Holiday Greetings from the ATE team... and from the elephants
This year has sped by and we're finding it difficult to realise it is already December and 2016 is only two weeks away. It has been a busy year for ATE but a productive and positive one. Although we lost two of our lovely old matriarchs--Leana and Alison--from natural causes, that is a positive in itself. In Amboseli they were able to live into their 50s and die peacefully. There are not many places left in Africa where this can happen and we are trying very hard to keep it that way. Leana and Alison left intact families including many of their own daughters and grandchildren. We feel obligated to make sure these females also live into their 50s, 60s or even 70s. That is our New Year's resolution for 2016, and every year. 

Cynthia Moss
Amboseli Trust for Elephants
Elephants in Your Christmas Stocking?

Flossie and Flash
There are several ways you can support ATE while giving an elephant-themed gift to a friend or relative. 

1. In our last newsletter we were finally able to release the sale of our beautiful prints by the award-winning artist Karen Laurence-Rowe. If you know someone who deserves some elephant art this Christmas, please visit our website to order. 

We have four print designs, each depicting young Amboseli elephants. To see the other designs, featuring Ebelle (from the EB family) , Irina (from the IBs) and Astrid and
Abebe (from the AAs), please Click Here.

Prints are $50, 12" square on professional grade tex tured art paper. Please note that in order to guarantee Christmas delivery within the U.S., we are now sending items by FedEx which will be an additional $20. For last minute orders contact [email protected].

2. For the special people who would like to get up  close and personal with the Amboseli elephants, we are running our special  holiday elephant calf naming offer that lasts until the end of January. 

ATE's naming program is not like an adoption program where thousands of people might adopt the same whale or whatever. This calf becomes "your calf" and yours alone. The name remains in the Amboseli database for all time even after the individual may have died.  With your donation you receive photographs and a history  of your calf and its family. You will get periodic updates and be able to follow this calf's  life over many years. Take advantage of this offer and write to us at [email protected].  
3. Another way to get more involved with the Amboseli elephants, for a very modest donation, is to join Elatia, our program that allows you to follow one or more of five of the elephant families. For only $30 per year, members can keep up with the small dramas our families face. To learn more  Click Here.
Elephants in  their G lorious Amboseli Habitats

We believe that elephants belong in the wild where they can live out their complex and intricate lives in peace. We fight for elephants to stay wild and free forever. To celebrate another successful year of our work in Amboseli, we decided to share with you some images of the elephants enjoying their free-ranging lives in the splendour of Amboseli. 
In the centre of the Park with spectacular Kilimanjaro as a backdrop
Enjoying the swamps
A youngster in the palm woodlands
Moving out of the Park in the evening into the Acacia tortilis woodlands

We wish all our friends and supporters happy holidays and a new year filled with hope, peace and new beginnings. Please consider ATE in your year-end charitable giving. We are entirely supported by individual donors and small foundations. Help us keep elephants safe and in the wild. Please donate.

Cynthia Moss