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"I get too much paper" is a common complaint I hear from so many of my clients. The good news is that you really can reduce the amount of paper you receive. Less paper means less clutter, less time spent filing and less wasted trees - another example of less is more! 

This newsletter contains ideas for what to start and what to stop doing to decrease the amount of paper coming into your home.


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Use free services to stop unwanted mail- www.catalogchoice.org allows you to opt out of catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, circulars, phone books and more. Just set up a free account and you can type in the companies you no longer want to receive publications from. You can also opt out of receiving credit card or insurance offers by calling 1-888-5-OPTOUT or visiting www.optoutprescreen.com

Get statements online - Most of my clients get their bank and financial statements in the mail but then never look at them. They then end up with piles of paper that need to be filed. While it is important to look at your statements, you can do so just as easily online as on paper. No need to set up a separate physical file for them when your financial institution keeps them filed for you by date so that you can quickly find them when needed!

Have receipts emailed to you - Many stores are now offering to email your receipts to you instead of giving you a paper receipt. Don't let your concerns over receiving emails from the store keep you from this paperless option as  you can easily unsubscribe from their emails.

Manage documents on line - Use software like Google Docs to collaborate on documents and use Drop Box to share files.

Sign up for digital subscriptions - If a subscription is offered digitally, you may find that it is just as easy for you to read it on a tablet or other device than as a printed publication.

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Paper had completely overtaken this office. The client was very happy to have his space back after we finished purging and organizing!


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Thank you for your Referrals

Each year, many of my new clients come from your referrals. Starting this year, each time you refer someone who becomes a client, you can choose a $25 gift card from either Starbucks, Amazon or Charity Choice (which makes a $25 donation in your name). Please tell your friends to make sure they mention your name when calling.  And as always, I am grateful for your sharing my name.  

Having bills sent to you - Check with your utility and credit card companies as well as any other bills you pay on a monthly basis to see what the digital options are. If you are worried about forgetting a bill, you can set reminders in your email to pay. Paying bills online will save you time and stamps. You can also set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account or automatic charge to a credit card.

Clipping articles -
Most people who clip articles never go back to read them. Or, they'll clip an article to send to someone and then never send it. If you read something online that you want to remember, you can bookmark it so that you can easily find it when you need it or share it via email by sending the link or by using the "share" option when available. 

Additionally, if you read an article in a printed publication, you can usually find it easily online

Printing - One of my clients had a broken printer and realized how freeing that was for her! She routinely printed off materials that could have been read online or saved in a computer file. The week her printer was broken saved her lots of filing time and clutter.

Saving publications you'll never read - I've met people who believe that everything that comes into their homes needs to be read and as a result have piles of magazines, newsletters and newspapers cluttering their space. Unless you spend all of your time reading, it is impossible to read everything that comes into our homes. It is important to be selective to make sure we are reading the material that is most important or interesting to us.

Paper comes at us from many directions and in many ways. If you do just one of the steps outlined in this newsletter, I'm certain you'll see a real difference in how much paper you get and have to manage.


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