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Church Leadership
Click these links to read the minutes of the Core Leadership Team and the monthly minutes of the Ministry Teams.
Series:  "Foundations of Faith"

Sermon:  "Making a Way, Being a Way"

Scripture:  II Kings 2:1-15

This Sunday  
What a truly remarkable Sunday we shared last week. The sanctuary was packed, the choir and praise team worked together and it was a wonderful expression of music and praise. We heard from campers and about our four Methodist camps. Then, as we do each year, we celebrated the day with a scrumptious meal provided to us by Patty Ferguson and her team. Taco Bar is one of the great camp traditions. That was last Sunday. 

This Sunday we come together celebrating the potential next generation of disciples. We come together on Sunday to celebrate our preschool. We 've entered into the 50th year of our preschool's existence, and it is certainly a story worth telling. We will celebrate the staff, the families, and the deepening relationship between the worshiping  community and the Preschool community. As Pastor Laura states, "We are all formed by stories and the characters in stories we learn as children, even though the meanings may change as we mature." 

Our own story has suddenly shifted, and we cannot ignore what is happening in the greater United Methodist Church. We continue in a time of change; of trying to figure out a way forward after the decisions at General Conference last week. That too will be a part of worship this Sunday. Yes, it's a lot, but the story of Elijah and the chariot can guide us through this time of transition, of passing the torch from one generation to the next, of remembering that it is God who will give us a way forward, even if it means parting the waters in order to make a new way. It is God lifts us up, and God who helps us overcome our fears. The power of God is beyond anything we can imagine, but we'll try and imagine some of it this Sunday. To prepare please read the story from II Kings 2:1 - 15.
Spring Forward
Remember Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 10 so set your clocks forward one hour before bed on Saturday night, and arrive at church on time!
Preschool Sunday  March 10
March 10 is Preschool Sunday, when we will honor the amazing work that the Aldersgate Christian Preschool does in our community, as a mission of our church. Please plan to be there and share your thanks for the teachers, staff, parents, and children that add so much to our neighborhood and our experience of Christ in this place. 
Mission Sunday
March 24, One Service @ 9:00am
Mission Sunday will be March 24, led again by the Aldersgate Green Team. This year the format will be similar to previous Mission Sundays in that  we will worship all together at 9:00am and start our mission projects in the community at 9:30am .  We will gather back together for lunch at 12:30pm . Sign up for Mission Sunday projects at the table in the narthex.
Lent is Coming
We are in the season of Lent, where we begin our preparations for Easter. Our focus this year will be the verse from the book of Job 33:6, "Like you, I stand before God. Like you, I began as a piece of clay." (from the Inclusive Language Bible) These are the words of Elihu, the fourth of Job's friends to address him in the book of Job. The first three of Job's friends were unhelpful in revealing to Job any understanding of God's role in his suffering. Elihu takes another approach. He maintains the power and glory of God but also appeals to Job by noting that God has made them both and formed them both and that God continues to mold them both, as if from clay. This is not the same as claiming that God is causing bad things to happen because of some "plan". However it is an acknowledgement that God is with us and works with us in all times of our lives. This year during Lent, we'll take a look at the ways that we are molded by God and how God is making beautiful things out of us. 
Note from Pastor Brad ~ Class Postponed
Given the decisions that occurred at General Conference, and my need to help walk us through what that could mean, and given my continued recovery, I am postponing the pastor's classes until after Easter.  My priority and focus right now needs to be on leadership and worship.  In as much as I truly love to teach the Wednesday classes, I am also aware of my time away from worship.  I feel called and motivated to make that a greater priority at this point.  
The outline of the class will probably be similar once we have moved through this upcoming time of Lent.  I look forward to gathering with the classes again and will get more information regarding specific dates to you before the end of this upcoming Lenten season.  
Right now I simply ask that we pray; pray for the denomination, the future, and the planning that will need to go in to our responses to the special session of the General Conference.  

Peace in this time, Brad
Lost & Found
What was lost has been found - literally! Check out the Lost and Found table in the narthex and reclaim your stuff. There are umbrellas, clothes, glasses, serving dishes, jewelry, keys and tote bags. All unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill at the end of March.
Office Helper Needed
We could use another office helper to process attendance forms, tidy the sanctuary, and assemble children's clipboards. This takes about 1.5 hours on a Monday or Tuesday, two times a month. If you are interested, please sign up or contact Wendi in the church office, 425-746-9800.
Preschool Enrollment
Aldersgate Christian Preschool has begun enrollment for the September 2019 - June 2020 school year for children 2 - 5 years old. Registration forms can be found on the table by the church office or online at If you have questions or would like a tour of the preschool, contact Dorothy Beeman, (425-562-0433).
February 24 Sermon
Pastor Laura and Pastor Brad worked together to write last week's sermon and didn't end up using all of what Pastor Brad wrote. To see the complete version of Pastor Brad's thoughts from last Sunday, click here
Reading Guide to Brian McLaren's Book
"We Make the Road by Walking" 
During the coming seasons, many people from churches throughout the west will be reading chapters from Brian McLaren's book "We Make the Road by Walking". The chapters are intended to be read one per week.You may choose to read on a schedule that will coincide with themes in worship and the life of the church. Here is the reading schedule through Easter. Copies of the book are available for check-out from our church library or you may wish to order your own copy from Amazon or another online book seller.

Week Beginning         Chapter(s)            Main Idea
March 3                          23                           Jesus and the Multitudes
March 10                        Introduction           Seeking Aliveness
                                         pages xv-2
March 17                        1                             Awe and Wonder
March 24                        2                             Being Human
March 31                        3                             A World of Meaning
April 7                             4                             Being Image Bearers
April 14                           32                           Peace March

Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.  All youth in 6th-12th grade are welcome.  If you have questions about the youth program, contact  Jen Hoerber.  Here are some upcoming events:  
*Mar. 10 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
*Mar. 15-17 - Youth SUMYT Retreat
*Mar. 24 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
*Mar. 31 - Youth Group, 6:00-8:00pm
Club 345 (3rd~4th~5th Grade)
April 14
Club 345 is open to all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders and meets once a month for dinner and a fun activity.  The next meeting is Sunday, April 14. Volunteers are always needed to host the Club 345 activity or to provide the dinner.  Please sign up on the CYF bulletin board by the church office.  C ontact is Jen Hoerber .
UMW Spring Salad LUNCH?! 
Saturday, April 27
Please save the date! The United Methodist Women's Spring Salad LUNCH (Yes, you read that correctly) will be on SATURDAY (Yes, believe it), April 27 at noon (Yes, at 12:00pm.) The day and time is a change from the usual, but the event will still be FABULOUS. All women are invited to attend. More details to come in April.
Mission Sunday Signups
Mission Sunday will be March 24, led again by the Aldersgate Green Team. This year the format will be similar to previous Mission Sundays in that we will worship all together at 9:00am and start our mission projects in the community at 9:30am. We will gather back together for lunch at 12:30pm. However, unlike in years past, we will debrief over lunch that day instead of during worship the following week. We need leaders for several of the groups, and lots of people who are willing to participate in all the groups. Mission Sunday projects this year will include: 

  • Filling bags/backpacks at church: In addition to the Birthday Bags we have done several times and the hygiene bags for homeless persons we filled last year in partnership with our Muslim neighbors, we will also fill backpacks with healthy snacks for preschoolers in the Bellevue Public Schools. 
  • Days for Girls: sewing and cutting fabric in Friendship Hall to create reusable maxi-pads that enable girls to attend school in areas where otherwise they would be excluded during their periods. 
  • Litter pick-up: working in a park or public walk-way to remove litter and debris, making the area safe for pedestrians and children. 
  • Home Visits: yard work and outreach to church members who need a hand at home or who are preparing for home sale. 
  • Lunch: prepare, serve, and clean-up lunch for all volunteers and possibly for another community group in need of a meal. Lunch will be served at 12:30. 
  • Your idea for a project: Please see Pastor Laura if you have an idea for a Mission Sunday project. 
Sign up to help with one of these projects in the Narthex on Sunday!

Donations Requested for Mission Sunday
For the team that will be filling Birthday Bags and Preschool Backpacks, we could use donations of items to put in the bags. When you are out shopping, try to find a sale and pick up an extra to share with those who need it. As much as possible, look for items and wrapping that isn't plastic and doesn't have a negative impact on the Earth. 

Birthday Bags
Cake mix
Birthday Napkins
Paper plates
Party Favors
Small gift (book or stuffed animal)
Party decorations (signs/streamers)
Small treats (lollipops)
Birthday gift bags

Preschool Backpacks
Individual milk boxes
Granola bars
Fruit roll ups
Crackers/goldfish (in small bags)
Other healthy shelf-stable snacks that preschoolers can eat without any preparation
Dismantling White Privilege Workshop
Saturday March 16
Pastor Terri Stewart in conjunction with facilitator, J Mase III, will lead a training at Aldersgate on March 16 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. While the training is designed for chaplains and mentors working with youth in the juvenile detention system, Pastor Terri has opened the training to our congregation as well. It will be a time to reflect on the responsibilities and liabilities that come with living in white skin when you encounter people of other cultures. The workshop is appropriate for anyone of any race who is interested in the topic and prepared to engage deeply.  Please contact Pastor Laura if you plan to attend.
Habitat for Humanity Lunch
Thursday, March 28
Here is you chance to do something to ease the problem of housing for the homeless.  The Habitat luncheon on March 28 is an opportunity the hear from someone who has benefited from Habitat's programs. The luncheon will be held at the Washington State Convention Center.  A Showcase open house starts at 11:00am with the luncheon from 12:00 to 1:00pm.  There will be rides from Aldersgate at 10:30am.     Join other Aldersgate members to support Habitat.   If you are interested in attending, signup on  the Sunday attendance form or contact Darrell Lowe, 425-785-7642.
Prayer Requests

People Who Mourn
Heidi James' friend Nancy lost her mother.

People with Health Concerns
*Brandon O'Brien
*Bud and Dorothy Bennett's granddaughter-in-law Evie
*Lynda Dreher's daughter
*Hope Barker
*Cindy Wheeler
*Mark Olleman's sister Ruth
*Charlie Stansell
*Eathel Allyn
Additional Concerns
*Missionary Katherine Parker
*Jeff Wheeler
*Salote Bokini

To submit a prayer request to the Prayer Chain, email Dorothy Bennet t, the Prayer Chain Coordinator.  You can also fill out a pew prayer card on Sunday and put it in the offering plate, or you can contact the church office with your prayer request.   All prayer requests will appear in the church newsletters unless you request otherwise.