They say that change is inevitable, but​  through the challenge of change we can find​  progress and growth.

In this newsletter, we'll look at how franchise owners, after many years, have purchased their first business property as a way to grow their assets. Economic development professionals continue to gather information about how one​ long-time local industry is evolving​ and how entrepreneurs in the industry are learning new ways of doing business.

You'll also get to meet Peter Jermyn, a long time AEDC supporter​ who has returned to​ our Board to bring the benefit of his years of experience to our organization, demonstrating that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Peter has been part of AEDC's history for over 30 years.

If change is inevitable, then we should ask ourselves how to make sure those changes are positive and geared toward growth. Have you asked yourself how you can evolve your business to make sure that upcoming changes are positive?

Please talk to us here at AEDC and we’ll help you find the answers.