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January, 2014

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I finally understand how researchers in biology help  prevent depression!  They know the math for predicting whether children will reach age 18 without depression, given basic variables.  For example:

  • before the child is born, it only matters whether the mother has depression (think biology rather than home environment)
  • after the child is born, the outcomes are similar if either the father or the mother has depression (think home environment rather than biology)

The distinction is important because practical actions for preventing depression can then be translated for each scenario.  


The keynote speaker this Thursday night at our Winter Blues event is Dr. Joseph Gold, the Medical Director for McLean Hospital.  He will clarify the topic and its practical application. For example, pediatrician Claudia Gold (no relation with Dr. Joseph Gold) of Newton Wellesley Hospital teaches new mothers activities to  exercise with their newborns in order to enhance wellness (tell me Thursday at the Wellesley College Club if you wish to meet Claudia, as she will be there). 


Teen mentors will also be there Thursday for anyone interested in discussing their achievements to date in Wellesley and Needham, or their plans for additional communities. (Articles are linked elsewhere  in this newsletter on the impact of teen mentors nationally.)  Other details about the Winter Blues may be found through the registration tab within our website ( 


On a separate topic,do you understand the term 'crowd-funding'?  It is another concept I am trying to understand - I am experimenting with it to introduce more people to activities for building coping skills and knowledge.  If you want to see details, click on my crowd-funding link (  Please let me know how well it communicates, as I can still edit it.


Best regards, 

-Bob Anthony
Did you know...


Treating mom's depression before she gives birth can help prevent offspring depression?
~JAMA Psychiatry.2013;70(12):1312-1319.doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2013.2163
Youth Health Connection
A group meets in Rockland, MA on February 11 to discuss mental wellness project successes and setbacks in over two dozen communities.  The active membership is unusual because they represent organizations engaged with all the children of a community, as opposed to being limited to the public school population - included are independent schools and youth group entities, including congregations. As a result, they are wholly engaged with the health care network, including the pediatricians who see each child in the community and make referrals when needed.
The Youth Health Connection is the result of a 20 year effort on the part of South Shore Hospital.  They have confirmed they are open to sharing this model with other hospitals.  The program Medical Director is Barbara Green.
Recent articles of interest


You may view these recent news articles by clicking on the title:
Thursday at Wellesley College Club   
Winter Blues!   January 23; 6-8pm
Featured speakers:







Joseph Gold, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

McLean Hospital

Partners Healthcare











Nadja Reilly, PhD

Associate Director

Freedman Center for Child and Family Development

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology


Q & A kiosks for Home, Community, School:

- Peer mentors will be available to discuss what coping skills and knowledge they have learned and how they help other youth. 

New this year at the Winter Blues are 'Q & A kiosks' focused on three domains, Home, Community, and School.  The kiosks are staffed to allow individual discussions.  The teens will be at the Community kiosk.  

Dr. Gold and Dr. Reilly will be available for individual discussions at the two other kiosks.

AWI volunteers


The people who make it happen; we are very grateful to the current AWI volunteers listed below:
  • Bob Anthony - President
  • Vivian Dole - iGROW
  • Bill Russell - Director
  • Anthony Schweizer - Chair
  • Calvin Place - Director, Winter Blues co-host
  • Chip Douglas - Director
  • Nadja Reilly, PhD - Consultant
  • John Seeler - PIP documentation
  • Roberta Boylen - Winter Blues co-host
  • Kathy Curley - St. Paul Religous Education Director
  • Rev. Pam Emslie - Village Church Youth Minister
  • Melisa Hughes - St. Bartholomew
  • Andrea Fidurko - St. Bartholomews
  • Lisa Siegel - iGROW
  • Melisa Hughes
  • Carrie Sandstrom - SADD mentor representative
  • iGROW teen mentors
  • Youth Advisory Board members
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