July 8, 2020
Volume III Issue 26
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Two new golf courses are available this week:
The outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus has resulted in the cancellation of The June 2020 APBA National Convention in Alpharetta, Georgia and postponement and rescheduling of many regional tournaments.  See details below for rescheduled tournament information.  This past week The Vegas APBA Baseball Tournament and Mason-Dixo Classic Tournament both cancelled their events due to COVID-19, The TCABT has announced a site change and tournament fee, and the The CCBA announced three BBW managerial openings in their league.
2020 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT CALL-OUT - Tournament Directors who are planning an APBA Regional Tournament between January and December of 2020 are requested to forward tournament information to Randy Coryer at  apba66nyslp@yahoo.com for inclusion into the newsletter.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
2020 Tournament Schedule
The 2020 APBA Regional Tournament schedule is as follows.  Please mark your calendars accordingly and be sure to attend and participate in one of these fine events.  You will not regret the experience of face-to-face gaming and tournament play.
Listing of Cancelled Tournaments due to COVID-19 virus
1.  The 3rd Annual Heartland Apba Tournament - Earle Shamblin at  Stillvill44@gmail.com.
2.  The APBA National Convention -John Herson at custsupp@apbagames.com 3.  The Chicagoland Tournament - Rob Spatz at  Robspatz@gmail.com.
4.  The 4th Annual Lancaster World Series Tournament - Dale Shreiner at  dashreiner@gmail.com.
5.  The Inaugural Houston APBA Baseball Tournament - Ed Hubbard at  greyghosts2016@gmail.com.
6.  The 6th annual Toledo Glass City APBA Baseball Tournament (GCABT-VI) - Ron Emch at   rce@emcher.com or text/call at 419-349-0649. 7.  The Vegas APBA Tournament - Chris White at  cwhitesports@yahoo.com or call 702-491-4838.
8.  The Mason-Dixson Classic Tournament - William Sagle at  williamsagle@aol.com (See below for additional information).
Listing of Tournaments to be Rescheduled due to COVID-19 virus
1.  The 5th Annual Prairieland APBA Baseball Tournament - Eric Berg at  ebjornaas@hotmail.com.
2.  The Old Dominion APBA Baseball Tournament - Jim Saska at at  jamessaska@gmail.com.
Listing of Current Scheduled Tournaments
Saturday July 11, 2020 - The 2nd Annual Far West APBA Baseball Tournament.  The tournament is open to any team from 1908 to present PROVIDED that 154 or more games were played in that season.  Last year's champion 1930 Philadelphia A's may not be used.  The tournament play is the basic game using the advanced fielding option.  Boards and dice will be provided, bring your lucky dice tower or shaker (They have APBA shakers available). Cost for tournament is $40 and includes lunch, drinks, continental breakfast, trophy, and a day of great fun and camaraderie.  If interested please contact Steve at  mrsteve50@hotmail.com for more details. 
To maintain a safe environment, the gaming tables will be set up to promote social distancing with only one game going on at each 8 foot table.  We will also have plenty of soap and water available to wash your hands frequently as well as hand sanitizer at the entrance.  For our pizza lunch, there will be someone serving you the flavor of pizza you like and they will be wearing food grade gloves so that your food will only be touched by you.  Cold beverages will be in individually sized containers.  The continental breakfast will be individually packaged items and the hot beverages will be available in a self serve manner.  
Your health and safety are my utmost concern.  I also recognize that we need to get back to a somewhat normal life and socialize with others.  We can do this, just be aware of what your are doing and be considerate of those around you.  Until July, please stay safe and healthy.  Sixty-sixes to all!  
Sunday July 12, 2020 - The Inaugural Rocky Mountain APBA Baseball Tournament has been rescheduled for a July date in Boulder, Colorado at a location to be determined.   For this year, teams will be selected from the 1993 season (birth year of the Rockies) until present.  No designated hitter will be used when an NL team plays at home. Please contact Ryan Strauss at  RockyMountainAPBA@gmail.com to sign up today!
Saturday July 18, 2020 - The Florida APBA Baseball Tournament will be held at Lake Hills Church in Clermont, Florida.  The tournament theme is the Expansion Years 1961-1998 -- (Retired teams 1980 NY Yankees, 1998 NY Yankees -- past winners of FL Tournaments).  The entry fee is $20 which includes refreshments and prizes. If interested, please contact Tony Stevens at  AandTStevens@Gmail.com.
SITE CHANGE - Saturday August 8, 2020 - The 13th edition of the Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament (TCABT-XIII) will be held Saturday, August 8, 2020, at the City of Shakopee Community Youth Center, 1099 Adams St. S., Shakopee, MN 55379. The site change will provide ample room for social distancing. Masks will be required at the tournament sight. Hand sanitizer will be available during the event. Each participant is to bring or order their own food, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks. A fee of $20 will be charged to cover the cost of the tournament facility. Interested parties can contact Jim Fraasch at  jwfraasch@mchsi.com
CANCELLED - Saturday August 22, 2020 - The APBA Mason/Dixon Classic Tournament has been cancelled.  The Mason/Dixon Classic will be re-scheduled in 2021 in Gettysburg, PA with the same theme: "Expansion Franchises & Relocated Teams" and entry criteria. Anyone who has submitted teams for the draft will keep those selections unless you wish to make a change. Please stay safe at home, everyone!  Contact William Sagle at  williamsagle@aol.com should you have any questions.
Saturday October 17, 2020 - The Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament VI will be held in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  The tournament theme is any APBA issued MLB teams from seasons 1901-2019 that had a winning percentage under .585 (approximately less than 95 wins in 162 game season and less than 90 wins in 154 Game Season). Teams are first come first serve. Retired teams are not eligible (1909 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1929 Philadelphia A's, 1974 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1975 Cincinnati Reds, 1977 Philadelphia Phillies).  If interested or to register please contact Ken Schulz at  schulzka02@yahoo.com
Saturday October 17, 2020 - The Third Furniture City APBA Tournament (FCAT) will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Legends Sports.  Any team from 1901-1960 is eligible; 25-man rosters, no XCs, plus one player from either the 1961 American League or the 1962 National League.  Draft for team selection begins on August 30, 2020.  For more details or to register, contact GF Korreck at  gfk1949@yahoo.com
Saturday November 7, 2020 - The 1st Annual Salisbury APBA Baseball Tournament - The 1st Annual Salisbury APBA Baseball Tournament will be held in Salisbury, Maryland at a location to be determined.  The tournament theme is Manager's Mayhem.  Each entrant is to field a 25-man roster (no XB's) from one NL and one AL team from 1950 to 2015 (teams can be from different years).  The teams must be less than a .555 winning percentage.  The composite team must have a minimum of 10 players from each team.  Four man pitching rotations are required.  Each team will play a minimum of 8 games in pool play with playoff games to follow.  The registration fee is $60 and includes tournament entry, a t-shirt, lunch, and trophies for the top four finishers.  Registration is open until September 25, 2020.  If interested and to register, please contact Chester Davis at  superdawg17@hotmail.com.
Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 -- QuaranTEAMS III, a Video Baseball Blitz Tournament.  All games will be played over a video program so that the games are played face-to-face.  All rolls must be shown on the video camera.  The prize being played for is APBA's 2020 MLB season (an $85 dollar -- includes the $10 shipping fee).  The entry fee is $10 and you must have a computer that is able to connect to a video program (i.e. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc.).  If interested, please contact Tony Stevens at AandTStevens@Gmail.com.
If your tournament is not mentioned above and you are planning a Regional APBA Tournament in 2020 please forward me your tournament and contact information at apba66nyslp@yahoo.com and I will be sure to promote your event in APBA's company electronic newsletter.  Remember all APBA game tournaments are welcome.
Potential Upcoming APBA Tournaments
POTENTIAL TOURNAMENT IN SEATTLE AREA  -  There is an effort underway to conduct an APBA Baseball Tournament in the Seattle, Washington area.  If interested, please contact Dave Bednarek at  dbedrock@comcast.net with you name, contact information, and a preference for a Spring or Fall tournament.
POTENTIAL TOURNAMENT IN NEW ORLEANS -  Are you tired of only seeing tournaments on the East Coast and Mid-West??  If there is enough interest, a small group of New Orleans players are looking to set up a regional in the NOLA area in 2020, please contact Randy Tabor at  rk_tabor@yahoo.com (note the underscore "_" in email address).
I am pleased to report that this column continues to assist leagues in finding new managers and pairing individuals looking for leagues.  I will be glad to run your league opening, if you contact me at  apba66nyslp@yahoo.com with a brief and concise write-up.  Openings or individuals looking to join leagues are as follows:
June 28th Opening
CCBA League Openings - The CCBA, a BBW continuous ownership league, is looking for a few good managers.  The league has been in existence since 1998 with several original managers.  There are three teams open at this point.  The teams are at the 70 game mark of the current season.  The three teams available are Puget Sound, Texas, and Quinsigamond.  Please check out the rosters at http://ccbabaseball.freehostia.com.  If interested please contact the League Commissioner Chip Bingham at ecwizards@comcast.net.
June 14th Openings
Realistic Play League (RPL) Opening - The RPL is a new cards and dice league hoping to begin on August 1st or sooner.  The RPL is looking for up to 22 more managers who want to get in on the ground floor of a realistic play league using the 2019 season cards. Player usage for appearances and at bats and innings pitched will be adjusted to fit into an 80 game schedule (162 X .4938). For further information on the league, please email Tony Stevens at  AandTStevens@Gmail.com.  
UPDATE - Eight (8) players have signed up for this Realistic Play League using the most current MLB season. The league is a continuous league where you can draft, keep, and trade players to build your team. 
APBA League Opening - The APBA League (BBW) is looking for a new owner.  This ten-team computer league (founded in 1960) has a 66-game season (you play a 3-game series once a week) that runs between the start of October and the end of March (with the playoffs following).  The league uses APBA's Baseball for Windows (BBW 5.75) which requires a onetime game disc purchase.  It has to be played on a PC and cannot be run on Apple.  The 2020-21 season will use the 2019 teams.  Each year owners may maintain their franchise (but with the new teams), or select a new team in the inverse order of their finish the previous season. We would like someone who has played


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