Automation Solution Helps US Fishing Lure Manufacturer Stay Competitive

A Fishing Lure manufacturer in the northwest stands committed to keeping their manufacturing in the U.S.  This means finding ways to automate in order to compete with the significantly lower wages offered overseas.
The new automated system will require 1 operator, freeing up 5 others to be reallocated to other more cost-effective processes.  

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November 6-9, 2016
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Vision Systems Design Article:

Packaging & Production: Smart camera-based system orients bottles prior to labelling

Food manufacturers use vision systems to increase productivity, ensure product quality, and check package integrity.
In many cases, containers must be correctly oriented before they can be labelled. This was the task faced by Harris Jones, Vice President of Engineering at Advanced Control Solutions when developing such a system for a well-known supplier of bottles of honey.
To correctly orient bottles as they move at speeds of 80 parts per minute on a production line, ACS has developed an automated vision system that employs two smart cameras and an illumination system that is used to both front and back light the bottles.

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SurfaceFX Live Webinar - October 20th

Join us for the SurfaceFX Product Launch Web-ex on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST.

In this 30 minute session we will introduce this exciting new Vision product which can highlight the smallest surface features to create contrast allowing our industry leading Vision tools to reliably inspect a part.
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Employee Spotlight: Harris Jones
Even after 18 years at ACS there is still a lot you probably don't know about Harris Jones.  

Like did you know he enjoys alligator hunting?  
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