Megan-Ellyia Green
Newsletter 97                  November 23, 2016
15th Ward

I want to wish you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday. And here, finally, is some long-awaited news. 

Participatory Budgeting Results!

The 15th Ward's Participatory Budgeting 2016 effort was a rousing success in every way! The ballots have been counted and tallied.

LED Street Lighting earned by far the most votes out of the nine capital improvement projects to choose from. It was also the top vote-getter last year. More bright lighting will improve safety for residents, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists after dark. The project cost is $40,000.

Tree Planting came in second, at a cost of $20,000. The impact of the Emerald Ash Borer is beginning to be seen; the city intends to remove about 40,000 ash trees to prevent the spread of the disease. We love our tree-lined streets; quick action will help to preserve our neighborhood character, and provide beauty, shade and habitat. 

Sidewalk Repairs received the third-most votes. With additional $25,000, we will be able clear a backlog of requests. I look forward to giving many applicants the good news!

There were enough funds remaining to cover the fourth most popular choice, a Dog Park in McDonald Park. Contingent upon the establishment of a dog park committee and receipt of insurance, the dog park will be located along Utah, and the swing set will be relocated closer to the playground.

An impressive total of 1478 residents cast ballots--a 250 percent increase from our first effort 18 months ago, and even higher than the national Participatory Budgeting average! The percentage of votes cast for each project were about the same at each of the three polling locations. Visit our Facebook page for more details. 

Thanks for making your priorities known, and thank you to all the volunteers who staffed the booths throughout the day. 

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence 

I am pleased to report that the Board of Aldermen recently passed an ordinance amendment that will remove one big worry for victims of domestic violence in the City of St. Louis. When I was elected, I decided this small but significant change in language would be a priority of mine. 

The wording revision helps prevent landlords from evicting a renter solely because they are a victim of domestic violence and report it to the police. Previously, a domestic violence police report could mean that the victim would be forced to move out, even though it has never been the City's policy to place a property on the Nuisance Property list solely for a domestic violence call. 

For much more about this rule change and why I pushed for it so strongly, please check out my blog

"So What's Next" Forum Report

I want to thank all the groups whose representatives answered voters questions and concerns, and discussed how we can support one another and get involved following the November election:   Jobs With Justice, the  Anti-Defamation League (Missouri and Southern Illinois)Planned Parenthood Advocates in MissouriACLU of MissouriInternational Institute St. LouisDar Aljalal, and  Mobilize Missouri for speaking with voters on how we can get join forces and be involved following the November election. 

Thank you everyone who attended, and to the 15th Ward Democrats for organizing this informative event.  Please consider becoming a member of the  15th Ward Democrats; you may  pay dues at  to help us continue to put on more events like this.

Thanks for all you do to make the 15th Ward in St. Louis a wonderful place to call home. It's an honor to serve as your Alderwoman.

The Honorable Megan-Ellyia Green
Alderwoman, 15th Ward
St. Louis, Missouri 
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