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March 2019 Newsletter
Welcome to the azad technology partners e-newsletter. As always, we look forward to your feedback as well as contributions to make this monthly newsletter an effective communication platform for our employees and business partners. Please continue to e-mail your suggestions and feedback to .
Health Benefits Open Enrollment Reminder

As previously communicated, the April 2019 Open Enrollment / Waiver forms that were sent to employees last week need to be returned to azad
administration no later than, 3:00 PM, Thursday, March 14th, if you have not already done so. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Lauren or Peggy at , or (503) 617-9490 .
How Can We Design AI for the Best Long-term Interests of Humanity?
By: Amy Webb

The future of AI - and by extension, the future of humanity - is already controlled by just nine big tech titans, who are developing the chipsets, frameworks, networks, and funding the majority of research, earning the lion's share of patents, and in the process mining our data in ways that aren't transparent or observable to us. Six are in the US...three are in China. "The Big Nine" are under intense pressure - from Wall Street in the United States and Beijing in China - to fulfill shortsighted expectations, even at great cost to our futures. We must empower and embolden the Big Nine to shift the trajectory of artificial intelligence, because without a groundswell of support from us, they cannot and will not do it on their own. What follows is a series of pebbles that can put humanity on a better path to the future... Continue reading
The Dalai Lama on Why Leaders Should Be Mindful, Selfless, and Compassionate
By: The Dalai Lama with Rasmus Hougaard

In organizations, people work closely together every day. But despite working together, many feel lonely and stressed. Even though we are social animals, there is a lack of responsibility toward each other. We need to ask ourselves what's going wrong. The Dalai Lama  believes that our strong focus on material development and accumulating wealth has led us to neglect our basic human need for kindness and care. Reinstating a commitment to the oneness of humanity and altruism toward our brothers and sisters is fundamental for societies and organizations and their individuals to thrive in the long run. Every one of us has a responsibility to make this happen.

What can leaders do?... Continue reading
Opportunities  at azadOpportunities
azad technology partners  offers some of the most exciting and versatile career opportunities in the industry and is currently hiring a few bright  Business Systems Analysts  & Infrastructure Engineers  to join its team of professionals:

Our experience at azad shows that the best new professionals who have joined our team over the years were referred by other azad employees and clients. azad offers a generous  referral program for referring a successful new consultant and invites you to contribute to the expansion and growth of our team.
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