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In one year, on September 19, 2019, Waldorf education will proudly mark its 100th anniversary. The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America has partnered with the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and the Waldorf Early Childhood Association to celebrate this centennial through social and environmental impact campaigns.

These campaigns aim to stimulate dialogue around human values in education and support initiatives that revitalize society. We believe that by investing in transformative education we have the ability to not only improve the health and well-being of children, but to act as agents for positive change.

As educators, we understand that our mission reaches far beyond that of acquiring knowledge. We aim to inspire human potential and commit to:
  • Nurturing and protecting childhood
  • Respecting the dignity of human beings in every encounter
  • Embracing diversity and practicing inclusion
  • Developing capacities to meet an ever-changing world
  • Cultivating empathy and concern for others
  • Inspiring a strong sense of self
Humankind needs self-aware people with a strong sense of purpose, concern for others, and the capacity to be in service to the world. As a community, we look forward to working alongside new partners to inspire meaningful action in the world. Together we can create a future where more people feel connected in a growing circle of service, inclusion, and respect.

The ongoing Waldorf education centennial celebration is made of the following core projects: The Waldorf Chronicles ,  GreenBee Wildlife Web initiative, Hand In Hand: Community Engagement projects, and continental and worldwide gatherings and festivals

You can learn more on Waldorf100.

With warmest wishes,

Nita Davanzo
Interim Waldorf100 Director

The Waldorf Chronicles

AWSNA is working with Waldorf schools around the continent and with StoryCorps to collect, archive, and share over 1000 unique stories about Waldorf education. This exciting gathering and sharing of histories and stories of Waldorf education in honor of its 100-year anniversary will be included in Library of Congress StoryCorp Archive.
Stories include those from school founders, elementary and high school students, teachers, administrators, grandparents, staff and more--anyone who desires to share their positive story about their Waldorf experience.

You are welcome to include yours. This celebratory recording and archiving project is continually adding interviews of students, teachers, parents, administrators, staff, and alumni to the StoryCorps Archive. You can find out more, and share your story, by going here.

Read more at   Waldorf100.
Photo: Summerfield Waldorf School
Pollinators need our help and Waldorf schools are taking action! For the Waldorf education centennial, schools worldwide are planting trees and gardens in their local communities and establishing beekeeping programs.
Over 160 Waldorf schools across North America are helping to create an ecologically-green 'continental parks system' by getting involved in a greening, gardening, and/or beekeeping project. In addition to teaching our students to be good stewards of the earth, this new green space will support biodiversity, help our local honeybees, and create a food-web for native species and wildlife.

You can find out more, including how to participate, at Waldorf100
Hand In Hand: Community Engagement Projects

Waldorf education embraces diversity and celebrates independent thinking and individuality. Worldwide, Waldorf communities are taking action to foster compassion, promote empathy, and encourage meaningful acts of kindness and connection both locally and globally.

You can find out more, including how to participate, at Waldorf100

Photo: Green Mountain Waldorf School

The Waldorf® School Postcard Exchange

Throughout the current year, students in 1,100 Waldorf schools from more than 80 countries will send a postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world. Each postcard is being individually designed by a young person, telling or showing something of his or her country, school, or self.
This innovative global project will connect hundreds of thousands of students to one another through individualized and artistically designed postcards, which are then arranged, by each school, into a Global Map for public display.

Read more on   Waldorf100
  Photo: Tamarack Waldorf School

What does it mean to nourish our children, ourselves, and our world? There is literal nourishment given by the earth to humankind; and also spiritual, emotional, and intellectual nourishment. All of these gifts are not just given, but cultivated, as we humans are only benefactors of the natural world when we engage in its stewardship. The method of this stewardship, and the way we teach it to our children, matters greatly.

You can read the whole article on Waldorf Education.

Please visit AWSNA's education blog, called Essentials in Education, in which we explore topics that matter to educators, researchers, policy experts, and thought leaders from a Waldorf Education perspective.
We welcome comments and feedback, and we also welcome guest posts. Please contact Beverly Amico at for details. 

Previous topics include: 
  • Education's Role in Curbing Teen Anxiety
  • Crucial Creativity
  • Reframing Failure in the Classroom
  • Teaching Empathy: Essential for Students, Crucial for Humanity
  • The Importance of Learning a Second Language
  • The Educator as Artist
  • Experiential Education
  • In Praise of Kindergarten
  • Teach Children to Seek Significance over Success
  • Make Them Scientists - Redirecting the Science Instruction Paradigm
  • The Powerful Force of Curiosity
  • Happiness in the Classroom
  • Be Worthy of Imitation: Why Modeling Matters at Home and in Class
  • Fostering Lifelong Learning
  • The Importance of Productive Solitude
  • Outdoor Education - Beyond Environmentalism
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