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Jan 14
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Jan 26
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SUMYT Spaghetti Fundraising Dinner
Feb 6
Young at Heart Potluck
Feb 7
Gospel of John Class Resumes
Feb 10
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Feb 11
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Feb 14
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Series  Life Savers

Scripture LessonJohn 10:7-10

Sermon:   "Jesus as the Gate?
Gate to What?


This Sunday
So gates they keep things in or keep them out?  I remember on the ranches I worked early on in my life, one of the first rules was to never...ever...leave a gate open.  You just don't do it.  In many cases the gate fills two needs.  It keeps things in and keeps things out.  The gate that initially came to mind was from the first "`Jurassic Park" movie.  The gate was huge, intimidating, with red and green warning lights, and huge electrical cables across to top.  There are all manner of gates, small, large, rustic, beautiful, electrified and gentrified.  So why, then, does Jesus utilize the term as he describes himself? This scripture, among the first of the "I Am" statements, is about life and even life saving.  It is about keeping some from harm, but it's also about opening to something new, something more, a life that is truly alive.  That's the gate metaphor; moving on a certain path that takes us from something behind into something ahead.  Jesus is the entry point to a life and a world that is transformed, alive again, and brings life in a new and vibrant way.  So we will examine gates today; what is to be kept in and what is to be kept out.  And just a quick reminder; in the time of Jesus, it was believed that God was separated from the people by a massive leather curtain, unaccessible in any and every way.  Jesus then makes this statement of being the gate to something on the other side; a new understanding of God as relational, not distant.  According to Jesus, abundant life is no longer due to dead sacrifices.  It's about being filled, ignited, by God and God's love.  And, by the way, I'll be utilizing another life-saving device to examine much of this.  To prepare please read John 10: 7-10.

~~~ Pastor Brad
Rock Chinese Church
Shares Our Sanctuary Beginning January 7, 2018
At the November Common Table we announced that Rock Chinese Church had been granted the use of a classroom on Friday mornings for English as a Second Language (ESL)/Communication Classes starting  January 5th. In addition, at the end of the year, the Core Leadership Team voted to grant Rock Chinese Church's request for the use of the Sanctuary on Sundays for worship from 1:00-3:00pm starting on January 7th including the use of the Nursery or a preschool classroom for early childhood education.   Read here for more information about Rock Chinese Church and what the Core Leaders approved.   This is a covenanted partnership between our two churches which effectively takes Christ "Beyond Our Doors" and makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact  Joe Lee or Pastor Brad.
SUMYT Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
February 3
If you didn't know, the SUMYT team, is a youth-lead group that plans the SUMYT youth retreat in March. The team is a place where people can make friends, have fun and develop leadership skills. Since there is no budget in the church conference for the team to plan the SUMYT retreat and we have no big source of funds other than registration fees, the team has decided to host a Spaghetti Dinner at Aldersgate UMC on Saturday February 3rd from 5:00-7:00pm to raise additional funds. At the dinner there will be great food, entertainment from SUMYT alumni, a slide show, and a dessert auction, where we will be auctioning off donated desserts. Tickets are $8 for 1 and $20 for 3, and we would be more than happy to take a donation if spaghetti isn't your thing, because it goes toward a really good cause. For more information and to buy a ticket, talk to any of the SUMYT representatives at Aldersgate: Bryce Swearingen, Alison Kirkman, Elyse Browder, and Jacob Yormark.  If you would like to donate a dessert, please email Bryce Swearingen.
Finance Volunteers Retire
Some of our faithful volunteers have retired.  Linda Reichenbach has served as the Aldersgate Financial Secretary for the last  seven year  and it is now time for her to move on to other worthwhile endeavors.   Also, Benny Biesmans, Gerry Cherry and Ted Snyder are retiring as offering counters after many years of service . We are grateful for their hard work and faithful dedication to the job.   
New Finance Secretary
Wendi Brick, the church office manager, has taken over Linda's job as the Financial Secretary.  You can contact her with your questions about your 2017 contribution statement which will be sent to you before the end of January.  Please continue to use the existing Financial Secretary email address:
Offering Counters Needed
We have a need for 1-2 more people to help count the offering once every 4-6 weeks.  There are already four counters, Al Allot, Dorothy Bennett, Gayle Kreek and Wilma Tucker  (Thank you very much!!!), but we could use one or two others to add to the rotation or work as a substitute.  The counter works with the Finance Secretary (Wendi Brick) to count the offering which involves sorting  checks, counting cash, using an adding machine, and reviewing reports with Wendi.  It takes about an hour.  If you are interested, please contact Wendi in the church office.
YAHs Volunteers Needed
We need more volunteers to help plan the next Young at Heart potluck in February or March.  We have two people on the planning team but need 4 more people.  The YAHs Potluck is for retired folks, empty nesters and "wannabees".  If you come to the dinners, please take a turn to help plan one.  Contact Beth Sanford if you can help.  If we don't get enough volunteers to help plan, then the YAHs Potluck will be cancelled until May.
Liturgists Needed
Aldersgate Brothers and Sisters - Please consider becoming a liturgist. Openings are available to all who wish to assist proclaiming the Word by reading at first or second service. Training will be provided. Sign up on Sunday's attendance form or contact Joe -  / 425-281-1250.
Lost & Found
Have you lost an umbrella, serving dish, or coffee mug?  Please check out the Lost & Found table in the narthex and claim your stuff.  Unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill at the end of the month.
Play an Instrument?
 If you play a band or orchestra instrument and would like to play occasionally just for the fun of it, come join the Aldersgate Instrumental Ensemble which performs 3-4 times per year. They rehearse once a month on the 3rd Tuesday and the next rehearsal is Tuesday, January 16 at 7:00pm. Contact is Rick Wilson.
Bible Sunday - Date Change
Sunday, January 21
We will celebrate the tradition of presenting Bibles to our 3rd graders as a gift from the congregation on January 21 during worship. It is our prayer that this gift will honor our children's growing faith development and enhance their faith with God's word.   If your child is in third grad and would like to receive his or her Bible, contact Jen Hoerber.. 
Gospel of John Class
February 7
The Wednesday class on the Gospel of John taught by Pastor Brad will resume on February 7.  We will commence with chapter 6.  This class is offered at two different times, in the morning from 10:00-11:30am and also in the evening from 7:00-8:30pm - same class at two different times.  The weekly study is divided into three parts and runs through June with some breaks around the holidays.  Yes, the study will build week to week, but every week will also stand on its own, so missing a few weeks her and there will be OK.  Everyone is welcome!
Resource Library News
Bob Olson's latest poem has been added to Aldersgate Poems , which is displayed on the library mobile cart.  A copy of "Jesus Wept...Jesus Smiled" is found on page 150.
Considering Becoming a Reconciling Congregation
CRC Bible Study Starts Sunday  (Considering Becoming a Reconciling Congregation)
Starting Sunday, the pastors will offer a series of Bible studies for anyone interested in participating. For each of three weeks, a series of six studies per week will engage with Scripture passages that have traditionally been interpreted to mean that homosexuality is not compatible with Christian teaching and Scripture passages that have been interpreted in the opposite way. There is no need to attend more than one session per week as all six sessions will address the same passages.  Please bring a journal, a pen, and your Bible.
Bible Study Dates (all sessions will last approximately 90 minutes):
  • Sunday January 14, 21, and 28 at 12:30pm, child care available, both Pastor Brad and Pastor Laura co-lead, bring a bag lunch and lunch for your children who are staying for child care.
  • Sunday January 21 and 28 at 5:00pm Pastor Brad and Pastor Laura will co-lead these sessions, intended to include youth and families of youth
  • Wednesday January 17, 24, 31 at 10:00am Pastor Brad will lead.
  • Wednesday January 17, 24, 31 at 7:00pm, Pastor Brad will lead.
  • Thursday January 18, 25, and Feb. 1 at 7:00am with pancakes prepared by Dave Carver, Pastor Laura will lead.
  • Thursday January 18, 25, and Feb. 1 at 4:00pm - these sessions are family friendly for families who have children they wish to include in the conversation. Pastor Laura will lead.
Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.  All youth in 6th-12th grade are welcome.  If you have questions about the youth program, contact  Jen Hoerber.  Here are some upcoming events:
*Jan. 14 - Dinner, 5:00pm, Youth Group, 6:00-7:30pm
*Jan. 21 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
*Jan. 26 - Bingo Night, 6:30-8:00pm
*Jan. 28 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
Youth SUMYT Retreat
Aldersgate Youth are going to SUMYT!  SUMYT is a youth retreat that is put on by the Seattle United Methodist Youth Team!   (Did you know Aldersgate has 4 youth on the SUMYT team and 1 adult helping to plan this amazing retreat!)  The retreat is at Camp Indianola on Friday, March 16th through Sunday, March 18th.   This year's theme is "Under Construction."  We will have a fun-filled weekend exploring what it means to be a work in progress, growing in love, community and faith. All youth should contact Jen Hoerber with questions and get registered online soon!   The website to register is When you register you should c hose the pay later option as the church will pay a portion of the $120 registration fee.

You've seen them at church. Adults that look peaceful and happy when they pray. That kid that knows all of the answers to the questions in Sunday school. That kid that comes up with prayers at youth group that are so good, you think your pastor should take notes! And then there's the during-service knitters, nappers, texters and the bulletin doodlers. The four-year olds that already know "Jesus" is the right answer to every question your pastor asks and the adults that go to Bible study with your parents. They are young and not-so-young and just like you, they are: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  Every one of us, from the youngest youth to the most mature adult is a work in progress. Our relationships with God, our families and friends don't just magically happen - they are built on foundations of respect, trust and love. And those relationships need regular maintenance in order to thrive. Nobody is born with it all figured out-we learn how to be examples of God's love through the ups and downs of our relationships with others.
Club 345 (3rd~4th~5th Grade)
January 14
Kids in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades meet once a month on Sunday evening for food and a fun activity. 
The next meeting will be January 14 from 5:00pm - 7:30pm.   Contact is Jen Hoerber,
Family Bingo Night
Friday, January 26
Get ready to shout BINGO on Friday, January 26 from 6:30-8:00pm at this family friendly night of fun. Each person will get two cards for each of 6 games of Bingo with 'prizes' and some entertainment too. Please donate an item for the prize table between now and January 24, like that duplicate Christmas present or the one that just doesn't fit your style! Also please bring a snack to share. Contact is Jen Hoerber.
Crossroads Feeding Program Update
 Happy New Year to All and a very big thank you to everyone who participated in the Crossroads Feeding Program by so generously donating food and serving food last year. Your time, service and donations were greatly appreciated!  On the 4th Tuesday of the month, Aldersgate partners with the Salvation Army to provide and serve dinner.   If you wish to provide food or serve food, the calendar and sign-up for this year is now posted:  Please contact Melinda Lilley, with questions. Thank for your continued support of this outreach ministry. 
Missionary in Nepal
We received another n ewsletter from Katherine Parker, Board of Global Missions Missionary to Nepal who Aldersgate helps to support.  Her newsletter explains that she is available for conversations via Skype on a number of subjects ( listed below) that might interest your Sunday school class, small group or mission/outreach team.    Click here for Katherine 's latest newsletter and ways to contact her.

Katherine writes:

T here is a lot of different work going on here in Nepal. Here are several topics that I'm ready to talk about at a drop of a hat:
  • Status and role of women in Nepal, with reference to marriage (buhari experience), menstrual purity, gender-based violence and how women are organizing for change;
  • Maternal & Child health, especially nutrition and safe motherhood (expansion of the Imagine No Malaria campaign as it is being implemented in Nepal);
  • Child & Adolescent empowerment for social change in rural Nepal with reference to child labor and education opportunities;
  • What is community transformation? ...the underlying theory and theology of development ministries;
  • Drinking water quality and a participatory approach to research;
  • An overview of projects being implemented in Rukum District including work in the above and also sustainable livelihoods (vegetable seeds, fish and apple farming), mental health, sanitation and hygiene, advocacy and rehabilitation with persons with disabilities
SEATAC UMC District Workshop: Toward a New Urban Strategy
Saturday, January 27 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
This day of workshops is a great opportunity to meet others working in churches around the newly formed Sea-Tac district and learn from what other churches do, as well as get a sense for the direction the district is heading. It is open to everyone and carpools are possible. The keynote speaker will be Jason Byassee. Byassee is the author of several books including "Trinity: The God We Don't Know," and most recently "Faithful and Fractured with Dr. Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell."  Other workshops will include an SPRC enrichment time on clergy mental health, and sessions on Urban Discipleship, Urban Strategies for Families, Community Organizing, Earth Justice, Contemplative Prayer, and Interfaith Partnerships. Pastor John Helmiere from Valley and Mountain in Hillman City will share a teaching on Table Turning Theology. Lunch will be provided.  Questions? Please email

Saturday, January 27 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
Registration fee: $20
Register via Eventbrite HERE
People Who Mourn
*Flo Monkman's brother-in-law Jim passed away.  Please pray for his wife Lou (Flo's sister) and family.

People with Health Concerns
*Dan & Jo Wallis's friend Marta
*Bob Olson's friend Yon Suk
*Janet Martin's husband Ron
*Michelle Joyce's co-worker's son Miguel
*Sue Black
*Bev Allott

Additional Prayers
*Missionary Katherine Parker, Bob Olson's friends in Haiti.

To submit a prayer request to the Prayer Chain, email Dorothy Bennet t, the Prayer Chain Coordinator.  You can also fill out a pew prayer card on Sunday and put it in the offering plate, or you can contact the church office with your prayer request.   All prayer requests will appear in the church newsletters unless you request otherwise.