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January 2019 Newsletter
Welcome to the azad technology partners e-newsletter. As always, we look forward to your feedback as well as contributions to make this monthly newsletter an effective communication platform for our employees and business partners. Please continue to e-mail your suggestions and feedback to .
Cheers to the New Year!

Wishing a happy, healthy, & prosperous New Year to all employees and business partners who have contributed to the company's success over the years. 2018 was another great year for the company and we look forward to continued success and lasting relationships in 2019!
As a Reminder

If any of your contact information has changed within the last year (i.e. address, phone numbers, emergency contact information, etc.) and azad administration has not already been notified, please do so by email to, so all files and records may be updated.
Employee Spotlight

At azad we value and appreciate the dedication and unparalleled work ethic employees demonstrate on a daily basis. It is because of azad's dedicated employees and their impactful contributions that ensures the continued successful completion of the clients' projects one after the other. However, it makes it even more significant and exciting when employees receive well-deserved recognition from the clients.

We are pleased to share that another azad colleague, Bill, recently received praise from the client. There was a project that the client knew going into it, would be facing difficult challenges. "In stepped Bill and attacked the problem. It was obvious to everyone working on the project the level of professionalism and quality that [Bill] brought to bear on this problem. [Bill] made it look easy and we all know it was not. Thanks, Bill for all your hard work".

It is the effective consulting mindset that Bill, and all azad employees, exhibit day after day that has been pivotal to the success of the clients' projects, and ultimately, the company, for over two decades. For that, we thank you, Bill on a job well done!
The Biggest Tech Trends of 2019, 
According  to  Top Experts
By: Mark Sullivan

For the tech industry, 2019 may be more about laying groundwork than historic breakthroughs. But it should be a busy and exciting year, as key new technologies begin finding their way into real, useful applications...Continue reading
How to Set (and Achieve) Goals Based on 
Your Personality Type
By: Gwen Moran

There are some widely accepted practices that can help you reach your goals this year:
  • Be clear and specific about what you want to achieve and why.
  • Be sure that your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  • Recruit the people and assemble the resources you need to succeed.
But there is another factor that has an impact on how we can best set and achieve our goals: Our personality types... Continue reading
Opportunities  at azadOpportunities
azad technology partners  offers some of the most exciting and versatile career opportunities in the industry and is currently hiring a few bright System Administrators & Business Systems Analysts to join its team of professionals:

Our experience at azad shows that the best new professionals who have joined our team over the years were referred by other azad employees and clients. azad offers a generous  referral program for referring a successful new consultant and invites you to contribute to the expansion and growth of our team.
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