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Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could enjoy this holiday season without feeling stressed? There's so much we think we should do but it's hard to do it all and stay sane!    

This newsletter issue is about focusing on those activities that mean the most to you and your family as well as simplifying so you can truly enjoy this special time of year.  


Best Wishes for an enjoyable Holiday Season,









Try using some of these ideas to help save yourself time this year:



  • Check in with groups you usually exchange gifts with and make sure everyone still wants to - chances are they may not!
  • Buy online and avoid the lines.
  • Buy the same gift for multiple people wherever possible.
  • Shop before Thanksgiving or at off hours like evenings or weekday mornings or afternoons (avoid lunchtime).   
  • Delegate wrapping or use gift bags
  • If you are planning on passing on a special item someday, why not do it this holiday season?
  • Mail out gifts before the second week of December while lines in the post office are shorter.

Holiday Cards

  • Send an email card.
  • Have others help personalize and address the cards.
  • Put your addresses in the computer and print out labels.
  • Consider shortening your list and only send cards to people you've communicated with in the last few years.


  • Keep decorations to a minimum - just enough to make your space feel festive.
  • Delegate the decorating to family members and don't worry if they aren't done perfectly!
  • Hire someone to put up your lights or even decorate the inside of your home.

Entertaining/ Cooking

  • Cater instead of cooking yourself.
  • Ask guests to bring a dish and make your event potluck.
  • Make half of what you normally do - it is probably plenty!
  • Purchase items from restaurants or grocers that offer holiday menus or Ala Carte items.
  • Freeze ahead of time.
  • Instead of baking 6 varieties of cookies, bake 3 or even just 1!
  • Simplify your gathering by making it for coffee and dessert or wine and cheese instead of a big meal.

Most importantly, don't let "perfect" get in the way of "good". Share some of your holiday tasks with others even if they don't do them quite as well as you.







The best kind of present is one that a recipient really desires. For many people, receiving gifts that add more "things" to their household isn't something they necessarily want and may even add stress to their holiday.  


A wonderful gift option that won't add clutter and may be warmly received is the gift of organizing!  Contact us to order a "Holiday" gift certificate for someone on your list who would appreciate our services or put organizing on your wish list this year!      


 Featured Project of  

the Quarter 


Just before the Holidays is a great time to clear out the clutter. You'll allow others to use the things you aren't when you donate them, you'll make room for any new gifts you may receive and you'll create better storage space for the things you want and use.



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We have been posting "before and after" pictures, organizing tips, advice and links on a weekly basis. Thanks for all the positive feedback from those of you who have been receiving them. 

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It's hard to make time for all the activities the holiday season can bring: Decorating, writing and sending holiday cards, entertaining, buying gifts, cooking and baking and throwing or attending parties.  


This year, instead of running yourself ragged by trying to do it all, pick the activities that are the most important to you and your family and consider not doing, delegating or deferring those that aren't.


For example


If sending Holiday Cards isn't what you want to focus on this year then you can:

  • Delete - Don't send them;
  • Delegate - Ask your family members to sign and address the cards;
  • Or Defer - Send New Year's cards after the first of the year.

If you don't have the time and energy to hold your annual holiday soiree this year you can:

  • Delete: Let your usual guests know that you won't be holding your event this year so that they can make other plans;
  • Delegate: Have your party catered, make it a potluck or go to a restaurant or hotel that offers a special holiday meal;
  • Or Defer: Have an "After the Holidays" party in January.

Doing half as much this year will most likely allow you to enjoy yourself twice as much!


PLAN to Enjoy    

Your Holidays!   


Once you have decided which activities are the most important to you and your family this holiday season -- start planning for them.  By planning now you  won't feel frazzled and frenzied as the holidays approach.  


Make Your Checklists - write down everything you need to do for each of the activities you are focusing on this year. Getting these off your mind and onto paper will reduce your stress and help you get it all done.


Calendar Your "To Do's" - wondering when you will get it all done? Plot your tasks onto your calendar to make sure you're making time for them. You'll also see what you don't have time for and then you can decide if you want to rethink your plan.  


Figure Out What's Too Much -- don't feel you and your family have to attend every holiday event. Think about how many "fun things" you can do and still have fun! Don't feel bad about declining an invitation and remember you can always make plans with the host/hostess after the holidays instead.




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