Liberty Pole Erection ceremony at Pennsylvania's Mingo Creek Craft Distillers, purveyors of Liberty Pole Spirits. The event was called the "Whiskey Boys Rampage" and featured self-guided tours to several historical locations important to the whiskey insurrection. Shown in photo: the 17 foot liberty pole (adorned with a flag bearing the words "NO EXCISE TAX") was raised to a flintlock gun salute and thunderous applause and shouts of 'HUZZAH!" from a couple hundred participants. More info./photos

TTB Label Approval Feedback Requested
TTB logo

TTB has invited ADI to speak to Label Specialists about issues distillers face during the label approval process.  ADI logo
Please provide feedback and help shape our presentation to TTB. We hope this dialog will reduce rejections and change requests, which will save distillers and TTB time and money. Please complete the survey before July 23, 2018
when Eric Zandona will meet with TTB in Washington, DC.
Take our Survey button 
New Releases,
Events & Milestones
Craft Distilling Expo 2018 Stand Bookings open
London Craft Distilling Expo logo

The 2018 Craft Distilling Expo will take place in London at The Boiler House Brick Lane on the September 26 + 27, 2018
images from 2017 Craft Distilling Expo in London_ England
Craft Spirits Week: June 17-23
Craft Spirits Week logo

Craft Spirits Week, June 17-23, 2018 is when we're inviting you to join an online and offline celebration of all things craft spirits. Whether you're a distiller, a mixologist, a barfly, or a home bartender, getting involved is easy - and can take any form you choose.  More info.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner at Garrison Brothers Distillery 
Garrison Bros. chicken dinner event

This Saturday, June 16 is our annual celebration of everything Hye, [Texas] along with our sister city, Stonewall. Immediately after the Peach Parade, everybody is invited back to our distillery for a fried yard-bird lunch in our barrel barn.  More info./Tickets  

Coppersea Distilling Releases Springtown Straight Whisky 

Coppersea Distilling, the Heritage-Methods farm distillery in New Paltz, New York, announces the release of Springtown Straight Whisky, blended from Coppersea's own warehouse stock by chief distiller and blender Christopher Briar Williams.  Read more

Blackwater Distilling launches Indiegogo campaign
Blackwater Barrel kickstarter campaign video still image

Blackwater Distilling launches Indiegogo campaign to help fund our expansion, relocation, and tavern build.  Read more

Used Barrel Blowout Sale at 
Hamilton Distillers, AZ
used barrels at Hamilton Distillers

Thursday June 14, 11AM - 4PM
Hamilton Distillers
Tucson, AZ
One day only!
Discount pricing on used 15 gallon barrels
More info.

The Noble Experiment NYC introduces Owney's Rum
Owney_s Rum

Owney's Rum and its distillery, The Noble Experiment NYC, were both founded in 2012 by New York native, Bridget Firtle, who left a successful Wall Street career to pursue her passion for rum.  Read more

Danny Boy Beer Works announces Danny Boy Distilling 
Danny Boy Beer Works

Carmel, [Indiana] home base for Danny Boy Beer Works, recently announced "a new venture in spirits, Danny Boy Distilling Works, at the brewery in the Village of West Clay, located in the Tank 13 building...  Read more  (scroll way down story)
Wayne Curtis book updated
and a Bottle of RUM book covers

Before & After. The newly updated version of Curtis' 2006 rum book hit the shelves [last week]. The cover got spiffed up thanks to a nice spa treatment. The text got liposuction and a few augmentation procedures. And the reviews are rolling in...  Read more/Twitter.

TTB News
Registration is open for TTB Trade Practice Seminars 
TTB logo
Are you concerned that you may be operating in violation of the "tied-house" rules? Should you be?  Boston, MA - July 18

TTB Webinar: All About Whisky -  TODAY  June 13, 2018 , 1-2p.m. EDT

Due to the exceptionally high level of interest in this topic, TTB is offering another session of its whisky webinar for those who were unable to participate in the May 30 session. Learn about the most important aspects of how TTB regulates whisky, production requirements, when formulas are needed, and specific labeling issues. Spaces are limited, so register now.   Register.

New DSP Permits issued 
New DSP permits issued as of 10 June  2018.
New Distilled Spirits Plant permits issued as of June 10, 2018.   Enlarge/more info

USA Spirits Ratings_July 23-24_ 2018 San Francisco
ADI map of distilleries 
Map of distilleries.
Be sure that your distillery is listed; if not,  add your distillery here.

Winter issue of Distiller magazine on newsstands
Distiller magazine_ Winter 2017_2018

Distiller is available at 400 retail locations including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and various newsstands. Contact us for copies for your tasting room or gift shop.
Join ADI to receive Distiller for free!

ADI's Certification Program now has 2,812 spirits listed!

View the stats here.
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Craft Maltsters Guild logo
Juneau wrap-up, part 3: Lawmakers fix a looming threat to Alaska's craft distilleries 
Heather Shade mixes a cocktail at the Port Chilkoot Distillery in Haines.

The Alaska Legislature passed dozens of bills in its final week in Juneau - including more than 20 on its last day alone...Officials charged with enforcing Alaska's alcohol laws took the state's craft distillers aback last year when they issued a memo: Distilleries, in their tasting rooms, should only be selling their liquors straight - no mixed drinks or cocktails.

Regulators pointed out that state law only allows distillers to sell up to three ounces of "the distillery's product," without speaking directly to cocktails or other types of drinks. Distillers had interpreted the law as allowing them to serve mixed drinks, and some had been doing so for years. 
Read more

Ann Arbor Distilling Company: Not your 
average spirits  By Meredith Bruckner, All About Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Distilling Company
ANN ARBOR, Michigan - Tucked into the Water Hill neighborhood, Ann Arbor Distilling Company is doing something different.

It crafts spirits completely from scratch, using only locally-sourced ingredients known as grain-to-glass. Shortly after it opened in 2015, distiller John Charles Britton joined the team and quickly impressed with his experience and commitment to flavor. 
 Read more.

The Gin Guild proposes a gin flavour guidance tool
sample of The Gin Guild_s Flavour Guidance graphic
...Gin Guild Director and industry expert Justin Hicklin who, along with Drinks Writer and spirit judge David T. Smith, led the Guild project team for Gin-Note, said: "There is very little time, at the point of sale, to communicate the virtues of a brand. We have attempted to give a consistent and appealing way to do so, in the critical area of taste.

"For brands it means that people can explore flavour with a proper expectation of what the gin delivers, for retailers it will reduce the disappointment for consumers who buy a gin without fully understanding what it tastes like, and get it home to discover that it is not to their liking.

"The graphic gives a clear visual lead, enhanced with..." Read more.

Women's Distillery Guild elects Board of Directors 
By Karen Hoskin, Montanya Distillers
We officially have a duly elected Board of Directors for the Women's Distillery Guild! I cannot wait to work with this esteemed group of professionals.

President: Karen Hoskin, Montanya Distillers, Crested Butte, CO
Vice President: Louise Newsome, Olde York Farm Distillery, NY
Secretary: Lacie Thornton, Grand Traverse Distillery, Saginaw, MI
Treasurer: Mel Heim, Eastside Distilling, Portland, OR
General Board Members: Manya Rubinstein, Industrious Spirits, RI
Heather Manley, Crooked Water Spirits, Minneapolis, MN
Sasha Muir, Wanderback Whiskey, Hood River, OR
Media At Large Member: Karen Locke, Freelance Spirits Journalist
To join and support gender diversity in the craft distilling industry, click.

Behind the misleading claims fueling
America's bourbon boom
  By Andrew Stern, NBC News
barrel room
Widow Jane's flagship 10-year-old straight bourbon is a common sight in hip Brooklyn bars and, according to the company, it can now be found in more than 30 states and 15 countries. Part of its popularity could be attributed to its supposedly artisanal New York credentials: "The pure, unique waters of the Widow Jane Mine are what distill our artisan spirits in Red Hook, Brooklyn," its website proclaims.

There's just one problem with that claim- it isn't exactly true. Read more

New tariffs risk turning U.S. whiskey sour
By Martinne Geller, Reuters
still detail via Sonoma County Distillers website

American craft distiller Adam Spiegel is bracing for a double shot of pain.
An escalating international trade spat is driving up his equipment costs and threatens to cut into his profit from the bottles he exports to Europe, just as business is booming.

U.S. President Donald Trump on June 1 imposed tariffs for aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada and the European Union. As a result, Spiegel expects his bill for recently-ordered steel fermentation tanks, worth several hundred thousand dollars, to be $50,000 to...
  Read more

Family-owned Tower 56 Distilling opening in downtown Greeley, Colorado  By Luanne Kadlub, Greeley Tribune
Trista Estrin_ right_ Matt Estrin_ left_ and Dan Moody_ stand by the distiller at Tower 56 Distillery_ 825 9th St. Unit B_ in downtown Greeley.
Trista Estrin, right, Matt Estrin, left, and Dan Moody, stand by the still at Tower 56 Distillery in downtown Greeley, CO. 

Tower 56 is just one of a string of lifeguard stations along Newport Beach in southern California. Though indistinguishable from other wooden towers along the sandy shore, for one extended family it serves as a beacon for family, fellowship and good times. More than 1,000 miles northeast you'll find another Tower 56 that embodies that very same spirit.

Tower 56 Distilling, a work in progress for two years, will open its doors June 22 in downtown Greeley under the helm of Matt and Trista Estrin with help from his cousin Daniel Moody. They are part of the family that regularly congregated at Tower 56... 
Read more.

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