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Many Thanks!
Garnet Ormsby wishes to express her sincere thanks to all the folks from Aldersgate who have blessed her with their prayers, cards, flowers and visits.  Your gestures of kindness and concern are very much appreciated.
  Scripture Lesson:  John 5:19-30         
  Sermon :  "The Apprentice - The True Nature of 
                    Quality Reality TV  ( T eaching V irtues)"
This Sunday
Apprenticeship is a word that seems lost in history (okay, other than reality TV).  It's essential for us to revisit the word as we explore Jesus, the church, and each of us.  This Sunday we hear about Jesus and his relationship with, and the business of, his "Father."  But what in the world does that mean?  Why the term, "Father?"  Really, it's because the expectation of that time was that the father taught the sons the trades that would support their lives and families.  For most of his life, Jesus had learned the building trade from his father Joseph.  After Joseph died, Jesus passed that knowledge on to his younger brothers.  As builders they would have learned a wide variety of skills, from working with wood, with stone, with bricks and creating agricultural tools.  Given the complexity of the skills needed, Jesus would have spent much of his time training his brothers.  At his baptism by John the Baptist, all of that changed.  From there we see a shift in focus of his life, yet little shift in the ways he took it on.  It is still about being trained, being an apprentice, and then passing those skills on to less experienced workers.  It's still about building but a different kind.  But what is that trade?  Who is the teacher?  What's our trade?  Who was and is our teacher?  We'll explore all of this at worship on Sunday.  To prepare please read John 5: 19-30 
~~~ Pastor Brad
Pastor's Blog
Rev. Laura Baumgartner

I've been reflecting on the Common Table event last week and the remarks that were shared during the State of the Church part of the agenda by Brad, Melinda, Jen, Dorothy, and Robbin. I was struck by the way that each of the speakers was able to weave together the good news of ministry well done with signs of hope and challenge for the future we seek to enter together with God's Spirit guiding us. Brad sketched for us a big picture that included multiple ways that we are connected with our community. He challenged us to live into an even more connected, even more creative future. Jen helped us see a children, youth, and family program that has grown from only a few children to over 60 who attend regularly. She challenged us to continue to find ways for intergenerational enrichment and collaboration. Dorothy described a pre-school bursting at the seams with families from many countries speaking many languages. She challenged us to enrich our lives and the lives of the children by being a regular presence in this mission field. Robbin described the initial formation of the team designing a process so that Aldersgate can decide whether to become a Reconciling Congregation. She cast a vision of a process that will include all voices and address the concerns that those voices raise as we seek to move in the fullness of time toward the decision that we are called to make at this time, whatever decision that is.

These statements of hope and challenge inspired me. I continue to be inspired by them and by all of you. I summed up this part of the agenda with my recommendations about our next steps. I suggested that we move forward in dialogue, discipleship, and discernment. I pray that this series of hopes and challenges, these next steps that I suggested, and the vision for our future is as inspirational to you as it is to me. I pray these things in the name of the ever-moving, ever-envisioning, ever-creative, and ever-loving Spirit of God. 
Your CRC Team Wants You!
( C onsidering becoming a R econciling C ongregation)

Our commitment:
  •  To value all concerns, ideas, suggestions and questions that are brought to us.
  •  To share all of the most reliable information we can on all sides of this issue.
  •  To create a safe space for people to share their thoughts and ideas. You are all members of our beloved family, and we value what you have to say.
  •  To take as long with this process as is needed to ensure the entire congregation is fully informed and comfortable having their say.
Please be part of the conversation. Be part of the committee, or bring us your thoughts.  Every member of our church family has inestimable worth, and that means you.  So please, let your light shine!
Question Boxes
The CRC Team, which is designing a process for considering whether it's time for Aldersgate to join the Reconciling Congregations Network, welcomes your questions. There is a box in the Narthex for your questions and also an electronic question submission form at We will check the boxes at least once a week, then research and make public the answers we find. Questions can be anonymous or you can put your name on it, as you wish. 
REMINDER @ Crossroads Thanksgiving Dinner
Just a reminder to all those youth and families that are volunteering to help at the Crossroads Thanksgiving Dinner, please arrive at the Crossroads Community Center by 5:15pm and plan to stay until 7:45pm .  Your help is greatly appreciated!
Wheelbarrows Needed
The church could use a couple more wheelbarrows.  If you have one that you no longer use, please donate it to the church.  Contact is Dave Carver.
Worship Service @ 10:00am
Sunday, November 26
There will be only one worship service  at 10:00am on Sunday, November 26 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Cluster Charge Conference
December 13
On December 13 at 7:00pm at St. Peter's UMC the Bellevue area United Methodist churches will meet together with our District Superintendent Rich Lang to get to know each other and celebrate the ministry that is happening in our city next month. It will be a shared time of fellowship, business, and visioning for the future together. It is vital that those who are in leadership at Aldersgate attend, but all who wish are welcome to participate. It should be a fun evening that is also enlightening and festive.
Church Conference Report
If you missed the Common Table and  ALL Church Conference on Monday, November 6, you can still CLICK HERE to see a copy of the church conference report for you reading pleasure.  
Christmas Singers
We are inviting singers of all ages and skill levels to join us in singing "Sing Joy to All the World", a Christmas cantata by Lloyd Larson. Rehearsal is in the sanctuary on Wednesday nights from 7:15-8:45pm from now thru December 6. The cantata will be performed on Sunday, December 10 at the second service.  Special arrangements can be made if scheduling is a problem. Questions?  Contact Hanae Straub. Thank you!
United Methodist Student Day
November 26
On Sunday November 26, we will take a special offering that transforms lives through education. Your generous gifts will help support United Methodist Student Day scholarships, administered by the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry. Your gifts help deserving United Methodist students continue their education and faith journeys as they strive to make a difference in the world and discern what God has called them to do.
Woman at the Well Video
Pastor Laura showed a video in first service worship on 10/29 and was unable to show it in second service worship. If you are curious about the video or want to watch it (or watch again), it can be found at It tells the story of the Woman at the Well from the woman's perspective. The poem was written by  Chris Kinsley and Drew Francis. 
Ready to Join Us?
We welcome new members to Aldersgate regularly and would love to talk with you more about what membership would mean for you and/or your family. This Sunday, November 12, we will welcome anyone who is ready right away or who has transferred their membership already. If you are considering becoming a member and want more information, mark your registration sheet and/or contact Pastor Laura
Ushers Needed
There is a need for more ushers for the first service.  Your duties include greeting people, handing out bulletins, lighting candles, collecting the offering, tidying up the sanctuary after the service.  With enough people on the rotating scheduled, you would only usher every 4-6 weeks or so.  If you are interested, please contact David James.
Opportunities to Serve
Please consider using your God given gifts (talents, skills, interests) to serve at Aldersgate. 
  •  Are you interested in supporting the church staff? Then join the Staff Parrish Relations Team.
  •  Have a knack for computers and technology?  Then join the Tech Team.
  •  Like to connect with new people?  Then become involved with visitation.
  •  Are you artistic and creative? Then use your talent for marketing and advertising.
  •  We also need a church safety officer.
Pastor Laura and Christian Hampson are interested in identifying gifts in our church community and empowering people to use those gifts to the glory of God.  Check the back of the attendance form for volunteer opportunities that we know of right now where your talents would be valued.  Sign up for any that interest you. If you have questions contact Pastor Laura or Christian
Wreaths & Treats
Join us for Wreaths & Treats on December 3 from 10:00-11:00am between services.  This is a festive way to start the advent season.  Besides a yummy spread of treats, there will be greens, candles, etc. to create an advent wreath for your home as well as a fun activity.  You can help the church prepare for the season as well by assembly visitor mugs and signing cards for our college students.  If you'd like to participate and/or support this event, please sign up on the attendance sheet or contact Jen Hoerber. 
Club 345 (3rd~4th~5th Grade)
December 10
Kids in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades meet once a month on Sunday evening for food and a fun activity. 
The next meeting will be December 10 since the Harvest Dinner is happening in November.
Contact is Jen Hoerber,
Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.  All youth in 6th-12th grade are welcome.  If you have questions about the youth program, contact  Jen Hoerber.  Here are some upcoming events:
*Nov. 19 -  Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
*Nov. 21 - Serve food at Crossroads Thanksgiving Dinner
*Nov. 26 - NO Youth Group and NO Sunday School due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  But you can help decorate the Youth Room for Christmas!
*Dec. 3 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
*Dec. 10 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
New Year's Eve Party
Save the Date! On Sunday, December 31 we will have an Aldersgate Family New Year's Eve party from 6:00 to 9:00pm.  Details to follow.
Holiday Bake & Craft Sale
December 9 & 10
Looking for a sweet way to contribute to missions?   Aldersgate United Methodist Women invite you to donate baked goods or handmade crafts to our annual bake and craft sale.  This year, UMW will be selling both  Saturday, December 9  at the Christmas Bash and between services on Sunday, December 10.  Please have your items at the church by  9:30am  for the  Saturday  sale, or before first service for the  Sunday  sale.  All proceeds go to support missions locally and around the world.  Contact Clarine Goodleaf, 425-643-9339.
Christmas Giving Opportunities
Please consider giving to the following worthwhile organizations.  If you have any questions contact   Dorothy Bennett, 425-641-0971.
  • Vision House  This wonderful organization gives  transitional housing to homeless families and provides support services and childcare as the family becomes self-sufficient. To help the process, gift cards for groceries, clothing, gasoline, and personal items, etc. are invaluable and provided year round.  Your purchase of a gift card during the Christmas season is so appreciated and will brighten the lives of children who have been homeless.   A gift card tree is in the narthex for your choice of a gift card from $10 to $50. Please return the gift cards to the church by Sunday December 17.
  • Hopelink  The Christmsa gift store at Hopelink provides gifts for children from infant to 18 years old.  Each client family can apply for a voucher to choose one gift for each child from the store.  . Aldersgate focuses on teenagers because gifts for them are often in short supply at the gift store.  Suggestions are  - sweatshirt, sweat pants, jacket,sweater, gift card to stores, warm scarves, dressy scarves, makeup, sports equipment, movie gift cards, hair care products etc.And of course, gifts for any age are happily accepted.    Starting November 26, drop off your donation in the donation box located in the narthex near the drinking fountains.  Please return donated gifts to the church by December 17. 
People with Health Concerns  
*Flow Monkman
*David and Heidi James Neighbor Mary
*Kristie McLean's friend Jana
*Lois Ingram
*Garnet Ormsby
*Charlie Stansell
*Cindy Wheeler

Additional Prayers
*Missionary Katherine Parker, Kristie McLean

To submit a prayer request to the Prayer Chain, email Dorothy Bennet t, the Prayer Chain Coordinator.  You can also fill out a pew prayer card on Sunday and put it in the offering plate, or you can contact the church office with your prayer request.   All prayer requests will appear in the church newsletters unless you request otherwise.