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Bi-Annual Newsletter         Fall Edition         October, 2020
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I hope that you, as well as your family and friends, have all been well through this difficult year. So much has been out of our control and we've all had to find new ways of doing things.  

As we continue to navigate forward, I am using some new and improved tools, services, skills, and routines that are helping me better serve you, my clients, now and into the future. 

So what's changed?

The Altogether Organized Website
I've updated my website! Please check out our new look and our full range of services by clicking here. I was so lucky to work with the incredible Annette Rotz, whose experience includes Art Direction at Amazon, along with her colleague Carmen Troesser, who took many of the site's photos. Carmen's an amazing photographer whose work has appeared in many national news publications. You'll also find the "Links" page especially useful as it includes an updated list of donation resources.  

Virtual Organizing
While I am grateful to once again be working in-person with clients (masks on), I've now gained lots of virtual organizing experience as well. Learn more about how this may be a good option for you by watching a before and after video on the "Virtual Organizing" page of my website.        

Remote Training and Conquering Clutter Group
As it is still too early for large in-classroom trainings, I'm now offering my classes and Conquering Clutter Group sessions, via Zoom. My most recent offerings were earlier this month, and my next class dates will soon be posted on the "Seminars" page of my website.  

During the "Shelter in Place" orders,  I focused on learning more about several organizing topics:
  • Digital Photo Organizing
  • Technology Tools for Organizing and Productivity  
  • Creating a Paperless Office 
  • Disaster Preparedness
Let me know if you'd like to learn more about how any of these topics can help to meet your organizational needs.  

Facebook Posts 
Last spring, I began posting a series of step-by-step instructions and pictures of organized spaces for anyone looking to work on home organizing projects during the Shelter in Place. Since then I've continued to post weekly photos, tips and ideas for my Facebook followers. If you are interested in getting weekly organizing ideas/information, be sure to "Like" the Altogether Organized Facebook page to make sure you see all the posts.

On a personal level, I started some routines during shutdown that have really helped me to stay productive, healthy, and positive.

Accountability Partnership
My friend Barb and I text each other every morning to keep each other posted on progress toward goals we have committed to. This started with our desire to shed our COVID weight gain and, has now, expanded to other goals. 

Accountability Partnership is a powerful practice for getting things done! Let me know if you want more info on how this can work for you.

Doing it every morning! It's a good way to clear the mind of mental clutter and get your day started. It has really helped me to alleviate some of the added stress this year has brought.

Daily Phone Call with a Friend 
At around 5:00 pm each day, I have a phone call with a friend, family member or client to catch up. This has been amazing and so refreshing. Reestablishing the practice of staying connected with people who are important to me has been a true gift. If you ever want to talk, just let me know!

Although I would never have chosen the year we've had, I do appreciate the fact that it's given me the time to develop some tools, skills and practices that ultimately allow me to even better serve my clients. I hope that you too have been able to find your silver lining and that you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

Best Regards,