACENA year and we are excited about the opportunities placed before us in the 2015 Strategic Plan. This year the ACENA Board will focus on providing members access to the most current information and resources on Conductive Education, including advocacy, research and continuing education programs. Last year ACENA hosted several web-based Continuing Education courses, including presentations by Dr. Melanie Brown of the National Institute of Conductive Education and Andrea Benyovszky, PhDc, Program Director of the Conductive Learning Center and Liaison to the Andras Peto College. We have several interesting web-based presentations planned for 2015 so be on the lookout for them in the coming months - it is a great way to keep current on CE! ...Read More

CE Expands in Central Florida

Greetings to all ACENA Members and other supporters of Conductive Education from sunny Florida! There have been wonderful things happening in the world of C.E. in our community! First and foremost is the expansion of the Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO) into our new facility. The move from 5000 to 15,000 square feet has provided us with the amazing opportunity to serve more individuals with CP and their families. In addition, we are now able to incorporate new services at CECO, including: Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. What's more, the additional space has allowed us to improve and refine programming, and has provided us the flexibility to begin the planning of future tracks, including Block Sessions and a Young Adult more   


March of Dimes Launches CE Calgary


In September March of Dimes Canada relocated a conductor to the Calgary office. The goal is to develop an adults' program for individuals with Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, ABI, cerebral palsy, and stroke survivors, and intensive camps for children. Intensive camps are scheduled for March 2015 (Calgary and Edmonton) for children with cerebral palsy and adults post-stroke. We continue collaborations with other organizations that help adults with physical disabilities to raise awareness of the benefits of having a conductor on the rehabilitation team and to share the benefits of Conductive Education to potential consumers. In a province rich of wealth and support for individuals with disabilities, Conductive Education can bring added value to the treatment of neuromotor disorders for adults, as well as for children.


Conductor Teacher Students Near Graduation from Aquinas College

Looking back at our time at Aquinas College, there are many memories. There were many hours spent at the Conductive Learning Center (our CE lab school), many late nights working on papers and lesson plans, all working towards this solitary goal: graduation. Now that it is almost upon us, it is hard to believe that we are at the end of our training. We look forward to student teaching and then, that glorious moment of walking across that stage and receiving our diplomas. Those diplomas do not just signify the end of our training; they also serve as a token to represent our dedication to the values of Conducive Education.

There are a total of 11 of us in the POHI program at Aquinas, and of this total, five of us will be walking across the stage for graduation in 2015. This program at Aquinas has impacted each of our lives in a deep way, and has left a mark on us that can never be taken away. We have taken a wide variety of classes that cover everything from the Philosophy of Education and Child Development to Anatomy & Physiology and Neuropathology. We have taken classes through Aquinas and the Pető Insitute and we are excited to go out into the world and spread our knowledge and experience we have gained...See more 



Andras Peto College - Status Update
On July 4, 2014 the Hungarian Parliament decided that the Peto Institute was to become under state maintenance and its public education institute was to obtain laboratory school status.

The nationalization took place on September 1, 2014. From that date, the institute has operated as Peto Andras Foiskola (Andras Peto College). This change in governance has not caused any modifications in conductor training. According to Dr. Franz Schaffhasuer, Acting Rector of the Andras Peto college, current leadership is striving to continue the work of the past 50 years by furnishing future conductors with the completion of their studies and entry into the profession. They are continuing to focus on maintaining high-standards, steady knowledge and great commitment.

Andras Peto College also continues to offer services, care and provision to those with motor challenges from infancy to old age while preserving the Peto concept.

Additionally, these changes do not have an impact on the international projects that are currently under supervision of the Andras Peto College. Within North America, the institute continues to work actively with Aquinas College in order to provide professors and conductor advisors as a part of the conductor-teacher/ POHI training program.