Empowering Success through Volunteerism

An interview with Jack French about his time volunteering with Abilities at the Barnyard Sanctuary, a local pet farm animal rescue and adoption charity dedicated to finding a new home for displaced farm pets that have become homeless due to the financial, social, economical or physical well being of their current caregivers.

Q: What is the Barnyard Sanctuary?
Jack: The Barnyard Sanctuary is an animal rescue organization.

Q: What do you to there?
Jack: I volunteer my time to take care of the animal and the farm.  I am learning how to take care of the animals, pick up hay, water the animals, clean the pens, feed the cats and collect the eggs.

Q: What kind of animals do they take care of there?
Jack:  They take care of rabbits, sheep, pigs, duck, dog, cat, chickens, cows, horses, and ostrich and even a peacock.  Plus many more.

Q: Would you recommend volunteering at the Barnyard Sanctuary to others, and why?
Jack: Yes, I would recommend volunteering to take care of the animals.  I feel proud of myself and me and my wife are going to help every Saturday.

Abilities participates in several volunteer opportunities throughout the community.  This is a unique way to give back to the community while learning valuable skills. 
Hackettstown Dances for Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day was created to raise money to help children and young people living in poverty in the United States and some of the poorest communities around the world.  Mars Chocolate North America announced that M&M'S®, known for its colorful chocolate candies and equally colorful sense of humor, will kick off a new campaign called "#MakeMLaugh" to support Red Nose Day as it debuts in the United States.  Our Hackettstown Center couldn't wait to be part of the movement to support Red Nose Day and #MakeMLaugh

Abilities Hackettstown- Red Nose Day #MakeMLaugh
Abilities Hackettstown- Red Nose Day #MakeMLaugh
Happenings at Abilities:
June 27th- Abili-Tee's Invitational Golf Outing sponsored by Bulova Technologies Inc. is being held at Panther Valley Country Club in Allamuchy NJ. 

We're already over half full for the tournament, don't delay and miss your opportunity to join the most talked about outing of the season. 

Still accepting sponsorships (golf and non-golf opportunities available) and program advertising.  Show your support today and visit  www.abilitiesnw.com/golf-outing.php for more information.

July 28th- Chasing the American Dream 5k & Children's Sprint hosted by Affinity Federal Credit Union Foundation & NJ Community Capital in Bridgewater NJ.

Register in the next 5 days while price is still only $25!  

When you register you will see Abilities listed in a drop-down menu: you must make a choice from this menu, so please choose Abilities! All registration proceeds (100%) will be donated to Abilities, but only if you have selected Abilities when you register.  Click HERE for a flyer with important registration instructions.
Community Support 
We'd like to thank the following generous supporters for their donations and contributions to our various programs.

  • $15K from the John & Margaret Post Foundation for the purchase of Smart Tables for the agency's MSN (Medical Specialized Needs) program. The Smart Tables, manufactured by Teq, accommodate four individuals in wheelchairs simultaneously and are useful for facilitating communication, learning and prevocational skills. The Post Foundation is administered by Wells Fargo and their website is www.wellsfargo.com 
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb donates $2300 worth of office supplies and materials.  Visit BMS online at www.bms.com
  • InterConnection donates six refurbished Dell desktop computers for Abilities' newest program, STAR (Skill Training Assessment & Readiness), which will begin in FY2016. InterConnection is a Seattle-based organization that specializes in computer reuse and recycling.  Visit InterConnection online at www.interconnection.org

  • Abilities is actively working with Pennsylvania-based National Christina Foundation, an organization that links donors who wish to reuse or recycle their computers with non-profits. National Christina Foundation has already referred more than a dozen computers to Abilities, and donations are ongoing, so anyone who visits their site, www.cristina.org can donate to Abilities.
All contributions are considered tax deductible under IRS regulations
as Abilities is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.  Thank you for your generosity!
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