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What is it about spring that makes us want to get our homes in order?


While we most likely cannot accomplish everything we'd like to get done at one time -- there are many quick organizing projects that can make a big difference in how our spaces look and function. 


 In our Spring Newsletter, I've included before and after pictures of several spaces and explained what we did to transform these areas from frustrating to functional for some of our clients.


I'm hoping this will give you some ideas on how you can take small steps to get big results!


Happy Spring and Happy Organizing!






How to Jump Start Your

Organizing Projects! 


Do you have some organizing projects that you want to tackle but you are having trouble getting started? 

Here are some ideas on how to jump start your efforts: 

  • Start Small - Pick a project that you can start and finish in the time you have allotted. 
  • Start with Something that is Really Bugging You - Make a list of the areas in your home that you find annoying and choose one that is not overwhelming to you. Once you solve that issue you'll feel better and may want to tackle another area of your home. 
  • Break it Down - If you have a big project break it into steps and do the steps one at a time.
  • Organize with Someone - If you think it will help you, work on your organizing project with a friend or a professional organizer. Altogether Organized would love to help you! 



Quick Project #2: Front Hall Closet

Often times a front hall closet becomes a depository for items which really don't need to be there and that was the case for this client.

We started by taking everything out that was on the floor of the closet and sorted what we found.

Here's what we did with what we found: 

  • Large Blank Calendar Sheets - Took to her office.
  • Out of Season Handbags - Donated many of them and put the rest with her summer handbags in her bedroom closet.
  • Current Season Handbags - Donated many and kept the several that she likes to switch between in the closet hanging on a hook on the inside door. The less frequently used winter bags were put in her bedroom closet with the rest of her winter bags.
  • Coats that had Fallen - Donated those she hadn't worn in the last year and hung up the rest!
  • Shoes - Most went to her closet but several pairs went by the back door for her to put on when leaving the house.  
  • Hats, Scarves, and Mittens - Donated those that she no longer wanted and were in good condition, threw out those in bad condition.

Clean front hall closet

After the floor was clear we sorted the coats that were left hanging into summer/spring and fall and winter. We took two baskets that she had, placed them on the top shelf and used one for hats and the others for gloves and scarves. This was a very quick and straightforward project that completely changed the feeling she got when opening the door each morning to get her coat.



messy desk 

This desk had become a "dumping" ground.  Now it functions as a space to sort mail, write correspondence and to work at.


clean desk


gift wrapped presents

Mother's Day Gift Idea

For Mother's Day this year (coming up on May 8th), think about asking for the "gift of organization". Here are some ideas:

Do you have adult children who are still storing their "stuff" at your house? Ask them to come over and make decisions about what they want and ask them to take it with them!

Do you have a certain organizational project that you have been asking your children or spouse to accomplish? Let them that know that completing this organizational project would be the perfect gift to you.

We also have gift certificates available in case you would like to ask for Altogether Organized's services as your gift.


organized home office/desk

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 I have been posting before and after pictures, organizing tips, advice and links to my blog posts on a weekly basis. Thanks for all the positive feedback from those of you who have been receiving them.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas
QUICK: Junk Drawers
QUICK: Clothes Cabinet
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Quick Project #1: "De-Junk your Junk Drawer"

Most every  kitchen has a junk drawer......but it doesn't have to be "junky". The first step in any organizing project is to sort out what you have. For this junk drawer, we took everything out and sorted it on an adjacent kitchen counter into categories.

messy junk drawer

Here's what we did with what we found:

  • Film that was Never Used and Expired - Threw out
  • Tools, Hanging Strips, Hardware - Put away in their appropriate spot in the basement tool area
  • Birthday Cards - Read over and then recycled (but one special card was kept with client's memorabilia)
  • Birthday Candles - Put with baking supplies
  • Extension Cord - Put in the office with the other extra cords
  • Take Out Menus - Recycled duplicates and put remaining in folder near recipe books
  • Blank Index Cards - Put with the school supplies in the office

clean junk drawer

The items that you see in the after picture were the ones that the client wanted to have in her kitchen drawer. We separated by category and labeled the containers to keep her and the other household members on track.



     Quick Project #3:  Clothes Cabinet

The clothes in this cabinet were a jumble and as a result my client's husband started keeping his clothes in piles outside of it so that he could find things to wear.

His wife and I started by taking the clothes that were outside of the cabinet and sorting them into categories. Then we emptied each shelf and sorted those items as well. We also emptied and sorted the drawers you see under the cabinet.

messy clothes cabinet

Here's what we found and what we did:

  • PJ's - Went into a drawer
  • Boxers -Went into a drawer
  • Boxers with worn out elastic  - Thrown out
  • Socks - White socks went into one drawer and dress socks went into another. We used a drawer divider to separate black from navy and brown
  • Jeans- Folded and put on a cabinet shelf
  • Shorts - Folded and put on a cabinet shelf

clean clothes cabinet

The categories we put in this cabinet were his work out shirts and gym shorts, golf shirts, and sweaters.

We labeled each shelf and drawer to keep him on track as well as anyone else in the house putting away his clean clothes.  

Finding things to wear is a whole lot easier for this gentleman now!     





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