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November 13, 2022

Dear Friends,


I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to pledge and to give to one’s parish. As I’ve told many of you and even preached last fall, I learned what it means to be generous right here at All Saints. It was here that another parishioner told me just to tithe and not worry about the details. It was here that I learned to give generously, even if it made me a little nervous. So I did, not to be a big shot or even to make the church budget possible; rather, it was a way to learn to trust that all I have comes from God and to learn how pry my fingers from my wallet and, thus, from my pride and ego. 


That’s all to say, Dear Ones, that giving as a follower of Jesus is different from being a philanthropist or an effective altruist. We give as a recognition of our dependence on and trust in God. We give to soften our hearts and remember that we are not, ultimately, in charge.


And, of course, we give to our church, to All Saints, because we love this place and people and we want it to continue. We give because we want to be here when someone is in need. We give because we want this place of joy and justice to persist into the future. We give because God and this place give meaning to our lives. We give because people in the past gave, ensuring that we can know God in this place, and we want to make sure that in 2083 this good place will still stand with new people, new programs, new ideas, all enlivened and loved by the same God we are. 

Our fabulous pledge co-chairs Jack Garland and Katrina Kasten have provided lots of inspiration and direction for how to give this year; more information and links in the first article below.


So, Beloved, pledge!

Faithfully, Suzanne+

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News and Events

This Sunday, November 13, after both the 9:00 and 11:00am services, we'll celebrate the 2023 pledge commitments made so we can continue to write the history of All Saints. As of this writing, we've received pledges from over 80 households! Our goal is 100% participation.

Thank you to everyone who has already committed to supporting All Saints’ with a 2023 Pledge. If you have not yet pledged, you may submit it here.

If you have questions about the impact of your support, or would like to discuss your pledge further, please reach out to our stewardship co-chairs Jack Garland and Katrina Kasten.

Join the Catechumenate and Get Baptized on the Easter Vigil!

Learn more on Sunday, November 13 at 12:30 in the Reading Room.

Light lunch provided.


The Catechumenate is a period of formation and education to prepare adults for baptism, the sacrament of initiation into the Christian Church. If you are an adult who would like to learn more about the sacrament of baptism and what it means to join the Catechumenate, please come to this introductory meeting to learn about the history and theology of baptism and what it might look like to walk a journey of faith to Easter in 2023.


RSVP for our meeting.


Curious or have questions? Contact Suzanne at

Bread, Wine, and Word Returns: "Thanks, Pandemic!”

Friday, November 18, 6:30 - 8:30pm.

A fun dinner party in the All Saints’ Sanctuary

with food, drink, and stories!


Given the time of year AND the past few years, our stories will focus on giving thanks in the time of pandemic. Please brings drinks, simple food (cheese, bread, dips, etc.), and possibly a story to share. Or bring nothing and just come!


If you do plan to tell a story, prepare a 3-5 minute story about giving thanks in hard times. Hard things that yielded grace. Being happy when everyone around you is sad. Hope in a hard time.


The point of gathering is to connect with one another, so your story should be real, your own, and focus on events and feelings rather than proving a point or teaching a lesson.


No pressure if you don’t want to tell a story, but if you do, stay within 3-5 minutes and consider taking a risk. If you are new to storytelling, The Moth offers these great GUIDELINES


Interested? Sign up here!

Questions? Contact Colin Collette at

Revive Christmas "Baskets"

All Saints continues its annual tradition of participating in the Revive Christmas "Basket" program. This year, we have 25 households that need our support to provide Christmas presents for their families. Participants will receive a form with information about a family, along with suggested Christmas gift ideas. Boxes should be delivered to the church by Sunday, November 27.

Once again, Jacqueline WayneGuite is organizing All Saints' participation. She'll match you with a household based on your preference of size, then keep in touch via email with further instructions. Please check your email and confirm receipt within 48 hours.

Households range from one to eight people. You should plan to spend at least $30-$50 per person on gifts - one for each family member. For fairness, spend the same amount of money on each person. Please also purchase a Jewel gift card worth $15 per person in the household.

If you have questions, email Jacqueline WayneGuite.

Please sign up at the link here!

The Return of the All Saints Christmas Pageant!

It may seem like Christmas is still far away - but it’s not! And planning for the fabulous All Saints Christmas pageant is beginning now. The theme for this year’s production is “Sunday Morning (instead of Saturday night) LIVE" as we return "in person" and dream of the future.

This year, we're giving 2 performances (at 9:00 and 11:00am) in the church sanctuary on December 18th.  Both speaking and non speaking parts are available for anyone 0-18 years old.

There will be in-person rehearsals on Saturday, December 10th and mandatory rehearsal on Dec. 17th from 3:30- 7:30pm. There'll also be Zoom rehearsals of specific scenes on weekday afternoons during the weeks of Dec. 5-9 and Dec. 12-16. These will be scheduled depending on cast availability. 

IF YOUR STUDENT WOULD LIKE A PART, please let Polly Tangora know now so we can reserve a role just for them.

New Neighbors in Need

Chicago is a destination for refugees from all over the world, especially Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now Venezuela by way of Texas. All of these folks are now are neighbors; in fact, the immigrants sent here from Texas as part of a political stunt were recently being housed in the Leone Field House in Rogers Park.


While the US State Department provides some assistance, most of it is provided by volunteers. Exodus World Service has asked All Saints to help our new neighbors get settled. Please go here to sign up to contribute.


All items should be new, so keep your eye out for great bargains as you do your holiday shopping. (Regifting is okay, as long as you didn't use the item first!) Annie Logue will set up a bin by the back stairs, or you can have items shipped to the church c/o Annie Logue. We're looking to have it all together by the middle of December. You can email her at or text at 773-835-1059.

Wondering about United Power, Community Organizing?

Here's an upcoming opportunity to learn more

and have your questions answered. 


Tuesday, November 15, 6:00-8:00pm on Zoom:

Effective Organizing & Action    

What are some of the key elements of action? Using our shared experience of the July 17th action, we will look at key elements of a successful action, and discuss how we - as members of United Power - want to build on those elements and put them into practice in the next year. If July 17th was your first action, November 10th session is a pre-requisite training for the November 15th session.  

Registration link here.

Pray twice with the All Saints choir!

There's a saying attributed to St. Augustine that goes something like this: "The one who sings, prays twice."

If you're looking for a way to give back to the community, meet some wonderful people, and have a great time doing it, please consider joining the All Saints choir. We especially need folks to sing for the upcoming high holy days, the season of Advent, and Advent Lessons and Carols. So, whether you sing in the shower, sing for your supper, or sing a song of sixpence, we need you!

The choir rehearses every Thursday evening at 7:00pm in the church or, if you can't make that time, it also rehearses for 45 minutes before Sunday services (8:15am in the parish hall for the 9:00am service, 10:15am in the church for the 11:00am). No audition required; just an open heart and a joyful spirit!

For more information, you can either write our Music Director Colin Collette or talk to him after a service on Sunday.

Volunteer for All Saints' Building and Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee is looking to expand its roster, so that we have more helping hands on future projects. Over the last few years, we have helped with the 

renovation of the Rectory, refinished the church pews, and painted the porch on the Church’s 3-flat. If you'd like to be on the list when we call for volunteers, please 

send an email to Mark Ortlieb at

Safe Church/Safe Communities

At All Saints, we take the mandate to create a safe and welcoming environment for all very seriously, especially our children and vulnerable adults. When we renew our

baptismal covenant, we promise to respect the dignity of every human being, with God’s


Several months ago, the Diocese of Chicago issued updated Safe Church/Safe

Communities training guidelines and policies. Some of you may remember this as the

program formerly known as Keeping God’s People Safe. The leaders and clergy of All

Saints are committed to welcoming and protecting all people who participate in activities

in our church. Any kind of sexual misconduct, abuse, harassment, or bullying is a

violation of our mission, is prohibited, and will not be tolerated.

All clergy, employees, vestry members, church school teachers, youth group leaders,

nursery workers, and other volunteer leaders are required to read and acknowledge the

diocesan policies and complete an online training. 

Members of the congregation are also encouraged to review the diocesan policies and if

desired, to take the training. Links to the policies are below. If you wish to take the

training, please contact Courtney to get log on information.

Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth

Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults

In January, we'll host a meeting to talk more about the ways All Saints is committed to

following these policies and to creating a safe space for all.

Resumption of the Common Cup

The Diocese of Chicago recently lifted its restriction on sharing of the common cup during the Eucharist. You can read Bishop Clark’s letter here. We began using the common cup again on All Saints Day, November 6. 

Please know that if you choose to receive only the consecrated bread, you are still participating fully in the sacrament. We'll be using port wine which has a higher alcohol content than regular red wine. 

Chalice bearers will wear face masks during the sharing of the cup. We ask that you do not intinct (dip) your bread into the chalice so that we might limit infection of any kind. If you prefer not to drink from the cup, cross your arms over your chest; the chalice bearer will still present the sacrament with the words “The Blood of Christ, the cup of salvation” to which you may respond “Amen.” Please wait for the person next to you to receive Communion before returning to your seat.

If you have any questions, please speak with Suzanne or Courtney. 

All Saints Book Club

The All Saints Book Club continues to meet on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM on Zoom. If you are not a regular attendee, email Mike Burke at for a meeting invite.

In addition, we are now supporting the book sanctuary initiative. We'll include at least one banned book each year in our reading plan starting in 2023. 

Our current schedule moving forward is:

December 8, 2022: 

Why Fish Don't Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life by Lulu Miller (At this meeting, we will select books for 2023.)

January 12, 2023:

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

Morning Prayer - Zoom Update

Morning Prayer continues to take place weekdays at 8:30am on Zoom. The Zoom meeting is open to all, however due to recent security requirement updates you will need to be signed into a Zoom account in order to join. You can find the meeting link under the Online Worship Resources tab on the All Saints website.

All Saints welcomes you wherever you are in your journey of faith. Join us daily, monthly, or as needed!
Join us on Zoom!

Interested in sharing your news with the All Saints community?

Be sure to email Edward by 5:00pm Wednesday for inclusion in our Friday morning e-newsletter!

Upcoming events at All Saints…

Sunday, November 13 - COMMITMENT SUNDAY

12:30 - Catechumenate Prep

3:30 - All Saints Youth Group


Friday, November 18

6:30 - Bread, Wine, and Word

Saturday, November 19

Diocesan Convention

Thursday, November 25 - Thanksgiving


Sunday, November 27 - Advent I

Revive Christmas Baskets due

We Pray For

Those who suffer in mind, body, or spirit: especially for Nisha Charania, Martha and Frank Manley, Nancy Dawn Clark, Florence Gellman, Leonard, Aluma Alex, and for those whose hurt, burdens, and fears go unspoken.

For those on our long-term prayer list: Suzanne Shear, Ann J, Clyde Propst, Peter Donalek, James Guide, Nina Chinn, Jim Crandall, Juleigh Ruby, Lionel Edes, Clara Maddox, Caty Norman-Burke, Kamila and Kathy, Paul, Mary Logue

For those around the world: the people of Ukraine and all affected by war; all affected by the pandemic; and our brothers and sisters in Cuernavaca, Mexico; Renk, Sudan; and throughout Latin America and East Africa.

For those who celebrate birthdays this week:

11/13 - Colin Collette, 

11/14 - William Nifong, Maggie Cassidy

11/15 - JW Jefcoat Wade

11/16 - Mike Kurtz

11/17 - Karina Bergman, Simon Davies, Tom Edstrom

11/18 - Rob Koehler

11/19 - Greg Pierce, Ezra Guffey, Susan Harlow, Anderson Bergman

For those who celebrate anniversaries this week:

11/14 - Bill Trierweiler and Lucy Jenkins

For those who have died: for all those we love, but see no longer. May their souls and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, and may God comfort those who grieve.

Unless otherwise requested,

names remain on our prayer list for four weeks

and on our long term prayer list for six months. 

If you'd like to have someone included in our community prayers, please email:

Request Prayer
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