Copper and Kings distillery stills.
Constellation Brands announces two minority acquisitions, Read story. 
Copper & Kings (shown above) is experiencing growth. Related content: at the 2018 ADI Conference: sign up for 1-Day Distillery Design and Expansion Bootcamp. More info./more sessions/workshops.

News from ADI
The Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation of Spirits Distilleries - Are You Ready for Your Inspection?
~ Barbara Snider, Senior Counsel,
Hinman & Carmichael
Top 5 TTB Red Flags - How to avoid a Date with your TTB Agent
~Jason Lippa, President, Distillery Solutions
Simple Rules for Building values in Spirits Brands
~ John Fisher, Fisher & Company
Trademark 101
~ Paul Reidl, Attorney, Law Offices
of Paul Reidl

Sweet Talk: a Conversation on Sugar and Spirits
~ Lauren Patz, Head Distiller,
Spirit Works Distillery
Beyond Bourbon: Adding Specialty Spirits to your Portfolio
~ Matt Strickland, Distiller,
District Distilling Company

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ADI Judging of Craft Spirits
Deadline for US Entries:
January 19, 2018
Photo from Maggie_s Farm Rum
2017 Photo from Maggie's Farm Rum

Enter your spirits in the 12th Annual ADI Judging of Craft Spirits, the largest and most-respected judging of craft spirits. 

Enter today; ship spirits later
(spirits must arrive by January 25, 2018)
January check list:
for the ADI Conference
Join the largest gathering of distillers in the USA
into the Judging of Craft Spirits
US Spirits Entry Deadline:  Jan. 19, 2018
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all craft distillers in the USA, by Jan.15, 2018
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Distiller magazine_ Winter 2017_2018

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New Releases,
Events & Milestones
Three Rivers Distilling Co. names new President
Marla Schneider_ new President of Three Rivers Distilling Co.
Fort Wayne, Ind. - Three Rivers Distilling Company announced today [Jan. 8, 2018] the appointment of Marla Schneider as the new president of the company. In this role, she will oversee all aspects of the business from production to retail operations.  More.


Join Wigle Whiskey & Punxsutawney Groundhog Club on Friday, January 19 from 6-9:30 PM at the Wigle Whiskey Distillery for the release Phil's Shadow- a rye whiskey finished in maple syrup barrels. Tickets/info.

New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild first benefit event
Silk City Distillers table at first New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild event

On December 15, 2017, the New Jersey Craft Distillers Guild held its first small craft festival helping benefit the Stepping Stone School, a private non-profit special education school for children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. This was the Guild's first planned event coming together as independent small craft distillers in the state of New Jersey.  More.

Wildwood Spirits Co. introduces Arande Grappa
Wildwood Spirits Co. announced the addition of Arande grappa to its portfolio of spirits. Arande, Swedish for 'tribute' or 'homage,' is a limited grappa release.   Read more.

TTB News
2017 Excise Tax Returns: some  due  January 12, 2018 
TTB logo
Certain taxpayers are eligible to file a single excise tax return per year. This is a reminder that since the due date for annual returns falls on a Sunday in 2018, annual returns for tax year 2017 are due on or before Friday January 12, 2018  Read more.

New DSP Permits 
New DSP permits as of 7 January 2018
New Distilled Spirits Plant permit issued as of January 7, 2018.   Read more.

Chilly weather treat    
Headframe Spirits  Orphan Girl Marshmallows

Headframe Spirits Orphan Girl marshmallows
Enjoying a nice warm drink during cold weather months is a must. Top your mochas, chai lattes, and hot cocoas with the Orphan Girl Marshmallow. It's the perfect ratio of Orphan Girl Bourbon Cream Liqueur with the sweet, fluffy texture of a homemade treat.  Recipe.

ADI map of distilleries 
Map of distilleries.
Be sure that your distillery is listed; if not,  add your distillery here.

2018 ADI vendor advertising/exhibit info.
2018 Media Kit
Contact Matt Jelen for advertising, exhibit and Vendor Expo registration info. 
ADI's Certification Program now has 2,812 spirits listed!

View the stats here.
Apply today  and join the 578 micro-distilleries who are truly  craft.
Craft Maltsters Guild logo
Brief, year-end Survey of US Craft Distillers

We're collecting data from all US craft spirits producers
Please take a minute to participate! ADI's anonymous survey is the industry's most comprehensive poll of actual craft distillers and the most-quoted source of information on the growth of the industry. 

Recommended Malting Barley Varieties for 2018
by The American Malting Barley Association
barley crop

Milwaukee - January 3, 2018 - The American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) has updated its list of recommended malting barley varieties for the 2018 crop year. AMBA is a nonprofit trade association of brewing, distilling and malting companies that are end users of malting barley. The list is meant to inform US producers which malting barley varieties the industry intends to use in the upcoming year. Not all varieties are used in large quantities and it is important that producers contact their local elevator, grain handler or processor to determine the market demand for a variety prior to seeding.   Read more.   AMBA Website.

Note: Learn more at the ADI Conference in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at the Barley panel discussion including:
Mike Davis (American Barley Malting Assoc.), Seth Klann, Mecca Grade Estate Malts, Jason Cody, Colorado Malting Company, Jason Parker of Copperworks Distilling Company.

Bloody Butcher Corn makes bloody good bourbon
by Tom Bentley, The Wiskey Wash   
Jeptha Creed Bloody Butcher corn _image via Nino Marchetti_The Whiskey Wash_

One of the wonderful things about whiskey (and other spirits) is that it's sourced from the goodness of the earth. Sure, sure, there's much mechanical wizardry between field and bottle, and all those business and commercial aspects too, but whiskey is elemental in the best of ways: grains and water, made magical.

Many of those Scotch-Irish migrating to the New World in the 18th and 19th centuries brought with them the knowledge of coaxing spirit from grain, but the ones who came to Kentucky faced a surplus of something other than their native barley: corn, and lots of it. Not to let a trifle like a grain variety get in their way, they finagled a new fermentation: corn liquor. Much goodness-and variety-has flowed from that time since. 
 Read more.

Introducing The Home Bar Awards
by Tales of the Cocktail staff
The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of those who elevate_ innovate_ and challenge the status quo of home bartending.
T he Home Bar Awards is a celebration of those who elevate, innovate, and challenge the status quo of home bartending. The inaugural awards will take place on Instagram beginning in January 2018.

Boston, MA - Jan. 4, 2018, Chris Kiertz (Socktails), Jeremy JF Thompson (Tales of the Cocktail) and Jabin Troth (Licensed to Distill) launched the inaugural Home Bar Awards.

Home bartending has grown into a vibrant community of people who love to create and love to help each other get better at their craft. The Home Bar Awards is a celebration of this. In 2018, this trio will set out to find the world's best home bartenders. Not just those with the most followers, not just those who have the nicest cameras, but those who have embraced the art, science and tradition of home bartending.
Read more

Michigan's Craft Distilleries Are Setting Their Sights on Bourbon  by Nick Britsky, Hour Detroit
bartender shaking a cocktail

When a new generation of distilleries began popping up around Michigan, the initial focus was on making clear spirits like vodka and gin. "Now that they've been around long enough to age dark spirits, we're seeing some phenomenal results in the whiskey category," says Dianna Stampfler, executive director of the Michigan Craft Distillers Association.

Many of the spirits are earning medals from competitions. Kentucky-based Fred Minnick, author of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of an American Whiskey, has our state on the radar. "Michigan has put enough quality stuff on the market," he says. "I expect to see a breakout style coming from Michigan in the coming years ... too much talent there for it not to happen." 
Read more.

Worker hurt in boiler explosion at Wigle Whiskey in Pittsburgh's Strip District 
by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
emergency vehicle
A worker was injured [last] Thursday when a boiler exploded at the Wigle Whiskey Distillery in the Strip District. A spokeswoman for the city's department of public safety said the incident happened around 11 a.m. with a call for a fire and explosion at 2401 Smallman St.

After firefighters arrived, they found no fire, she said, but did determine that a boiler used in the distillation process exploded. The injured worker was transported to the hospital in good condition. Read more.

According to  Wigle Whiskey 's Facebook page on January 4 at 10:12am:
There was an accident at the Distillery today. One of our Distillers is being treated for surface injuries. He is in his usual good spirits, making jokes. He is with family and of course is our primary concern. Please keep him in your thoughts and thank you for those that have sent the well wishes.
The Distillery Tasting Room is closed today. It will reopen tomorrow from 10 AM - 6 PM. The Downtown Wigle Tasting Room is open today as usual.

GC-Mass Spec - 0 - Human Sensory Perception 1
Head and GCI image yes and no graphics

We have heard recently about new patents for processes that folks tout to be able to produce authentic/mature-tasting whisky and rum in days or weeks instead of years.
Let's look at this with a keen nose, tongue and applying all the senses, including the common one, to the issue here.
Many groups, no matter how they mature their spirits, rely on the separation and profiling of many of the 1000's of components that make up the total product profile. And in truth there is value in this for determining some of the most flavorful (low threshold detection) compounds. Some truth! The fantastic profiles that these very expensive Gas-Chromatographic and Mass Spectroscopy instruments (and beyond) show are works of art - and science. All those peaks of compounds present Read more.

  Bill's Corner   Miscellany from  ADI Founder/President, Bill Owens
'Welcome to the Dollhouse' at MOCA celebrates quotidian American life
Bill Owens photo_ wigs on shelf
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles, will host an upcoming exhibition titled "Welcome to the Dollhouse."

It is a presentation featuring works from MOCA's permanent collection that address, record, and deconstruct notions of domesticity.

...Bill Owens is among the featured artists in the exhibition. Read more.

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