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IGROW teens win 2013 MCSP award
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January, 2013 
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Congratulations to iGROW teens for earning the Leadership in Suicide Prevention Award!  In an event at the State House on February 11, the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention presents its 2013 MCSP 'Leadership in Suicide Prevention Award' to  iGROW-Interfaith Gathering 'Round Our Wellness and the iGROW teens who teach the Break Free From Depression curriculum to 13 & 14 year olds. Ten high school juniors and seniors will accept the award for iGROW, a program which clergy and Boston Children's Hospital co-founded with Adolescent Wellness. 


The iGROW teens teach the depression prevention curriculum to keep healthy kids healthy through a three-part series of Sunday workshops located in the town of Wellesley, where eight youth have been lost to  suicide in a ten year period.  The curriculum is listed in the national Best Practices Registry of the Suicide

Prevention Resource Center. 


If you are in Massachusetts, please come to meet these remarkable teens when they speak at our Winter Blues 'friend raiser' on the evening of Wednesday, February 13, at the Wellesley College Club. You would also enjoy the live music, food and drink. Click here to register to let me know that you can join me.


The iGROW manual may be downloaded from our website and the curriculum details may be viewed in the 'Did You Know' section of this newsletter. 

Best regards, 

-Bob Anthony
Did you know...


The Break Free From Depression curriculum manual and documentary is provided to everyone attending the free Train-The-Trainer workshops?
Click here to prevent depression:
  • February 8 in Boston
  • March 15 in Worcester

Click here to treat depression:
McLean Hospital

College Mental Health Program (CMHP) offers counseling center directors consulting services, professional development and student resources 


How many colleges have policies and procedures in place to be the most helpful to student mental health? In this modern era it seems odd to question this, but does your college:

  • inform the family when a student seems to be falling to symptoms of mental illness
  • clearly direct applicants whether to be candid about existing diagnoses
  • actively re-connect a rising freshman as one dis-connects from a hometown therapist / prescriber
  • publicize that college coincides with the peak years of symptom onset for schizophrenia

The CHMP Director, Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, PhD, is helping colleges consider best practices. Details may be viewed by clicking here or you may email her her at 

PIP, PIP, Hooray!
Using Creativity to Promote Resilience, Success, and Wellness
Research indicates that problem solving is a critical skill in communication, education, social development, and academic success. It is also a valuable coping skill to promote mental health and wellness. The PIP, Problems-Ideas-Plans, is a fun, creative tool for teaching problem solving skills. It is brief, engaging, and can be used by both children and adults in a wide range of settings. The PIP promotes decision making skills of social emotional learning, along with creative (divergent) and critical (convergent) thinking skills of 21st century learning. There is a direct link between the skills taught through the PIP and the emotional health skills needed to promote wellness in children and adolescents. These include:

* Importance of developing and examining multiple perspectives 
* Withholding judgment and criticism in evaluating one's and others' ideas 
* Promoting cognitive flexibility - generating many ideas and ways of thinking 
* Promoting collaboration 
* Use of creativity as it is defined by the individual

The PIP can be used in small or large groups, in classrooms, as part of extracurricular activities, and as part of individual skill building.  
Venues in Florida and Massachusetts offer workshops to all those who are invested in children's emotional development: parents, educators, mentors, and friends.  Learn the PIP and problem solve anything from how to create an emotionally safe classroom to designing a new ground-breaking project to present at a competition, or simply to manage stress and anxiety: 
  • The Florida workshop is March 2nd, 2:15-3:45pm at the University of South Florida in Sarasota; click here for details.  
  • The Massachusetts workshop is February 5th, 9-11am, in Hingham at Linden Ponds, Derby Clubhouse, sponsored by Youth Health Connections (South Shore Hospital).  Please RSVP to
AWI Volunteers


The people who make it happen; we are very grateful to the current AWI volunteers listed below:
  • Bob Anthony - Executive Director
  • Vivian Dole - iGROW
  • Bill Russell - Director
  • Anthony Schweizer - Chair
  • Calvin Place - Director
  • Chip Douglas - Director
  • John Seeler
  • Kathy Curley
  • Lisa Siegel
  • James True
  • Sue Hanly
  • iGROW teen mentors
  • Youth Advisory Board members
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