Trinity Sunday - June 7, 2020
From the Vicar

This Saturday, for the Faith Matters column in the Democrat Gazette, I mention the Way of Love practices that help us follow the Way of Jesus, focusing particularly on turn, learn, and pray in these days of so much uncertainty. Of course, I commend all seven practices for our holistic well-being, but another one stands out for me, one I often neglect: REST.

Yes, to rest is a privilege, but is also a necessity. Life itself, let alone struggles for justice, are marathons, endurance trials for even the healthiest and strongest among us. But if God Almighty took time to rest and commands us to observe Sabbath, too, then how observant and faithful am I if I live my life as if I am in control? (Yes, I tend toward Type A tendencies. Lord, have mercy.) Taking time to rest acknowledges our fragility and vulnerability. Taking time to rest enables others to step forward. Observing the Sabbath shows that we commit our time, perhaps the most precious resource of all, to trust in God, to exercise our belief in our stronghold and sure defense.

So starting Sunday evening, I will take a week-long vacation. Four weeks of vacation are part of my Letter of Agreement, including four Sundays. I’m not planning any risky travel but lots of intentional time at home. Casey and I will celebrate our 22nd Anniversary on the 13th (God bless him!), and I look forward to returning on the 16th much refreshed and renewed. Recreation time, after all, is time to be re-created, restored in God’s image. 

Our Sr. Warden Marty Esarte will be the emergency contact, and of course Padre Guillermo and our Deacon John Reese are available. Thank you for all you do to make All Saints’ an example of how we Walk in Love together, following the Way of Christ. Make sure you take care of you and yours and take time to rest, too.
Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly
Read the Bible, especially Micah 6:8: “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

To see the president of the United States stand in front of an historic Episcopal church with a Bible in hand as a political prop—while using rubber bullets to clear his path and having previously relished the thought of vicious dogs attacking protesters—is a great evil. As is the silent complicity of Cabinet officials and members of Congress. For me to remain silent would be evil as well.

Our nation is currently suffering the effects of what is truly its original sin: human greed that has manifested itself through four hundred years of self-serving racial superiority, the ownership of human beings, and an ongoing economic inequality that praises profits above all else and tries its best to keep people of color and the poor marginalized.

The overarching, consistent message of the Bible is compassion: the very mercy, justice, and humility that Micah proclaimed as a prophet. The overarching, consistent message of Christianity is resurrection: to seek and serve the risen Christ in all persons. We have seen none of this sort of behavior in our public officials. In fact, just the opposite. We Christians are called to step into this breach through our own lives and actions and proclamations.
Also from the Bishop: Regarding Camp Mitchell's Pause in Operations
Many of you may have watched the video I released last week, announcing that operations at Camp Mitchell will be temporarily paused beginning July 5.

At Diocesan Convention in February, I reported on the increasingly large operating losses of the camp and appointed a task force to see what the next steps should be. As the task force interviewed people, the virus struck, and the immediate impact was that we had to cancel summer camp and other activities due to the governor’s directives on camping and large group gatherings.

Given that the camp cannot be open this summer and possibly in the fall, and given the task force’s identification of a number of long-standing issues that need to be addressed (such as out-of-date facilities and programming that do not mirror the needs of potential users), the task force report recommended to the camp’s Board of Trustees and Executive Council that we pause activities at the camp. Executive Council agreed to this recommendation at its May 26 meeting. This action will give us time to focus on improving Camp Mitchell for its future mission rather than focusing on the short-run anxiety of “what do we do next month or in the fall or winter” if there is little or no business. 

It is indeed hard to realize that for a while the camp will not be available for use for our church gatherings and for summer camp. We will do our best, though, in the meantime to continue to find ways for our young people and other church groups to gather. 

A working group will focus on how we can clarify Camp Mitchell’s mission, how to make it work financially, and how to attract new users. I personally look forward to the day when we can welcome everyone to a revitalized Camp Mitchell.

For the Bishop’s updates and guidelines, visit the Diocesan Covid-19 page here .
Worship Information
This Sunday, Trinity Sunday (June 7th):
Lectors (email will be sent with information)
9am: Facebook Live on our All Saints’ Facebook page

Video uploaded to our YouTube channel as soon as it is completed, God willing and technology cooperating! (follow the channel to get notification)

June 7th bulletin HERE .

Would you like to contemplate on the scriptures (for all ages): Faith @ Home link

Godly Play lesson for young children: Holy Baptism (which has a wonderful emphasis on the Trinity!) and a craft idea here .

If you do not have The Book of Common Prayer at home for the Daily Office, you may arrange to pick one up from the church or access it online: .

You can access a guide to the Daily Offices (of which Morning and Evening Prayer are included), HERE

Services :
In English:
8am - Morning Prayer, Rt. II - Monday-Friday 
5pm - Evening Prayer, Rt. II - Saturday
9am - Holy Eucharist - Sunday; available on YouTube later 
En Español:
1pm - Santa Eucaristía - Domingo

*Spanish-speaking services will be shared on the All Saints’ page as they are available, including the 1pm Sunday service. Noonday Prayer and Compline are also offered by Padre Guillermo and members of Todos los Santos.
Episcopal Church Response to Racial Injustice
This article shares more than a few sound bytes and provides many links to what is happening in the Church now.
Adult Christian Education
Join us at 10:15 for coffee time, and our discussion/video will start, God willing, at 10:30. Here’s the Zoom link to join . This next week the featured New Testament character are James and John, sons of Zebedee. Contact Mother Sara if you have questions or need assistance logging into the meeting.
Treasurer's Report - June 3, 2020
We had only $9,305 in contributions for the last month (May) so we continue to feel the stress from the shutdown. That is about $9,500 short of the amount needed monthly to break even. We are back in the hole for the year, a negative $10,313.

I know I sound like a broken record but I must continue to emphasize that it is very important to keep your pledges and donations as current as possible to help us get through this difficult period either through checks or on-line contributions since our expenses are forever continuing. I am again including info on how to contribute.

You can continue to send checks to All Saints Episcopal, PO Box 528, Bentonville, AR 72712; and as I described before, you can set up an account on-line with . Also, a new and even simpler way to give is now available through the company that provides our accounting software. It gives you the ability to set up your info on-line with them and simply text your contribution. It comes directly to our account. It will immediately allow us to identify who made the contribution and it will allow you to access all information regarding your cumulative contributions directly from your device. 

Our Text to Give toll free number is (844) 943-2526 With that number:
  1. To give a specific amount: Text: GIVE 25 - or another amount
  2. To give to a specific purpose: Text: GIVE 25 GENERAL
Currently we have the account set up to accept only general purpose gifts but will soon have codes for other purposes, i.e., building, discretionary, etc. I will publish those codes after they are set up.
To Give:
Step 1: Text “Give 25” to 844-943-2526.
When you text to 8449432526 the first time you will receive a text with a link that asks you to set up your account, which can be completed in less than 60 seconds! Keep in mind you will only need to get set up once. Once set up, your next gift can be done with a single text. 

Step 2: By clicking on the link, the you will open a secure web form to:
  • Provide basic contact information that will be automatically added to our Aplos database.
  • Confirm your gift amount, the purpose of the gift, and if it is a recurring gift.
  • When making a contribution you can choose to pay the online contribution fee yourself. Otherwise the church will be charged 2% of the amount contributed.

Thanks for all of your help. If you need to contact me you can do so at or (361) 739-7567. - John Jones, Treasurer
Altar Flowers
Visit the SignUp Genius page to let us know when you would like to contribute the altar flowers for a Sunday service! Or email Brenda Zedlitz . This is a beautiful way to show your gratitude and/or honor the memory of a loved one.
All Saints' Directory - Photos Still Needed!
Reach out to one another through the directory online ( ) or through the app: . If you would like a printed copy, please contact Sandi Lynn or Mother Sara . We would love to see more pictures of our members! Help us do this before we go seeking photos of you! Thanks for helping us stay better connected, which is so important especially now that we are not gathering in person.
Little Free Pantry & Library!
We mention needs in the community below, but we give thanks that we now have a Little Free Pantry and Little Free Library installed at All Saints’! Many thanks to Deacon David Myers (St. Andrew’s, Rogers) for the construction of them and to Joe and Chris Delacruz for the installation. Feel free to drop of non-perishable food items or toiletries. If the box is full, there’s still the food pantry basket inside the church which will be used to refill. We’re in the process of getting the pantry & library on the respective maps. Thanks, again, for helping us help our neighbors!
Building Update
While the work in the kitchen continues, planning is now underway for our most anticipated and ambitious project yet: the renovation of our sanctuary. Our wish list for phase one includes new flooring, the lowering of the altar and addition of an altar rail, the construction of the Marian Altar and new seating. It’s a wish list, at this point, until we begin to price and receive bids for the things we would like to do. We plan to keep a close eye and a tight reign on expenditures, so as not to exceed the remaining balance of approximately $100,000.00 in our building fund. These are the remaining dollars promised to be returned to us from the Diocese. The initial reimbursement was used for the much needed replacement and repairs of our roof.

If we are unable to accomplish all of the items on our wishlist in this phase of our renovation it doesn’t mean it won’t be done, only postponed. This is the first phase only. More work is planned as we transform our worship space.

As we continue to work with Mother Sara, Padre Guillermo, the Altar Guild, Music Directors and others, we will keep you informed. We will publish drawings for the vision of our sanctuary, once they are available.

If you have questions or comments about any part of our church renovation, please let me know. You can reach out to me here: - Deborah Linville, Jr. Warden
Interfaith Book Club
Our Interfaith Book Club is deep into The Lemon Tree, by Sandy Tolan. Please join us on Facebook for group discussion. All faiths are welcome and all locations, since we are meeting virtually. Join us on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. 
LGBTQ+ Alliance
ZOOM call rescheduled for June 9 at 7:00pm . Please text Julie at (479) 381-0269 if you’d like to join us!!!

It will be so great to see everyone and share our thoughts.
Music at All Saints'
It is wonderful to have music with worship! If you have any questions regarding music at All Saints’ or want to get involved, reach Jayme at
Noon Bible Study - Tuesdays @ Noon
Our social justice-themed Bible study continues now through video conferencing, thanks to Zoom. Here’s the link . All you need is a phone (you can just dial in), a smart phone, or a computer, and we can feast on the Word together.
Essentials Outreach
All contributions are helpful! Thanks to all who contribute to our neighbors. Here are items requested:
  • Toilet Paper
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shaving Cream and Razors
  • Deodorant
  • Laundry Soap
  • Dish Soap
Check out  our Facebook page
Support Local
Many of you may know Justin Eaton, owner of IDK Cafe. Justin has been working with community partners to provide meals for our neighbors. If you would like to sponsor meals or support his business (food truck=food to-go!), follow IDK to see what’s available or message Chef Justin how you can help.
Food insecurity is heightened during this time of increased unemployment and kids being home from school. If you know of someone who has a need, here are some Bentonville-based resources (plus St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Rogers). Here’s a link to the NWA Food Bank that has a list of closings because right now many resources are not available.
  • Christ the King, Wednesdays drive-up thru 2pm-3:30pm: they could use donations of paper goods and personal hygiene products
  • St. Andrew’s pantry is open on Tuesdays, 9am-11am: food distribution in the parking lot (no current needs expressed except for prayers for the effort and the health of all involved); St. Andrew’s also has a Little Free Pantry so you can donate non-perishable foods at any time
  • Little Free Pantry at Neighborhood Church on I Street: donate non-perishable foods at any time
  • Samaritan Community Center is still in operation (providing food for teachers, counselors, etc. to distribute to children and families) on Hudson in Rogers and has volunteer opportunities for those 18-61 years old. Find more information here.
  • Second Street Pantry (UMC, downtown Bentonville): drive-thru pick up open Tuesdays, 1-3pm

Do you know of a pantry that is open/needs donations? Let us know so we can share!
Discretionary Fund
Our discretionary fund is used to help those who call for assistance, typically for help with rent or utilities. Please know that this fund has been used to significantly help a few folks this month. You can contribute to the discretionary fund online (select discretionary fund from the drop-down menu) or by sending a check with “discretionary fund” in the memo.
Dear Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement, We Want Justice - But What Do We Do Now?
Join us for an Episcopal Justice Assembly on June 10th at 6 PM EST. Now is the time to build our collective energy and moral vision. We will learn from Episcopalians who are leaders in the fight for economic and racial justice, speaking to this moment of crisis. This is our opportunity to share experiences and reflect on our communal call to faithful action in anticipation of the National Poor People’s Digital March on Washington June 20th.  Register here to join the June 10th Assembly.     

We have a long-term crisis of poverty and inequality, and of a society that has long ignored the names - Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, George Floyd, Freddy Gray – a crisis counts over 100,000 COVID victims, and looming crisis of 140 million people who just one more one emergency away from being poor.   

The Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington will be a transformative digital event driving Jesus’ vision and justice’s agenda into the heart of the national narrative. In this unprecedented moment, Episcopalians are telling the truth about the dire failures of our society and sharing the key to real and lasting change that lies within our communities. 

What you can do now: 
Sign up to join us on 6/10 -  Register here to join the June 10th Assembly.  
Register for the Poor People’s Campaign –   The “Episcopalian” link here  
Share with your parish and diocese. 
Join us in coming together in a bold new way on June 10. 
In the love of Christ that brings justice for all, 
Episcopal Presiding Bishop's Office
Department of Racial Reconciliation, Justice, and Creation Care 
Summer Activities - What's Cool & What's Not
Love God, Love Neighbor: Episcopal Month of Action
In the month of June, join The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations and Episcopal Migration Ministries for Love God, Love Neighbor: Episcopal Month of Action , a series of webinars to learn and advocate with and on behalf of immigrants, DACA recipients, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Newcomers contribute greatly to U.S. communities, enriching our common life, strengthening the U.S. economy, and bringing joy as they join and reunite with families and friends. And yet, immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees face a wide array of challenges, including federal policies and legislation that are outdated and do not address the realities of immigrants in America today. As the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement, we are called to advocate with and for our siblings seeking safety and a better life in the United States.

June 7-13: Episcopal Action on DACA Week
WEBINAR: June 9, 3:30-5:00pm Eastern Time

June 14-20: Episcopal Action on Resettlement Week
WEBINAR: June 16, 3:30-5:00pm Eastern Time

June 21-27: Episcopal Action on Asylum Week
WEBINAR: June 23, 3:30-5:00pm Eastern Time

Participants may choose to attend one or more of the webinars offered. Registration is required here .

About the Office of Government Relations:
The Office of Government Relations represents the policy priorities of The Episcopal Church to the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. We aim to shape and influence policy and legislation on critical issues, highlighting the voices and experiences of Episcopalians and Anglicans globally. All policy positions are based on General Convention and Executive Council resolutions, the legislative and governing bodies of the Church.

About Episcopal Migration Ministries:
Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) lives the call of welcome by supporting refugees, immigrants, and the communities that embrace them as they walk together in The Episcopal Church’s movement to create loving, liberating, and life-giving relationships rooted in compassion. EMM’s desire to honor the inherent value of human connection brings communities together to love their neighbors as themselves.
To directly support EMM and its life-changing work, visit or text ‘EMM’ to 41444 (standard messaging and data may rates apply).
Prayers - Please Pray With Us For
Jesus Castillo
Nancy, Brian, Joyce & family
Sara & Cole
Jason & Laura
Saul & family in Nicaragua
Raven & family
Adina & Wesley
Linda B
Simmons-Abernathy family
For those expecting - Michelle, Adina, Lauren
The people in El Salvador
Ana Maria
Schiller family, esp. Sarah
All those who are unemployed, 
hungry, not safe at home
Prayers for the departed: All who have died, especially Richard, Feliza, the 105,000+ who have died from covid-19, and all who have died at the hands of violence and injustice, especially people of color -- May they rest in peace and rise in glory.
Ministry Leaders
It takes many people to support the ministries of All Saints'. Here are email links for leaders of lay ministries. If you have any questions or would like to help, please reach out. There is a place for you. Your participation is much needed and appreciated!

Acolytes -  Lou Honderich
Altar Guild -  Jennifer Stoner
Bread Guild -  Justin Snopko
Chalice Bearers and Lectors -  Lou Honderich  (Sunday)  Marj Bernhardt  (Saturday)
Diversity Representative -   Julie Collins
ECW -  Sandi Lynn ,  all women of the church are encouraged to attend!
Facebook -  Belinda Ostrowski , pictures are always appreciated!
Flower Guild -  Brenda Zedlitz  or sign up  online
Hospitality -  Geraldine Madsen  and  Sandi Lynn
Interfaith representative - to be filled
Member Relations -  Joe Delacruz Deb Shoemaker Kyle Schiller
Music -  Jayme Amonsen
Newsletter -  Sandi Lynn , feedback and suggestions are always welcome!
Rides to church -  Tom Morris
Theology Pub -  Sandy Wylie
Vestry -  Debby Nye , Senior Warden
Youth Ministry -  Mandy Stiglets
Church Phone Numbers and Office Hours
Church phone: 479.802.0302
Office hours: Tues - Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and other times by appointment.