June 12, 2018   


Volume I Issue 30 

Good afternoon,
This morning, two Red Bull representatives were visiting the offices.  There was a young man in his mid twenties and a very attractive young woman in her late twenties.  When they came into the APBA office, I was feeling good that I fit the Red Bull demographics UNTIL the young lady asked if Skyler was here. (Skyler is our 23 year old son). I answered no.  She give me her card and asked me to give it to Skyler.  I asked her for some samples.  She said I was too old and she couldn't give me any.   

Congratulations to the Washington Capitals and their fans. Again thanks to Steve Skoff for pre-playing the 2018 Stanley Cup finals.

BATS 2 CARD SET.  We are now offering the single BATS 2 teams set. Each single team  is $8 per team plus shipping. Order your teams here. 

What is new in the APBA community?    
  • Congratulations to Brian Crane on completing is 1883 baseball season replay.  Yes 1883. Well done Brian.
  • 2018 APBA Convention Soccer tournament rules are now available. Get the rules here.
  • The 2018 APBA Convention is in nine days!
APBA Estate Auction 
George Hines asked me to include this auction notice in the newsletter.  George has been helping the estate get the collection in order. 
The auction is from the estate of Mr. Earl Wehry. He was an avid collector and loved baseball. He had books, collectible cards, and had been an APBA player for a long while. He had a massive collection of the seasons starting with seasons from the 30's, There will also be other related items in the auction.Our auction company is JD's Auctions in Clinton Tennessee and our website is jdsauctions.com. The auction will be online by Wednesday, June 13 and will run until 6pm on Sunday, June 24. The legal info that you might need is TFL# 5984 and 15%bp. If you have any more questions for me, please call me at (423)306-7364.


The 2018 APBA Convention Match Play Final took to Orlando, Florida for the 2018 title match. The ground was groomed a little harder than normal for the combatants, causing some tee shots to roll out into the rough here.
FINAL: (3) Tiger Woods defeated (8) Jon Rahm 2-up
Both players must have felt a few butterflies on the first tee. Both tee balls missed the first fairway. In Tiger's case, he was in the trees on the left and had to lay up. Both got up and down for pars. The players then missed the green on the par-3 2nd, Tiger this time needed 3 shots to get on the green, whereas Rahm was dancing in two. Woods made his bogey putt, but Rahm's 10-footer missed, and the match remained all square to the 3rd tee.
Both players birdied the 3rd, but with Tiger sending his drive on the fourth into someone's backyard (and thus out of bounds), Rahm easily took the lead with a birdie 4. Woods got the hole back at the short 5th with a driver-wedge-putt birdie.
On the signature par-5 6th, the players had to choose how much of the lake to cut off, and hope to not deal with a random alligator in there. Rahm tried to bite off too much, and made splashdown on his drive, and later conceded the hole after a duffed chip, along with Woods having a short par putt. Tiger held the lead until the 9th when he found sand with his drive, and then trees with his second, then missing a 10-foot par putt to give Rahm the hole, and halving the front nine.
Woods took the lead for good on the 10th with a birdie after Rahm hit a bad birdie putt of his own. Woods extended the lead to two holes on the 12th, but Rahm fought back and won the par-3 14th after Tiger missed the green, and then missed his 10-foot par putt.
Just as before, Woods bounced back and won the 15th with a 23-foot birdie putt. Woods was 2-up heading to the par-3 17th tee. Rahm, with the honor hit a hybrid just over the lip of the large bunker fronting the green, rolling to 9 feet away. Woods pulled a 4-iron, and dropped the shot in the hazard. Rahm made the 9-footer to send the match to the 18th, needing to win this hole to force extra holes.
It was not to be, however. Anyone who has seen Woods play this hole knows how money his approaches are here. That happened here as well, Rahm decided to have Woods hole his birdie putt, which he did to seal the 2-up win.

Please welcome the following new members to the APBA community. New members are folks who have recently made their first purchase of APBA products. Several of you have asked for the new members contact info.  In this day and age, we can't do that.  But we will send your contact information to them if you ask us to. Please identify the name of the person you want us to send your contact info.

APBA has began to sponsor a weekly broadcast offering insights into the game of APBA and players within the APBA community.  The host is John Asalon who offers a extremely professional broadcast.  Please join John Asalon and his guests every Thursday night at 8:00 pm (Eastern) for THIS WEEK IN APBA radio show.
John's guest this week is: Guest to be announced later.

Check the archives below the large screen on the first page of the above link for earlier broadcasts.
We are exploring podcast options for TWIA.

Check APBA GO out here. Its free!   

 BATS 3 Pre-expansion set in now available at APBA GO.  Check it out.

There were no tournaments this week.  The next tournament on the schedule is the APBA National Convention June 21-24, 2018 in Alpharetta, Georgia.  John Herson is the tournament director.  Register at  www.apbagames.com if interested in attending. This week The Great Florida RollAPBAlooza 2018 Baseball Tournament was announced with an October 27, 2018 date. See details below.
The 2018 APBA Regional Tournament schedule is as follows.  Please mark your calendars accordingly and be sure to attend and participate in one of these fine events.  You will not regret the experience of brotherhood and gaming experience.  
Thursday June 21 through Sunday June 24, 2018 - The APBA National Convention and Tournament, Alpharetta,Georgia. Register at  www.apbagames.com if interested in attending APBA Utopia.
Saturday July 7, 2018 - The 4th Annual Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  Contact Ken Schulz at  schulzka02@gmail.com.
Saturday, July 14, 2018 - The Chicagoland Summer APBA Baseball Tournament, Des Plainies, Illinois (at the Comfort Inn O'Hare in Des Plainies, IL). Contact Rob Spatz at  robspatz@gmaill.com.
Saturday, July 21, 2018 - The Second Annual Lancaster World Series, Landisville , Pennsylvania.  Contact Dale Shreiner at dashreiner@gmail.com.
Friday through Sunday August 17-19, 2018 - Las Vegas APBA Tournament, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The site will be the Flamingo Hotel.  Contact Chris White at  CWHITESPORTS@YAHOO.COM
Saturday August 25, 2018 - 4th Toledo Glass City APBA Baseball Tournament, Toledo, Ohio.  Contact Ron Emch at rce@emcher.com.
Saturday October 6, 2018 - The Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament, Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Contact Jim Fraasch at  jwfraasch@mchsi.com.
Saturday October 27, 2018 - The APBA 2018 Wisconsin Fall Tournament, Location to be determined.  The tournament theme will be the Negro Leagues using APBA's Negro League Baseball Card Set.  Team selection will take place by draft.  The draft will begin Saturday, June 23, at noon.  Contact Kurt Bergland at  Bergland.kurt@yahoo.com.
Saturday October 27, 2018 - The Great Florida RollAPBAlooza 2018 Baseball Tournament in Brooksville, Florida (North of Tampa). Location is The Microtel Inn and Suites, 6298 Nature Coast Boulevard, Brooksville, FL. Theme is 1980 through 1989 with $20 entry fee (includes lunch). Sign-up by 8/1 with team selection lottery on 9/1. If interested contact Tony Stevens at AandTStevens@Gmail.com / 352-600-0974.
Saturday November 3, 2018 - Inaugural Furniture City APBA Baseball Tournament, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Legends Sports & Games, CenterPoint Mall on 28th St. SE).  Contact GF Korreck at  gfk1949@yahoo.com.
If your tournament is not mentioned above and you are planning a Regional APBA Tournament in 2018 please forward me your tournament and contact information at apba66nyslp@yahoo.com and I will be sure to promote your event in APBA's company electronic newsletter.  Remember all APBA game tournaments are welcome.
APBA continues to sponsor a weekly broadcast offering insights into the game of APBA and players within the APBA community.  The host is John Asalon, who offers a extremely professional broadcast.  Please join John Asalon and his guests every Thursday night at 8:00 pm (Eastern) for THIS WEEK IN APBA radio show.  This past weeks guest was John Herson President and CEO of The APBA Game Company.
John had just returned from Santa Bell Island, Florida and needed a pinch hitter in the guest position. John Herson graciously offered to be the guest. He talked  for more than one hour on new product offerings, the APBA convention, and the future of APBA and APBA products.
Following some opening comments on the NHL and NBA finals, MLB strikeout and attendance issues, John welcomed John Herson to the show. John opened discussing some new product releases and pending releases including the Pre-Expansion Bats III set (issued), the Post-Expansion Bats III set (pending), 2017-2018 NHL set (pending), Champions League Soccer set (pending), and Bats II Single Team sell-off (beginning Monday). John elaborated on Bats III sets and thanked Skeet Carr and Kevin Cluff for their work on player selections. He sited some players in both sets (like Mantle, Maris, Aaron, etc) and some current players in post-expansion set (like Stanton and Judge). He also noted if one buys the sets now that any update or changes will not require one to re-buy the set (i.e. updates will be offered separately). He also spoke on continuing work on APBA Go and praised Steve Skoff for his efforts on the 2017-2018 Stanley Cup pre-play in which Vegas leads Washington 3 games to 2.
John next spoke on the APBA Convention highlighting the Hotel arrangements are in place, T-shirts have been ordered, and menus are set (Southern Barbeque on Friday evening and Deli Lunch on Saturday). He also tipped that four individuals will be inducted into the APBA Hall of Fame on Friday evening. John requested that everyone wear a baseball jersey for Friday evenings dinner in honor of a special guest. John reviewed the convention schedule and specialty card offering. The schedule is to include game demonstrations, an evening of horse racing, three innovation sessions, a par 3 tournament, the annual homerun derby, the baseball tournament, and awards presentation. We will all be busy that's for sure. John also noted that APBA Convention registration is to be at the game company office. Upon registration you will be greeted by Connie and receive your T-Shirt. Be sure to thank Connie for all she does for the game company and its customers. She's a great lady!
Next John discussed the landscape of table gaming and APBA 10 years down the road. He noted that baseball is becoming saturated and the growth of other games and product is warranted. His vision is a more balanced marketing and sale of games. He spoke of opportunities in earlier season football, expansion of soccer especially abroad, development of a new basketball game with NBA and NCAA offerings, and other potential offerings. John mentioned that APBA is investigating options to develop a baseball results board that would eliminate page flipping. John also noted that APBA has received a copy of Fast Break Basketball to benchmark this game as part of new game development. Please listen to the broadcast to get John's full and broad perspective on the direction of the game company.
John made reference to  "The Baseball Fan's Bucket List: 162 Things You Must Do, See, Get, and ..."  By Robert Santelli, Jenna Santelli.  "Play a game of APBA Baseball!"  is item #117.John is in contact with one of the authors and he hopes to have them be a future guest on TWIA.   John closed by reminiscing about how he met John Asalon and the good things that have resulted from TWIA broadcast. John noted that APBA players look forward to meeting John Asalon at the 2019 Convention. So ends another week on This Week in APBA. Have a great week everyone.
This author is proud to know John Herson personally and applauds his efforts to grow the company. Thanks John for all you do for all us APBA players and I look forward to our discussion next week and all the APBA Convention activities.
John's Asalon's scheduled guest for the June 14th show has not been finalized.  But be sure to tune in for an always interesting discussion on APBA and current APBA topics.
I am pleased to report that this column continues to assist leagues in finding new managers and pairing individuals looking for leagues.  Beginning in January 2018 and to better manager newsletter volume, I will run any of your league opening or requests to join leagues for a period of four to eight weeks.  I will be glad to run them longer if you contact me at  apba66nyslp@yahoo.com.  Openings or individuals looking to join leagues are as follows this week:
June 10th Openings
WBO League Openings - The World Baseball Organization ("WBO") is looking for a replacement manager for 2018 and beyond.  They are a current year play keeper league, using the old fashioned cards & dice.  Not face-to-face, but rather solitaire style play (instructions and pitching rotations sent to opponents by email).  Ballstat/Ballscore is used for gameplay and stat-keeping.  Full 162 game season running generally from March/April - October/November.  Basic game with lots of interesting modifications.  This is an opportunity to be part of a truly great league that has been around for a long time, with high character guys.  http://wboapba66.wixsite.com/wbo-baseball.  If interested contact Dan Levine, Commish, at  drl@pbl-law.com.
June 3rd Openings
O.Z. League Opening - The O.Z. League, an APBA Baseball group created in 1982, is always looking to add new members to their family.  Currently the league is at 12 Franchises; if you live on the East Coast and want to join a fun but dedicated League this is one you should inquire about. They use BBW, MG, and the hybrid Paul Marino Boards as preference of the Home Team.  This league was featured in the N.Y. Daily News in 1988 and plays a 162 game schedule from February to October. The Annual Draft is held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ronkonkoma every February. If you are interested contact Dom at  NYAPBA@yahoo.com.
USBL League Opening - The USBL a continuous ownership league using AIM 5.75 and is a 24 team league split into AL and NL.  They have a few unique features.  You may draft up to four never carded players (do your minor league homework!!) and we use an NBA style random draw for the top overall pick (prevents tanking).  Further they require each team to cut players at the end of the season, with playoff teams cutting deeper than non playoff teams.  If you are interested contact the league office at apbaphilip@gmail.com or  bris@yahoo.com.  For more information or see their website (slightly outdated but full of good information) at  https://unitedstatesapbaleague.weebly.com/.  They have two team openings due to managers changing jobs.
CCBA League Opening - The CCBA is a continuous ownership BBW league in it's 21st season. They are a 24 team league (All DH) with a good group of managers.  Some have been with the league since their  inception.  They have one open franchise they would like to fill ASAP.  If interested, contact Chip Bingham at  ecwizards@comcast.net
May 27th Openings
Waugh Classic League - There is an opening in a computer game 5.75 (with AIM) retro league that started with the 1946 season and now is in 1965. The league is stable with 10 of 16 managers having been in the league for at least 12 years.  The seasons usually run from late summer ending 28 weeks later as they play an 154 game schedule.  The opening is for a manager of the New York Yankees. If interested contact Peter at  peter.winske@yahoo.com.
Kirby Puckett Memorial League - The Kirby Puckett Memorial League (AIM) currently has four team openings.  If interested contact Gene at  apbagene@yahoo.com 
May 13th Opening
ASBL Opening - The ASBL ( APBA Salary Baseball League ) is looking for a couple of managers.  The league is a 24 franchise based league with continuous ownership.  Debut players with the franchise teams are their property unless cut or traded.  40 man rosters are utilized; a draft requires cut down to 28 protected players.  Players from non franchise teams are all in the draft.  Salary is based on current player yearly salary and creates a cap for the maximum salary per team.  The league will be drafting soon since they are behind due to previous commissioner health issues.  If interested please contact Robert through e-mail at robertjacobus@frontier.com
May 6th Opening
Basic Game Mail League - A Basic Game Mail League has 4 openings in a 24 team league with a few variations.  It is a winter league running  October through March and has been around since 2004.  It is also a somewhat unique in that they employ a salary cap.  Since they have a total of 5 teams dropping out this year they will pool the rosters from each team, including their draft pick slots for the up coming rookie draft, and the new managers will stock their respective teams from a supplemental draft that only the new teams will participate in.  All the teams dropping out had good to excellent records this year so there will be good players to stock your team with.  For more information please contact Larry at  lwcougar77@yahoo.com.
April 29th Opening
BBW League Opening - A 12-team computer draft league almost 30 years running playing BBW 5.75 computer game has an opening. You have the option to manage/run all home games and pick your micromanager for road games. Weekly opportunities for trades and waivers/pickups from the at-large pool. Open team needs some work but not that far out of playoff contention. Rosters and constitution available. If interested please contact Alan on the Between the Lines Delphi Forum Site under League Match.
April 15th Opening
The Northern Virginia APBA Baseball League - The NVABL is looking to immediately fill a vacant manager's slot for the 2018 season. The NVABL is a 12 team Master Game league that plays mostly online via Google Chat and phone. They have roots in the DC suburbs but currently have players as far North as New Hampshire and West as sunny California.  More about the league can be found at  https://sites.google.com/site/apbanvabl/. ; The open team is the Downington Abbots; an incredibly competitive team with current and future star power including Kris Bryant, Didi Gregorius, Stephen Strasburg, Charlie Blackmon and Trea Turner.  If you're interested in finding out more about the league and taking over the Downington franchise, please contact Chad at  chadwik66@gmail.com 
An APBA Game Company callout this week to Hugh Brown and the A.P.B.A. League which was founded in 1960 and just completed its 55th season.  Congratulations fellows on a long running established league!
I trust this column is continuing to bring many APBA players together be it in regional tournaments or league play.  Everyone have a great week and start packing those bags for Alpharetta.
If you have a question about your order or if APBA has made a mistake, please contact us at 1-800-334-2722 or custsupp@apbagames.com. Remember all prices listed do not include shipping and handling  charges.
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Thank you for your support of APBA.

John Herson
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