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Church Leadership 

Click these links to read the minutes of the Core Leadership Team and the monthly minutes of the Ministry Teams.

Core Leaders (Jan)

Staff Relations (Jan)

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To bring a project, program or fundraiser idea to the Aldersgate Common Table for consideration, please fill out the  ACT PROPOSAL FORM  


For an explanation of the Core Leadership Team and a description of the Aldersgate Common Table, CLICK HERE.

Feed Your Soul
See today's devotional from the Upper Room.   CLICK HERE

"Jesus Throughout History"
"How Would You Respond?"

 John 21:15-18

This Sunday
So we've talked about what Jesus said about himself, particularly the "I Am" statements in John's gospel.  We've talked about the Beatitudes and how they become our outline for practicing our faith and being filled.  This Sunday we'll take a look at how those things played out in the lives of the disciples after Jesus had died.  We'll be taking a look at some of the post resurrection stories, one from each gospel.  Each holds an element of our belief.  Each helps us understand our role as those who believe.   We'll begin with John 20 and 21 and the responses by Jesus to both Mary and Peter.   We'll take a look at Luke and the response of Jesus to two disciples as they headed home from Jerusalem believing him to be dead.  That can be found in Luke 24.  We'll take a look at Matthew and his response to the women at the tomb.  Finally we'll take a look at the end of Mark.  It's a whole different kind of experience.  Take a look at Mark 16 and particularly where the gospel is supposed to end.  Each of these stories teach us something about our response to Jesus as we live in the world today.  We'll begin with Peter so to prepare please read John 21: 15 - 18.  Then read Mark 16: 1 - 6.

Sharing Your Faith
Jen Hoerber, Director of Children & Families

During the Children's Moment one Sunday morning, the question "how big is Jesus?" was asked.  One child said, "Jesus is so big that we can't possibly understand his magnitude," and another one responded with, "that is why Jesus came in human form to be relatable to each of us."  Another child later told me, "Jesus is small enough to fit into my heart yet big enough to fit into everyone else's heart as well."   A three year old girl recently explained during a project that, "People are the most important part of the church because they help Jesus.  Without the people, the church is just a building."  When a child asked not to be judged while getting completely creative during a project, another one quickly responded with, "This is church, we don't judge here, we love like Jesus loves." And when we were discussing the Syrian refugees and our service project, all of the children whole-heartedly agreed we should help.  We should simply be a friend to all.  To people who are different than us and those who are the same.

Each of these stories is sweet.  Each of them can warm your heart and make you feel proud.  But what is the bigger picture?  

Pastor's Blog
Rev. Brad P. Beeman. 

It is with sadness that I let everyone know that Nick Lassanen will be leaving us as Youth Director and First Service Worship Leader.  I want to encourage you to CLICK HERE to read his letter to the Staff Parish Relations Committee.   It is beautifully written and filled with love and appreciation. 

The overall purpose of his departure has everything to do with wanting to worship with Manny.  They are now married and feel a deep longing to worship together as husband and wife. 

 I also wanted to let you know that there is not only a plan in place for each of his roles, but some shifts in leadership have already begun.  Roger Ingalls is taking on the role of 1st Service Worship leader and it's a joy to have him serving now in a part time staff position.  In addition, I'm stepping into a significant and primary part of the youth program with some help from Jen Hoerber.  

We met with Nick yesterday and walked through key pieces with him   I believe this to now be among the highest priorities in the church.  As I've often stated we need a continuum of programs beginning at birth and moving through every age.  With Nick's departure, the youth ministry piece needs attention.  I've shared my hopes with Staff Parish and with the Core Leadership Team and have support, as long as I'm willing to give up a few other things.  I did professional youth ministry for eleven years and am excited about continuing to build a program for those youth who are here, and those yet to find us.  My hope is to build a solid foundation that can be turned over to a new youth person by fall 2016. Our dream is to have three groups and maybe four; a 4th-5th grade group that meets at least once a month, a middle school group, and a high school group that meet weekly.  There is also talk about the development of a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group here.  

We will be forming a search committee soon to examine next steps. If you are interested in being a part of that please let me know.  In the mean time please pray for Nick and Manny, for the youth already involved and for the future of youth ministry at Aldersgate.    

Thank You!  Brad

Ministry News
Parent Discussion Group
Starts January 24th
Parenthood is a journey with all kinds of surprises, twists, and turns and being able to come together and openly talk about all of it with other parents is so important.  We will be meeting in Smith Hall during Education Hour ( 10:00am-10:50amon Sunday mornings starting on the  24th of January.

Common Table 
February 8 
The next Aldersgate Common Table will be held on Monday, Feb. 8. at 6:30pm in room 24.  This is the place to raise new ideas for the church and to hear what is happening on the ministry teams.  If you have an idea for a project, program, event or fundraising activity to be presented and discussed at the Common Table, complete this ACT Proposal form and turn it into the church office by Feb 1.  Due to the kitchen renovation, NO dinner will be provided.  Childcare is available if you sign up for it on Sunday's attendance form.

Safety Officer Needed
Lay Leadership is seeking a volunteer to fill the position of Safety Officer for our church.  The main responsibility is to assure that all children and other vulnerable persons are protected.  This includes maintaining background checks on all people working with children in any capacity and being a resource for any concerns regarding a safe church.  Please check here for more information  about the position and to learn about webinar training for this position. If you are interested or require more information, please contact Rick Wilson.

Activity Display for Children and Youth
Parents!  What are your kid's up to?  Will they be in a school play? Is a big game coming up?  Are they having a music recital?  Did they earn an award?  We would like to highlight their activities and achievements in a new display.  It will only be displayed at church (not online) and dates and places will not be shared unless given permission.  If you have a flyer or picture you want to share, even better.  Send you child's information to Jen Hoerber via email or put it in her church mailbox.

Valentine Care Packages
Once again we will send Valentine care packages to our young adults who are away at school, jobs, or military service.  If you would like your child to receive a care package from the church, please send their name, current address and a small photograph to Patty Ferguson by January 27.

Preschool Sunday
January 31
We are celebrating the preschool as an extension of the Christian education program here at Aldersgate during both worship services on January 31.  We have invited all of the preschool staff and current preschool families to join us on this special celebration Sunday.  We will recognize the preschool teachers, staff, and board of directors, honor current and alumni families, have a special Children's Time with Pastor Brad, and the preschool Sunday school class will have a fun art project.  If you are a church member who attended or had children who attended preschool at ACP, please send Jen Hoerber the names and dates, if possible, as we are trying to compile a list.

Preschool Open House
February 6
Preschool Registration has begun for the 2016-2017 school year.  There will be a  preschool open house on February 6th from 9:30-11:30am where families can visit the school and see what Aldersgate Christian Preschool is all about.  If you know of anyone who is looking for a preschool, please invite them.  Contact  Dorothy Beeman if you would like additional information. 

New Church Directory
The 2016 church directory is complete.  Go paperless and access it from the church website by going to , clicking on the church directory link, and using the password beloved .  For those without computer access, paper copies can be found on the desk in the narthex.  Please take a minute to check your entry in the directory and make sure the contact information is correct.  The church directory is updated all year long so, if your contact information changes or you'd like to include a new picture, please contact the church office.  Also, as long as your email address is listed in the church directory, you can view the directory from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire by downloading the free Instant Church Directory Members App.  Use the link:

Kitchen Remodel Progress
We have a start date for the Kitchen Remodel - Monday February 1st!  SO what does that mean for us all???  
  • We will need to empty out the kitchen and setup a temporary kitchen in Friendship Hall so we will be able to have Coffee Hour and prep things for our outreach programs. If you have any questions about what the temporary setup will look like, please feel free to talk with Patty Ferguson
  • We will need help packing up the kitchen Saturday January 30 from 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:00pm-3:00pm and then Sunday January 31 after second service. Please sign up on Sunday's attendance form to help or contact Patty
  • We need donations of cardboard boxes cardboard and plastic bins.
  • If you have a group that will need to use any of the kitchen equipment during the next 3 months please contact Patty  so that we can make sure it is left where it is accessible.
Resource Library
Click here to see which books the library has available from the Jesus Bible Study class' bibliography.  In addition, a recent inventory revealed that a dozen books are missing from the library.  Have you seen any of them?   Click here for the missing book list.  If found, place them in the basket located above the library laptop computer.   When you borrow an item from the library, please remember to fill out its checkout card and place it in the black mesh box located on the mobile cart.

UMW Special Mission Award  
Consider nominating someone for the United Methodist Women Special Mission Award.  Any person in the church is eligible for this award based on service to the church and the community, but special attention is given to those who participate in or support the United Methodist Women and their mission projects. Nomination forms are found on the desk in the narthex.   If you would like to nominate someone please complete the form and return to Jean Harris in her church mailbox by  February 7, 2016.
Fun Events

Young at Heart Potluck
Tuesday, February 2
The dinner must go on, and it will --- down in Smith Hall!  The next YAHs potluck is Tuesday, February 2 at 6:00pm.  We welcome all retired folks or "wannabees."  The food is delicious, the company is fun and welcoming, and the program will be provided by Renee Kroese as she shares about her life during World War II.  Please sign up if you have never attended before and someone will contact you about the food.  For more information contact Mary Atkins.

Family Fun Night
Save the date!  FAMILY FUN NIGHT is coming on February 26th.  
Friends, Games, Music, and Food = FUN!

Easter Egg Activities
I see an Easter Egg or two,  or hundreds in Aldersgate future!  On Saturday, March 26, we will have an Egg-stravaganza Community Easter Event in the morning and a Tween Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt in the evening.  On Easter Sunday, March 27, there is an Easter Kid's Club followed with an Easter Egg Hunt. Please sign up on Sunday's attendance form or email Jean Hoerber, if you can help with any of these activities. We need volunteers to help plan the activities, volunteers to assist at the activities, donations of plastic eggs and wrapped candy or small toys, and help filling the eggs. Please come to the planning meeting on Thursday, February 4 at 7:00pm. 

Vacation Bible School
Mark Your Calendars!!!  Aldersgate VBS 2016 will be held the week of July 25th!  Lots  mor e information to come and opportunities to volunteer will be popping up soon!

Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
Join us Sunday evenings for Youth Band (5:00-6:00pm) and Youth Group (6:00-8:00pm) in the Youth room, #24..  If you have any questions, please contact the Youth Directory   Nick Laasanen.  

Youth Lock-In   January 23-24
Join us overnight from 6pm Saturday, January 23 to 10:00am Sunday, January 24.  We'll have games, worship, a missional activity, and fellowship. We will kick off our night with a potluck dinner.

Compassion Event  January 31,  2:30pm  ~  7:00pm  
Most of you have heard about the Syrian Refugee kits that our church has been putting together. To answer the question of "why put these kits together,"  Compassion International, a child sponsor program, is putting on an event in Snohomish, where you get to experience a story of someone who lives in another country, in conditions harsher than our own. It'll help us understand why it is important we put together things like the Syrian Refugee Kits. We'll carpool up Sunday  afternoon, do the exhibit, then go to dinner all together and discuss what we experienced in the exhibit. If you are interested in going, please contact Nick Laasanen.

Youth - Let's go to SUMYT  March 18-20
This is  a very popular and wonderful retreat and we would like to see a group from Aldersgate attend.  We already have a couple kids signed up.  The church is going to cover 1/2 of the registration fee, so when registering please select pay at the door and turn your check for $60 or $70 (if ordering a T-Shirt) into  Jen Hoerber   and the church will write one check for all of our students. CLICK HERE to register.  We are looking for chaperones as well.  If interested, please see Jen ASAP.  Patty Ferguson is on the planning committee for this retreat and would be happy to answer questions as well.  
The SUMYT theme this year is "Not All Who Wander Are Lost." Have you ever felt like you were on the outside looking in?  Ever felt like everyone around you knows where they're going and you can't even find a map to get started?  You're not alone.  Faith is a journey full of twists turns and adventures.  Come and gather with youth from around the conference for a weekend of exploring the benefits of wandering and continuing on your faith journey.  Kristen "Moonie" Moon will be our guide as we explore what it means to walk in faith on our own and as part of a community

Standing Together  for Human Dignity - Justice - Compassion - Wisdom
Next Session February 21, 4:00-6:00pm
Standing Together is an interfaith study and dialogue program which, by means of an interfaith panel, scriptural reflection, and small group discussion, seeks to foster greater understanding, respect, and cooperative social action among citizens from different faith traditions.  Sponsored by the Muslim Association of Puget Sound and the Church Council of Greater Seattle, this program series occurs once a month through May.  For a complete description of the program series and to register go to

Outreach & Missions World
Christmas at Grace Boarding House
There were singing and dancing and gifts to celebrate Christmas at the
Grace Boarding House!  Click here to read more and see the
children we are helping in Thailand.

Crossroads Dinner Volunteers
WE NEED 3 MORE VOLUNTEERS!  We are looking for volunteers to serve dinner this month, Jan. 26 from 5:30 - 7pm in the Crossroads area.  Groups, families, youth - all are welcome to volunteer. We ask that servers be at least 10 years of age but younger ones can still help. Please sign up on Sunday's attendance form or contact Melinda Lilley.  Thanks for supporting this outreach ministry. 

Syrian Refugee Health Kits 
Syrian Refugee Health Kit Project is wrapping up  this Sunday.  All donations (including those purchased through our coin drive) will be packaged during kids club  this Sunday.  Thank you for your generosity and helping our children give and make a difference.  The children's compassion and desire to help has been evident through all of the discussions and activities throughout this mission project.  There is a list of books if your child would like to further their knowledge on refugees.
My Name is Sangoel by Karen Lynn Williams
How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz 
The Color of Home by Mary Hoffman 
Four Feet Two Sandals by Karen Williams
Muktar and the Camels by Janet Graber
The Roses in my Carpets by Rukhsana Khan
Prayer List   

People Who Mourn
*Steve Schultz's father, Richard, died in a bike accident. Please pray for Steve,
      Adrienne, their sons Garrett & Kiefer, and the rest of their family.
*Kathy Maybee's sister-in-law Hannelore passed away.  Please pray for her  
     brother Dave   and his family.
*Former member Martie Hoadley's sister Meg passed away.  Please pray for Martie
     and the rest of Meg's family
*The Olleman Family's niece Maggie passed away at the beginning of January.
      Please pray for the Ollemans and the rest of Maggie's family.

People with Health Concerns
*Robert Brawn
*Kathy Maybee's daughter Jennifer's friend Kim
*Dan Flahiff's father
*Marvin & Norma Bush's son-in-law Greg
*Carol Cubilie's son Tim
*Colleen Flower's friend Terry and relative John
*Cindy Wheeler
*Betty Fredeen

Additional Prayers 
*Missionary Katherine Parker
*Nita & Zane Daniel
*Jeff & Cindy Wheeler
*The people of Begi, Ethiopia
Submit prayer requests to Dorothy Bennett, the Prayer Chain Coordinator, or fill out a pew prayer card or contact the church office.  Prayer requests will  stay on the Prayer Chain for about 3 weeks.  Please contact Dorothy or the church office with an update if you want the request to be prayed for longer.  
All prayer requests will appear in the church newsletters unless you specifically request otherwise.