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It's been a long, cold and snowy winter and we're ready for SPRING! Here at Abilities we are looking forward to outdoor community outings, our Abili-Tee's Invitational Golf Outing, spring sports season at our Print Shop, and an open house celebrating 10 years of Phillipsburg's Branching Out Food Pantry.  We're also working on expanding our SustainAbilities initiative by working with HYDROPONICS and coordinating e-waste collection events with several local townships. 
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Congratulations Abilities on Forty Years of
Exceptional Service and Success!

In the fall of 1974, a group of 14 parents, professionals and advocates came together to form the first "Board of Trustees" for the newly incorporated Abilities of Northwest Jersey. Two of those original trustees, Dr. Frank Wolf Jr. and Phyllis Burd, remain with our Board family today, 40 years later! Their commitment and guidance in supporting the agency and its mission, is truly commendable and deserving of recognition. And so we appropriately dedicate our 2014 gala, "Meet Us in Margaritaville," to Dr. Wolf and Phyllis, honoring them for their 40+ years of unwavering service and support.

One of the purposes for which Abilities was formed is stated in our certificate of incorporation as follows: "to provide for only charitable, scientific, educational and rehabilitative service through a non-profit, sheltered workshop designed to provide training, employment and rehabilitation for referred clients who are presently unable to perform in a competitive work situation." Forty years ago, our founders recognized the need to provide vocational services to every level of our special needs population and today, we continue to focus on those needs through our many individualized employment and day programs.

Through the years, one programming component has remained constant: if you desire to earn a paycheck, no matter your level of ability, we will provide you with that opportunity. If someone is not enrolled in our community supported employment or rehabilitation programs, our day training programs are available and offer a variety of activities. These activities, led by our dedicated staff, are geared to increase confidence, explore interests and promote self-worth and independence. They may include fine and gross motor skill development, daily living skill development, social skill development, art therapy, community awareness and integration and volunteer activities. We also offer our individuals at this ability level the opportunity to develop "prevocational" skills because we hold an FLSA Section 14c certificate. Not only can we offer unpaid skill development activities such as those noted above, but with this certificate, we can also offer the bonus of paid skill development activities for those producing well below the minimum wage level. We understand the importance of a paycheck, whatever the amount, that's why you have our commitment to preserving the option of earning that paycheck in all of our program settings.

We have made great strides over the years in our mission, expanding programs and services to both our consumers and the community. Our success however, is defined only by the successes of those we serve. For every level of ability, there are opportunities for growth and our talented team strives


A message from Cindy Wildermuth, CEO  
Abili-Tee's Invitational Golf Outing returns to Hawk Pointe Golf Club this year! Join us for this annual sell-out event featuring a day of golf, continental breakfast, unlimited range warm-up, commemorative event t-shirt, goodie/swag bag, complimentary beverage during play, lunch, and awards dinner.

Silent auction, door prizes, contests galore, hole-in-one prizes!

Registration brochure available at www.abilitiesnw.com  

Phillipsburg Center's Branching Out Food Pantry and Thrift Store Boutique Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years ago this June, Abilities' Phillipsburg Center officially opened the doors of the Branching Out Food Pantry & Thrift Store Boutique to aid the local community by serving, at that time, 34 families.  Since the doors opened, there has been a resounding need throughout the community and we are now serving over 200 families per month!  


Donations are always welcomed, and very much needed.    

Call 908-454-2579 for more information.

40th Celebration Photos Online 


We can't say thank you enough to all of the event attendees, sponsors and supporters.  Most especially, Cathy Miller Photography for commemorating the evening with all of the amazing photos!  You can find them uploaded to our Facebook page: HERE 

Congratulations once again to our honorary chairs, Dr. Frank Wolf & Phyllis Burd for their unwavering commitment.  We hope you enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing you at our next event.
Employment Pathways has a new home!

You can find Abilities' Employment Pathways now located at
14A Brass Castle Road
Washington, NJ

We're excited about the opportunity this larger, convenient location offers our career development and supported employment services.

Employment Pathways can be reached at: 908-689-7460 
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as Abilities is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.  Thank you for your generosity!
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