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 Dear Neighbors,

For many months I have been working with my community, the Chicago Cubs, the Mayor's office and City departments on the Cubs' redevelopment proposal.


All along, it has been my mission as the elected representative of the 44th Ward to ensure that the final plans are as compatible as possible with the neighborhood and fit within the context of the greater Lakeview community. In my view, and that of my constituents, more community input is critical when dealing with a planned development that impacts residents' daily living and should provide them with greater protections.


Collectively we are making progress. As I requested in a June 26 letter, the Cubs have now agreed to discuss moving the entrance to the hotel from a purely residential street, Patterson, to Addison or Clark and have agreed that there will be no portico or beer garden over Patterson. As people saw last evening and heard at the hearing today, these are key issues for the residents of the area and their quality of life.


Dialogue must and will continue about the appropriateness and need for a bridge over Clark Street to connect the hotel to the office building. The Mayor and the Cubs have agreed that we will continue our discussions on this element. Finally, as I noted at the Commission on Landmarks meeting last week, I have assurances from the Mayor and the Cubs that there will be no additional outfield signs for many years to come.


Through months of negotiations and discussions, we now have arrived at the point where I have no objections to this project. I believe that working together we will have the modifications I noted above included in the plan before the City Council meeting next week.


Our community has achieved many goals and victories through this process. As this project becomes a reality in the coming years, there will be more issues and details to be debated. As the officials elected to represent the people of Lakeview, Mayor Emanuel and I will continue to be diligent in our oversight of this project.


I would like to thank Mayor Emanuel, Tom Ricketts, and the Cubs for continuing to work together with me on a plan for Wrigley Field and adjoining areas that accomplishes the overall goals of improving the Lakeview community while also providing the Cubs with the resources needed for a winning baseball team in a winning neighborhood.


The Cubs are an important and valued business stakeholder in my ward. Lakeview residents are proud that they call our neighborhood home. We are one of the most dynamic, vibrant neighborhoods in the city and look forward to hosting a World Series in the 44th Ward.





Alderman Tom Tunney





   Safety Update  


I met with members of the Chicago Police Department on Monday regarding this past weekend's string of robberies in Lakeview. The Police have made a number of arrests and two individuals in custody are believed to be connected to multiple robberies. 


I acknowledge that these are very serious incidents and I am working very closely with Commander Voulgaris, who is putting strategies in place to address these robberies.  These incidents primarily occur between Midnight-5am when patrons are leaving bars and victims have been targeted for their iPhone.  I will be meeting with business owners and the Police to address common sense safety initiatives with their customers.  We are also working closely with the 19th District entertainment detail who patrol the Belmont-Sheffield area, Clark Street, and Halsted, where many of these late night crimes occur.   We all need to be aware of our surroundings and be proactive by calling 911 with as much information as possible when you see someone behaving suspiciously or committing a crime.


If you have questions or information contact the 19th District CAPS Office:312-744-0064 or



Early morning robberies (Midnight-5am) continue to be an issue around our neighborhood, especially around the commercial streets and in alleys.  When walking home late, try to stay in well lit areas and make sure you are aware of your surroundings.  Possible criminals do not like when when they are noticed.  If you feel unsafe, trust your instincts.  Call 911 to report suspicious or aggressive behavior.

The next CAPS meeting for Beats 1923, 1925 & 1934 will be on Wednesday, August 7 at the 19th District Police Station (850 W. Addison) at 7:00pm


The next CAPS meeting for Beats 1924 & 1933 will be on Thursday, August 8 at Illinois Masonic Hospital (836 W. Wellington) at 7:00pm


You can report graffiti and street/alley lights out to our office at 773.525.6034 or

For more information on CAPS, please click here.

For more information on becoming a Court Advocate, please click here.


Pearl Jam and Jason Aldean Concert Information
July 19 & July 20
Wrigley Field  
  • Gates will open no earlier than two hours prior to each concert.
    • Pearl Jam will begin at approximately 7:30 pm
    • Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson will begin at 6:30 pm.


  • Performances will conclude by approximately 11 pm. 
  • Priority Towing will take place in all special areas designated as No Parking (Clark, Addison and Waveland).

  •  Vehicles parking in violation of parking regulations resulting in a public hazard, such as Bus Stops No Parking/Tow Zones, crosswalks, driveways, alleys, etc will be strictly enforced and are subject to Ticket & Tow.

  •  The Cubs Hotline will be open One Hour before until Two Hours after the concerts (1-866-4CPD TOW).


  •  During Pre & Post Concerts, at the discretion of the Police and/or OEMC, Addison between Racine and Halsted may be closed to vehicular traffic as a Public Safety measure. Traffic will then be rerouted North/South on Racine/Halsted. While this may be inconvenient, public safety is of the utmost importance.

  • "Hospitality Teams", an independent third party hired by the Chicago Cubs, will be throughout the neighborhood between 9pm and 1am. These individuals will provide a visible presence in the community and provide post concert crowd observation and incident response. Look for the team in bright yellow jerseys! Please remember, residents are encouraged to contact either the Night Game Hotline or 911 to report problems and issues.



Parking Restrictions for Friday 7/19 & Saturday 7/20


Clark - Both Sides- Cornelia to Addison

7/19 & 7/20 5pm-2am


Clark - East Side Only- Waveland to Irving Park

7/19 & 7/20 5pm-Midnight


Clark- West Side Only - Patterson to Addison

7/19 & 7/20 4pm-2am


Addison- South Side Only- Clark to Sheffield

7/19 & 7/20 5pm-2am


Addison- Both Sides- Sheffield to Wilton

7/19 & 7/20 5pm-2am


Street Closures for Set Up and Performance


Sheffield (Addison to Waveland) Full Street Closure (Except Fire Lane)

12:01 am on Monday, July 15th thru Monday July 22nd.


Waveland (Sheffield to Clark) north side Parking Lane

12:01 am on Monday, July 15th thru Monday July 22nd.


Waveland (Sheffield to Clark) South Side- Sidewalk

7/19 and 7/20


Waveland (Sheffield to Clark) Full Street Closure (Except Fire Lane)

7/19 and 7/20


Blue Lot Parking

Residents must remove their vehicles from the Blue Lot by NOON on Wednesday 7/17

and may return on Tuesday 7/23 at Noon. Vehicles not removed in a timely manner will be towed by Lincoln Towing.

What to Expect as Concert Setup/Takedown Takes Place


July 15th thru July 18th - Stage and Ballpark Setup

  • Trucks, Crane(s), Forklift(s), etc will beginning lining up on Waveland at approximately 7am (7/15) and proceed to Sheffield where they will be unloaded and move materials into the Ballpark.


  • Throughout the week, Wrigley Field will be transformed into a concert venue with the installation of staging, sound and lighting equipment. Seating areas will be added to Field.


  • The Field Lights at Wrigley Field may be on throughout the week as the Concert Setup/Takedown takes place.  The ballpark will try to minimize the use of field lights after 10 pm on July 15th thru 17th.


July 18th - Sound and Lighting Checks

Sounds and Lighting checks will occur during the evening of July 18th.  They are anticipated to be completed by 10 pm.


July 19th and 20th - Performance by Pearl Jam begins at approximately 7:30pm on Friday 7/19 and the performance by Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson begins at approximately 6:30pm on Saturday 7/20. Gates will open 2 Hours prior to the show


July 20th thru July 22nd


  • Trucks, Crane(s), Forklift(s), etc will beginning lining up on Waveland at approximately 9pm where they will be loaded as materials are removed from the Ballpark.


  • Trucks will be in the neighborhood as stage is torn down. All work should be complete no later than noon on Monday, July 22nd.

Notice to All 44th Ward Residents


Peoples Gas is legally required by Federal Safety Standards established by the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act, to inspect all natural gas meters.


If you receive a letter from Peoples Gas requesting a gas meter safety inspection, schedule an appointment on line at or by calling 866-556-6001.


Peoples Gas will inspect the natural gas service pipe from the point of entry into the building to the gas meter and the gas meter itself, to ensure all inside gas piping and equipment owned by Peoples Gas is operating safely and properly.


This inspection will take 10 to 15 minutes for a single meter.


To read about natural gas safety inspections frequently asked questions please go to


Always remember do not let anyone in your home unless they have an appointment and always ask to see their Peoples Gas employee identification badge.


July 18, 2013
Safety Update
Pearl Jam and Jason Aldean Concert Information
Parking Restrictions and Street Closures for Wrigley Field Concerts
What to Expect as Concert Setup/Takedown Occurs
Southport Sidewalk Sale
Clark Street Task Force
Notice to All 44th Ward Residents
Property Fraud Alert

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CAPS Meetings

Beats 1923, 1925 & 1934
Wednesday, August 7
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19th District Police Station
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Beats 1924 & 1933
Thursday, August 8
7:00-8:00 pm
Illinois Masonic Hospital
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