June 30, 2020
Volume III Issue 25
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We are back to the professional, John Asalon, hosting TWIA. This week's show guest is TBA.  
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I've been playing APBA since I was 12; 41 years. Tons of great memories playing against friends and even playing solo; baseball, football and golf.
What I'm going to briefly explain is the best experience I've ever had.
I have the 1997 season and decided to play a best of 7 series between the Mariners and Orioles as both teams were playoff teams that year and the Orioles actually took out the M's in the divisional round, three games to one.
This was a face to face best of seven series against my 16-year old son. He is a modern kid that spends too much time on his electronic devices unless they are pried away from him. He's a good kid; just a young man born in 2004. He plays baseball (not this year as it was all canceled) and gets great grades; just finished his Sophomore year of high school.
Over time, I've convinced him to try APBA with me. Reluctant at first, I can tell he's grown to like it, even "asking" to play. We play the Master game.
I proposed this concept to him - best of 7 in pretend ALCS; he can take our hometown Mariners (we actually live in a suburb outside of what has become a crazed Seattle proper, but this is not a political email) - and I will manage the Orioles.
Cut to the chase - series is tied 3-3 with game 7 happening today. Mike Mussina vs Randy Johnson for a third time (we only used a 3-man rotation). Mussina won the first contest. Johnson the second. Now, game 7 for all the marbles.
The Mariners jump out 2-0 in the bottom of the first on a Roberto Kelly double, A-Rod triple and a sac fly from Edgar to LF. 
It stays 2-0 to the 5th with Randy Johnson no-hitting the O's. But control becomes an issue amongst the strikeouts as RJ is a 20XY. In the top of the 5th, Johnson strikes out the side, but also walks four guys and in between it's 2-1 Mariners, and the no-no still intact.
To the 7th we go. No-no intact. Rafael Palmeiro (-7 vs LH) up; dice roll 66 for a 1 and the HR; the Orioles only hit ties it at 2-2!
Game stays tied at 2 as we head to the 10th. By now, both Mussina and RJ have given way to the bullpen's and the O's pen is much better than Seattle's. 
Geronimo Berroa gets a single (2nd hit for the O's), with two out in the 10th off Bobby Ayala. My son then brings in Norm Charlton to face Palmeiro. Charlton is a 1 pt lefty. He gets the 5 point boost to make him a 6, then the added -7 and Norm's a 13. He gets Palmeiro out.
Bottom of the 10th.
Game tied at 2. Benitez on the hill for the O's; 18 XYW. Dan Wilson up. My son does not PH. Dice roll 66 for a 0, but Wilson is a -6 vs RH so the 18 is a 24 and the 0 turns into a 7. Single to RF.
No pinch runner despite my commentary to at least consider it.
Wilson was batting 9th.
Roberto Kelly up. Benitez gets him out. Fly out to LF. 
A-Rod up; again an out; another fly out to LF. 
Up to bat comes Ken Griffey Jr; the AL MVP of 1997.
Earlier in the game, my son tried to steal A-Rod in front of Griffey; rolled a 66 (would have been a HR, but A-Rod is caught stealing). 
Enter Arthur Rhodes. 14 point, XYZ, left handed. Griffey is -9 vs LHP in 1997. Rhodes has got Griffey out multiple times in the series.
Two out. Wilson on first. Game tied 2-2.
Rhodes is a 19 to Griffey with the five point bump, and thus a 28 with the -9.
A trip to the World Series on the line. 
Dice Roll 66 for a 1. HR from Junior and the Mariners win 4-2 and go to the World Series.
My son goes bananas. IT. WAS. AWESOME!
Thank you! Thank you!  ☺��⚾
As I am writing this message the APBA National Convention Tournament Finals would have been underway and many of us would be checking out of our hotel rooms and convening in the downstairs conference room to say our goodbyes until next year.  We would be saddened at the thought of departing but new friendships would have been forged, old friendships strengthened, and our hearts fulfilled for another year.  But this year was different due to COVID-19.  But during these past few days, we experienced the socially distanced joy of our annual gathering.  Through the Delphi Forum, Facetime, and e-mail many of us reconnected with some of our brethren and shared events of the past year, discussed our current or planned projects, and yes even had some fantasy tournament discussions.  It was not what we have become accustomed to but it would have to suffice during the present world pandemic.  John made the right decision not to hold this year's convention because many of us, ok most of us, are in a high risk category for the virus.  I am glad that we were all sheltered and safe with regard to our health.  It's been a good time to catch up on our APBA projects and share our results and experiences on Between the Lines.  But what this does is make us all realize what a great game APBA is, what a great community of folks we have, and just how much more special the 2021 APBA National Convention will be.  Until we meet again next June, may each of you and your families remain safe and healthy.
Randy C.

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