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Feed Your Soul
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"The Power of Perception"

Isaiah 40:28-1

As I stated last Sunday, sharing is a powerful and ever dwindling art.  It isn't, however gone, as some would have us think.  Everybody has feelings about something.  Everybody has events in their lives that have shaped who they are.  Everyone has opinions and more often than not, opinions are shared and opinions are certainly part of our shared story.  What changes lives, however, is when we choose to take a stand and then take action as responses to those opinions.  Opinions are dangerous things; need to be well thought out, researched and then offered.  But it's only the beginning.   But how do we recognize those needed areas of focus?  What do we do then?  What is it that grounds us in that work?  Jesus told a consistent story and it is the foundation for ours.  So how do our stories, our concerns, our actions combine at Aldersgate with the story told some 2,000 years ago?  Should they?   Of course they should, and we'll explore more specifics this week as to the why's and how's.  It begins for us with Jesus. 
Ministry News

Olson Memorial Service
Saturday, August 27 @ 2:00pm 
There will be a Memorial Service for Seiko Olson on Saturday, August 27 at 2:00pm. Seiko and her husband Bob have been members of Aldersgate since 1994.  Please plan to attend and support the family during this difficult time.

Ministry Fair
Sunday, September 11 
The Ministry Fair is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 11, after both worship services.  It showcases all the opportunities to learn, grow and serve at Aldersgate.  If you lead a ministry team, interest group, or church event, now is the time to start planning your display table.  To reserve a table, please sign up on Sunday's attendance form, or email  Rick Wilson, or leave him a note in his church mailbox.

Old Testament Stories
Starts September 14
From September 2016 thru June 2017, Pastor Brad will teach a class about the Old Testament stories and the truths they hold that are still relevant to us today. Our focus will be on God throughout Old Testament history. God seems to change in these stories, but the question is why and how? 

Many of us grew up with Old Testament stories, but did we really understand them?  Why are they in the Bible?   We will explore these ancient stories to understand the truths that are as relevant for us today as they were when they were originally told around the campfires by this wandering tribe of Hebrews.  These stories  contain elements that can teach us, guide us and particularly remind us.  They offer us a glimpse, not only into history, but into theology -  the study of God, of humanity and the relationship between the two.   To begin, this Fall we will visit the stories about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the Tower of Babel, Noah and the Ark, Samson and Delilah, Joshua and Jericho, Ruth and Naomi, and even the one book in the Bible that never mentions the name of God: Esther.  

The class starts on September 14 meeting weekly on Wednesdays  from 10:00-11:30am and also from 7:00-8:30pm; same class at two different times. Everyone is welcome.

Aldersgate Common Table 
Monday, September 19 
You are invited to the Common Table on September 19 at 7:00pm.  This gathering is for everyone who wants to have a voice in the life of the church.  It is a place to raise new ideas for the church and to hear what is happening on the ministry teams.  If you have an idea, please fill out this Common Table proposal form and email it to Jenny Andrews by September 12. 

New Programs Starting This FALL @ Aldersgate 
Brought to you by Children & Family Ministries
Club 345 - C lub 345 is a 'youth group-like' fellowship opportunity for all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  Club 345 will meet monthly on (usually) the second Sunday of the month. This program will consist of parents / congregation members hosting each month. Each meeting will start with 2nd Sunday Dinner (with the Youth) at  5:00pm .  After dinner, from 6-7:30pm, the Club 345er's will break off to play games, do craft projects, or other fun activities before ending the night with Pow, Wow, and Hows.  CLICK HERE to sign up to Host a Club 345  or talk to Jen Hoerber.
2nd Sunday  Dinners for Club 345 and Youth Gathering around the dinner table is special, maybe even magical. Somehow it relaxes us and a deeper connection can happen. Stories are shared and laughter usually erupts causing a comfort and reliability between those around the table. This connection is essential in our kids and youth. They are faced with a level of stress, busy-ness, and social pressures that is higher than ever before.  That is why 2nd Sunday  Dinners is a new program for both our Club 345 and Youth Group programs. Dinners will be served once a month for all of our Club 345 and Youth Group participants at 5:00pm before their fellowship time from  6-7:30pm .  Want to support this program?  Grab a friend or two and sign up to a host a monthly dinner.  CLICK HERE to sign up or talk to Jen Hoerber. 
Parenting Forum Series @ Aldersgate -  As we focus on family, it is important for us to reach out to parents.  We will focus on a few topics that are important to parents and offer information, support and encouragement all rooted in Christian love and faith.  These will be open to the community and held in the evening.  Childcare will be available when arranged in advance.  If you'd like to support these efforts, please contact Jen Hoerber. Assistance with logistics and hospitality will both be needed. 
    October, Tuesday the 18th:  Protecting Your Kids from
                    becoming 'At Risk'  with speaker Pastor Brad Beeman
    February: 'Talking to Your Kids about the World We Live In' 
    May:  'Social Media & Your Kids' or 'Promoting a Healthy
Flower Calendar  
Commemorate a special person or a special event with flowers.  PLEASE sign up to provide altar flowers in September and October.  Your dedication will appear in the bulletin.  Provide your own flowers or the ladies on the Flower Committee will provide an arrangement for $35.  The flower calendar is located across from the church office.
Fun Events

Summer Hike
August 27 
The last summer hike is Saturday morning on August 27 on the Twin Falls Trail. Everyone is welcome! Meet at the trailhead at 9am.  To reach the trailhead, drive east on I-90 to exit 34.  Turn right at the end of the exit ramp, and proceed a little more than half a mile to SE 159th Street. Continue another half mile to the Twin Falls Trailhead.   You will need a Discover Pass, or pay a fee to park.
Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
Youth Group continues through the summer on  Sunday evenings from  6:00-8:00pm.   All youth from 6th-12th grade are welcome.     If you have any questions about the youth program, contact Pastor Brad or Jen Hoerber.  Here are some upcoming events:
*August 28 - Youth Group 6:00-8:00pm.   Join us for Kickball - Youth vs Parents & Sib!
*Sept. 4 - No Youth Group - Holiday weekend .

Club 345 (3rd, 4th, 5th Grade)
September 18
This fellowship group for kids in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade meets once a month.  It starts with dinner at 5:00pm, followed by games, crafts and other fun activities from 6:00-7:30pm.  Club 345 meets on September 18.
Outreach & Missions World

Habitat for Humanity
InterFaith Build  
Save the dates.  This year the Habitat for Humanity InterFaith Build will be October 6-8 and October 13-15 in Sammamish.  Stay turned for more information.

News from Grace Boarding
     Grace Boarding co-founder, Ponchai, and his wife, Naw Gea, visited at the end of the school year and oversaw some facility improvements including the expansion of the water supply system.
       Also during their visit, three students formally accepted Jesus into their hearts and were baptized into the body of Christ! 
       Currently the students sleep on mats on the floor. The staff have requested and we have agreed that it is time to upgrade to beds. The beds will be constructed by our local carpenter and neighbor, Robert, and will cost approximately $60 each for labor and materials. If you would like to sponsor a bed for one of the students you can donate to Grace Boarding via check specifying Grace Boarding to Aldersgate UMC or via Paypal at

Food Bank 5000 Challenge
Back in April the children learned about the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and how everyone's small donation of food to the food bank helps to feed many people.  The kids decided to challenge the congregation to donate 5000 food items.  The smiley face chart hanging in the hallway helps us visualize what 5000 actually looks like.  Please bring in food items and color in a smiley face for each food item to track our progress.  You can see we are more than half way to our goal. 
Prayer List   

People Who Passed Away  
*Seiko Olson, church member since 1994. 
      A memorial service is planned  for August 27 at 2:00pm.
*Marvin & Norma's daughter Karen
       A memorial service is planned for October 2.
*Jenny Andrews' mother Valerie

People with Health Concerns
*Garnet Ormsby's brother George
*Betty Fredeen's friends Hannah and Pearl
*Geri and John Martinsen's friends Skip and Judith

Additional Prayers 
*Missionary Katherine Parker
*Geri and John Martinsen's son Rod
Submit prayer requests to Dorothy Bennett, the Prayer Chain Coordinator, or fill out a pew prayer card or contact the church office.  Prayer requests will  stay on the Prayer Chain for about 3 weeks.  Please contact Dorothy or the church office with an update if you want the request to be prayed for longer.  
All prayer requests will appear in the church newsletters unless you specifically request otherwise.