February 27, 2020

Those GSN, DSO, and Sr DSO members of Bargaining Unit 701, AFSCME Local 685, with a qualifying bachelor’s degree, check your county e-mail from Human Resources for information on how to apply for a 2% bonus per our recently approved MOU.

For any questions or assistance with the form, contact the Probation Department’s Human Resources Bonus Desk at (562) 940-2554.
The Path to Reform

At the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting, eliminating LA County Criminal System administrative fees was the “hot” topic on the agenda. Youth who had previously been incarcerated told their stories of working with parole and probation departments after they have returned to their communities from prison. 

The Board of Supervisors’ room was packed; over 60 people signed up to testify in Public Comment. After a full day of listening to the public concerning this issue, all five Supervisors voted unanimously to eliminate fees over which the County has jurisdiction. Young people not only presented their stories and experiences to the Supervisors but expanded their comments to the available press.

Rest in Peace, SDPO Eduardo Cordero
In 1989, after graduating from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, Eduardo Cordero joined the LA County Probation Department. In 2003, he was promoted to Supervising Deputy Probation Officer. In the 30 + years of his Probation career, SDPO Cordero impacted so many people with his hard work, integrity, and intellect. 
Eduardo enjoyed watching sports, particularly San Francisco Bay Area teams. He also enjoyed gardening, barbecues, being social with others, walking 5ks, and drinking his Canadian Crown Royal and beer. He also loved a good cigar and a good book!  He loved traveling, trying new foods, and participating in new adventures. 

Eduardo is survived by his wife Shelley, his daughter and son-in-law, Ashley and Andrew, and his parents, Galo and Consuelo. His four sisters and their spouses – Hilda (Matthew, Christina (Leo), Elsa (Phil) and Marissa (Crystal), and 14 nieces and nephews. He loved his family and he was a good son, husband, father, brother, uncle, nephew cousin, and friend.
Willie Riley: How Are Probation Officers Spending Their Time in Retirement?
Ask Willie Riley, former Deputy Probation Officer who retired a year ago from the LA County Probation Department. Chaplain Riley knew at a young age that he had aspirations to someday be a chaplain. When the opportunity presented itself, DPO Riley volunteered to be assigned to the AB109 Mobile Resource Center that was attached to LAPD Central Station. He collaborated and worked LAPD Homeless Unit to help connect those in need with necessary services.

Chaplain Riley is now ordained as a minister and has completed the California Law Enforcement Consortium-Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and the LAPD Peer Member Support course. 
Chaplain Riley visits a few days each week to support employees assigned to Central facilities. Chaplain Riley was even put to work recently helping to load and unload a truck filled with food during our recent Central supervisors meeting held at The Federal Reserve. He did a great deal of work with a smile the entire time.

During the past Mother Day celebration, Chaplain Riley purchased a red carnation with his own money for every mother in the building. Chaplain Riley is truly appreciated by everyone assigned to the Central facilities for all of his support.

It was recently noted on an LAPD Department Commendation Report that for the past several months, Chaplain Riley has been assisting the Central Area sick office by telephoning employees who have been away from work due to illness or injury. He has a mild demeanor and a wonderful sense of humor, which quickly puts people at ease. He spends time with employees discussing their health, but also spends time talking about what is current at the division. Chaplain Riley keeps employees from feeling that they are isolated by bridging that distance that some feel while they are home away from the division and the department. 

As employee’s health and welfare are of the utmost importance to Central Area, Chaplain Riley's contributions assisting employees who are away from work has been crucial in employees returning to work faster and in a better state of mind. 

To Chaplain Riley:
The LAPD thanks you for the great impact you have made with Central Area employees. Your involvement, your time, and your dedication to Central personnel is applauded and thoroughly appreciated. 

Source: Thin Blue Line
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