Megan-Ellyia Green
Newsletter 93                    October 19, 2016
15th Ward

Here's what's happening in the 15th Ward this week. 

Tonight:  TGSNA Meeting

Don't miss this month's Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association meeting! St. Louis City Comptroller Darlene Green will review an energy efficient home loan program.  It's also a good chance to learn more about our participation in Neighborhoods United for Change, and hear about the most recent beautification updates to McDonald Park.

Also on the agenda:  I'll share news and answer questions about Participatory Budgeting and more; Kristan Nickels of the TGNCDC will update us on the alley blitz; and we'll get details of the fun "Hallow-ganza" in Ritz Park on South Grand.

When:  Wednesday, October 19th, at 6:30 PM
Where:   Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, 4111 Connecticut

Participatory Budget Project Finalists

The 15th Ward's Participatory Budgeting process takes its next big step this month! After reviewing and researching all the ward capital improvement suggestions which emerged from surveys and group sessions earlier in the year, volunteer leaders have selected nine projects that are feasible (within budget and not already planned). 

A huge thanks to our volunteer leaders, and to all who took the time to complete a survey or participate in the "ideas" phase of the budgeting process. Here are the nine proposed improvement projects.
  1. Street Lighting ($40,000) - Continue to upgrade to LED street lighting throughout the 15th Ward.
  2. Tree Planting ($20,000) - Plant trees to replace those lost due to Emerald Ash Borer infestation.
  3. Speed Humps ($48,000) - Added to blocks with speeding issues revealed by the 2016 15 th  Ward traffic study.
  4. Splash Pad in McDonald Park ($37,500 to leverage $150,000 in funding) - Install a water feature for kids. (F unds already have been allocated to replace the playground in 2017)
  5. Dog Park in McDonald Park ($12,500 to leverage $50,000 in funding)  - Would be where swings are currently located (swings would be moved to south end of park).
  6. Alley Trash/Recycling Bins ($10,000) - Additional trash bins for alleys with multiple four-family and apartment buildings.
  7. 50/50 Sidewalk Expenditure Increase ($25,000) - Each year the 15 th Ward receives more requests for the 50/50 sidewalk program than it can currently fund.
  8. Street Trash Bins ($12,800) - Up to 15 new trash cans along streets with bus routes and major intersections, or areas with recurring trash problems, with optional dog waste bag dispensers.
  9. Alley Paving ($24,500) - Paving for the three neediest alleys.
Next month, 15th Ward residents will have an opportunity to choose one or more favorite projects, and the winning project(s) will receive funding. For convenience, volunteers will staff sidewalk tables on Tuesday, November 8th, outside our three General Election polling locations.

Thanks for all you do to make the 15th Ward in St. Louis a wonderful place to call home. It's an honor to serve as your Alderwoman.

The Honorable Megan-Ellyia Green
Alderwoman, 15th Ward
St. Louis, Missouri 
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