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Mar 16
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Mar 18-20
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Mar 19
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Mar 20
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Mar 21
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Mar 23
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Mar 24
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Mar 25
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Mar 26
Easter Egg-stravaganza
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Mar 27
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Mar 30
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Apr 5
Young at Heart Potluck
Apr 9
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Apr 17
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Apr 20
Jesus Study Resumes
Apr 26
UMW Spring Salad Supper
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To bring a project, program or fundraiser idea to the Aldersgate Common Table for consideration, please fill out the  ACT PROPOSAL FORM  


For an explanation of the Core Leadership Team and a description of the Aldersgate Common Table, CLICK HERE.

Feed Your Soul
See today's devotional from the Upper Room.   CLICK HERE

"Jesus Throughout History"
"What Defined Him? What Defines Us   "

 Luke 4:14-21

This Sunday
After the Wedding at Cana last week we turn our attention to what Jesus meant about the hungry, thirsty, naked and prisoner.  In one of the more bold moves he goes home to Nazareth, is invited to preach, opens the scriptures and chooses to read from Isaiah 61.  It's vitally important that we understand why; why this scripture, why in his home town, why these words, and why he talks about the prophesy being fulfilled in him.  So many of us in Mainline churches see this scripture reference as defining.  That being the case, maybe it's time to understand it more deeply.  It will also set up the sermon for a week from Sunday as we explore the political arena.  So let's explore Jesus in his hometown this Sunday, and why the overwhelming negative response to his bold statement.   We'll talk openly about what it may mean for us particularly as we also prepare for a week from Sunday.  To prepare read Luke 4:14 - 21.  Then for extra credit take a look at Isaiah 61:1 - 62:2.  
Ministry News
Vote for the UMW Award Winner   
ATTENTION previous UMW Special Mission award recipients:  If you have received this award in the past, you are eligible to vote on this year's nominees.   Your last chance to vote is February 28 in the Family Room adjacent to the sanctuary.

Reception Help Needed
Craig Petre's memorial service will be at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 19th.  We need volunteers to help with the reception: to set up and to clean up, and to prep and serve the food and beverages.  We also need donations of cookies.  If you can help, please contact Lea Fox.

2016 Budget Approved
We are happy to report that the Core Leadership Team approved a budget of $518,084 for 2016.  We do show a slight deficit but we are a faithful people.  The Stewardship Team will be working toward a year-round campaign to increase the pledged and identified giving amounts as well as the kitchen remodel funding.  Click Here to see the budget.  Also we thank our staff, lay leaders and the Finance Team for creating this budget.  Their leadership and guidance in our faith community is greatly appreciated.   We thank God for the abundance he has given us and we pray that we use the resources wisely.  May we continue to live out our mission of "Faith, Love, Health, and Service" in 2016.  If you have questions about the budget contact Melinda Lilley.

Singers Needed
Allen Leslie, the Director of Music here at Aldersgate, has some real concerns regarding the second service Chancel Choir and it's viability moving forward. Recently we've lost some longtime members due to health concerns (and many others over the years) and we are not seeing an equal number of individuals stepping up to take their places. The choir is shrinking when we would prefer to see it grow.   Please if you have sung with us before or have thought about joining the Chancel Choir as your stewardship commitment to the church, now is the time to make that commitment. We really need folks who can commit to a once a week Wednesday evening rehearsal. Your level of musicianship will grow with the group over time. Please joining to preserve this Aldersgate tradition!

Sunday School Update
Through Easter Children's Sunday School will be studying Holy Week and Easter from Matthew 21:1-11; 27:32-66; 28:1-10.  When Jesus traveled to Jerusalem, the city was bursting at the seams with Jews from all over the world.  They had come to the holy city to observe and celebrate the Passover.  The Passover is the great feast in which Jews recall how God delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt and led them through the wilderness into the Promised Land.

Sunday School Planning/Training
March 13 at 10:00am
There will be a planning/training meeting between services for our Sunday School Expansion program .   We hope to expand from a one room classroom to a multi-age Sunday school program after Easter.    The breakdown would be:
    3 years olds - Kindergarten Class
    1st - 4th grade Class
    5th - 8th grade Tween Class
There are many benefits to this change in our children's  Sunday  school program.  One being the ability to offer a more meaningful and challenging curriculum for each age level. There are already teams forming, but we need a few more members to allow us to fully fill the teams and have another substitute or two who would be able to step in if no one from the teams are able to teach  one week.     If you are at all interested, curious or wondering at all about  Sunday  School, please join us at the meeting on Sunday, March 13 at 10:00am.

Fun Events

Family Fun Night
Friday, February 26, 6:00-9:00pm
Invite your friends and neighbors for a casual night of music, games and food. Roger Ingalls and his band "Inner Voices" and the Aldersgate Ensemble will be our musical entertainment for the night!      Bring a game and food to share!    Please make sure your food is completely prepped and ready to serve since we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Remember . . .Friends + Games + Music + Food = FUN!

UMW Spring Salad Supper
Tuesday, April 26
All women of the church are encouraged to save the evening of Tuesday, April 26, for the Spring Salad Supper.   This year we'll be enjoying an evening of antiques and collectibles appraisal by Debbie Mallory, local owner of The Sophisticated Swine, Antiques and Collectibles Appraisal and Estate Sales. Be checking out your attic for treasures to bring.   No gems, please. More information to follow.

Vacation Bible School
Aldersgate VBS 2016 will be held the week of July 25th!  If you would like to sign up or at least discuss the possibility of being a station leader or group leader, please let Jen know.  We are starting to get some key volunteers, so we can continue the planning process together. 
Easter Egg Activities
Keep those plastic eggs and candy rolling in!  We are needing about 1000 eggs for all of our events!
  • Egg-stravaganza -  March 26th, 10:00am-noon.  This is a community Easter event geared for young children.  We are looking for adult and youth to help with the different craft and game stations. Also, if you have any rolls of duct tape (okay if used), we need some for one of our crafts and would love for you to donate.
  • Tween Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt  -  March 26th, 7:00pm - ???. This is a community Easter event geared for kids ages 10 and up)  We need adult volunteers to help with the ice cream sundae bar and Easter egg hunt following.
  • Easter Sunday  we will be hosting a special Kid's Club during the 8:50am service with an Easter Egg hunt at 10:15am.  It would be great to have some youth volunteers to hide Easter eggs and to assist during Kid's Club activities.
Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
All youth from 6th-12th grade are welcome.  If you have any questions about the youth program, contact Pastor Brad.  Here are some upcoming events:
February 28  Youth Group at 6:00pm
March 6     Youth Group at 6:00pm
March 13  Youth Group at 6:00pm
March 20   No Youth Group due to SUMYT Retreat Weekend
March 27   No Youth Group due to Easter  Sunday

Youth - Let's go to SUMYT  
March 18-20
We are excited to announce that we have 10 youth going to SUMYT this year.   We would LOVE to have another chaperone and also a couple drivers to take the kids to camp and home afterwards.  Please let Jen know if you are interested. 

Outreach & Missions World
Sophia Way Story
The Sophia Way is an agency in Bellevue that  assists women from homelessness to independence which Aldersgate supports financially and in other ways by individuals in the congregat ion.  The Sophia Way is dedicated to helping end homelessness for single adult wo men in King County. They help them transition from homelessness to stable independent living by offering them critical resources that they need to start a new life. They offer them shelter, safety and stability. Their trained and compassionate staff counsel and teach them life-skills, encouraging them to set small goals and supporting them at each step.  Please Click Here to rea d one of the letters from             a  Sophia Way client.  

Habitat for Humanity Luncheon
Tuesday March 22 , will be the Habitat for Humanity Luncheon from noon to 1:00pm at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.  Come join the other Aldersgaters and hear about the work that Habitat does to provide affordable housing.  Please sign up on Sunday's attendance form or contact Dave Sanford or Darrell Lowe.  

Prayer List   

People Who Mourn
*Betty Fredeen's sister Donna passed away.
*Sadly we announce that Craig Petre passed away.  He was a member at Aldersgate since April 1980.  His memorial service will be March 19 at 1:00pm.

People with Health Concerns
*Andy Luedke's grandpa Norm and Andy's parents
*Giny Truscott's friend John
*Dave Maybee
*Robert Brawn
*Carol Cubilie's son Tim
*Cindy Wheeler
*Betty Fredeen

Additional Prayers 
*Missionary Katherine Parker
*Nita & Zane Daniel
*Jeff & Cindy Wheeler
*Candace McKenzie's daughter's in-laws
Submit prayer requests to Dorothy Bennett, the Prayer Chain Coordinator, or fill out a pew prayer card or contact the church office.  Prayer requests will  stay on the Prayer Chain for about 3 weeks.  Please contact Dorothy or the church office with an update if you want the request to be prayed for longer.  
All prayer requests will appear in the church newsletters unless you specifically request otherwise.