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Photos in top banner: Dellaine with her new son Ashaine and her client Joan; Ryan (Regina's grandson) playing with his cars while dining; Tom (Regina's husband) giving Darcey kisses!!


Photos above: 1. Our client Helen walking on
her own, looking lovely; 2. Nora (Regina's granddaughter) and Tom; 3. Bella (Jessica's
daughter) at her 7th birthday party;
4. The lovely Catherine visits the Statue of
Liberty. (She is Kelly/Bonnie's friend Marilyn's
granddaughter) ; 5. Rj (Jessica's son) shy
on first day of school; 6. and 7. Nora and
Ryan (Regina's Grandchildren) celebrate
Canada's 150th birthday!; 8. Lillian and
Emma (our web guru's children); 9. Zoe
(Regina's Grandniece) as a beach goddess;
10. Nora and Tom hanging out after
kite flying; 11. Grace and Luke (our graphic
designer's children) enjoying a boat ride;
12. Charlotte (Regina's Grandniece)
loving on Darcey!

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A Note from Dotty in Heaven -
Learn How to Live in the Now  
By Dorothy DeMarco  |  From Heavan    

From Regina: The following is a favorite column of mine by my friend Bob DeMarco. Both of our mothers died, a few months apart in 2012 from Alzheimer's. He wrote this shortly after her death. It remains one of my favorites among all his columns.
I think you will be surprised to learn that I can now remember every single detail of my life. All of it. The good and the bad. All the memories.

You know what I learned up here?

The bad stuff happens so you can be reminded of the good stuff.

I think you will be surprised to learn that I can now remember every single detail of my life. All of it. The good and the bad. All the memories.

Which brings me to the order of the day. Here is what I want you to do.

I want you to get all comfy cozy and I want you to look at the person you know who is deeply forgetful. Most of you usually refer to the person who is deeply forgetful as the Alzheimer's patient (or dementia patient). Stop doing that.
Once you are all comfy cozy, I want you to look at the person who is deeply forgetful and think about the best time or the happiest moment you ever had with them. Take your time it will come to you. Concentrate. Oh yeah, before I forget, I can concentrate again now that I am up here.

45 of Life's Best Lessons by Regina Bret
  1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
  2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.
  3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
  4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.
  5. Pay off your credit cards every month.
  6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
  7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.
  8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it.
  9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.
  10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

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Kudos from Kelly
 KUDOS from Kelly
  By Kelly McNamara 
Dawn Reed and Shelley Ann Daley Kerr: Dawn and Shelly are the duo caring for JM and assisting her husband and brother in their lovely home. JM, who has early dementia is a delightful person who until recently was able to manage on her own but now she and her husband and brother need assistance with errands, shopping, meal preparation, medication management, doctor's appointments and overall supervision, care and safety. Their home is a magnificent oasis for them and our goal and theirs is for them to remain there.   All interesting people, their conversations with their caregivers, Dawn and Shelly are an added perk of their jobs. JM and her family once enjoyed wonderful home cooked meals but are now unable to do this, so we have matched this wonderful family with two of our best cooks, who also happen to be astute, caring and proactive caregivers.

The ability to carefully observe for any signs of problems, and address then early is the single most important aspect to helping them remain at home.

Thanks to you Shelley and Dawn for all you do for them all.  We are proud to have you both among our caregivers.

All caregivers mentioned in this column will receive a gift card and our sincere appreciation!  Many many thanks to all of you for once again extending yourselves to ensure that we are of course
Always There...!! ■

Notes on Attitude - Food for thought 
"You know that little thing inside your head that keeps you from
saying things you shouldn't? I don't have one of those."

 "Every day, thousands of innocent plants are killed by
vegetarians. Help end the violence! Eat bacon."

 "The fact that there's a highway to hell but only a stairway to
heaven says a lot about the anticipated traffic congestion."

 "I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand."

 "So, when is this 'Old enough to know better' supposed to kick in?"

 "Have you ever listened to someone and wondered,
'Who ties your shoelaces for you?'"

 "I prefer not to think before speaking. I like being as surprised
as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth."

 "Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometime the M is silent."

 "I hate it when the voices in my head go silent.
I never know what they're planning."

 "When you're dead, you don't know you're dead. It's only difficult
for others. It's the same way when you're stupid."

 "If people could read my mind...
I'd get punched in the face a lot."

"I never argue. I just explain why I'm right."

 "I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue all the time."

 "Don't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality
is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are."

Written & Published by Philip E. Humbert, PhD Visit our website at: ■

  Summer Activities for Seniors 
  & Caregivers By: Elizabeth E. Hogue

Enjoying the warm summer temperatures doesn't have to be a distant memory for elders and caregivers. Finding an interesting activity that is suitable for a senior's abilities may take some creativity and planning, but it is well worth switching up the routine and getting out of the house.

The Benefits of Getting Outside
A main advantage of heading outdoors, even for a short period of time, is being able to soak up some sunlight. Sun exposure generates vitamin D, which is necessary for a healthy brain, bones and muscles. Getting out also enables elders to socialize with new people, and be stimulated by new experiences and environments.

Ideas for Outdoor Activities
When selecting activities to do with your loved one, focus on hobbies and interests that they used to enjoy. Don't be afraid to ask what they miss doing or what they'd like to revisit. Have a couple of suggestions prepared to choose from and head outside to enjoy the day together.

Providers We Love      
We are privileged to have received referrals from and be able to coordinate care with many Assisted Living facilities, rehab facilities, and Medicare Home Care and Hospice agencies. Our growth is in large part due to the trust the staff in these organizations have put in our caregivers. We are likewise impressed with them and we are committed to referring to them on a regular basis  

Masonicare Home Health and Hospice
Wallingford, Newtown, East Hartford, New Haven, Mystic 

Masonicare provides comprehensive home health services to support aging gracefully at home.  Their range of services includes skilled nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, wound care, telehelath, in home monitoring and complementary therapies.  Their hospice program provides comfort to those near end of life allowing them to remain in their homes among family members. Across Connecticut, Masonicare is dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate care in any setting an elderly or disabled person and his/her loved ones call "home," be it a house, apartment, assisted living or nursing home community.

They can be reached at 888-679-9997 or visit

 About Always There Home Care

Always There Home Care provides compassionate, dependable and professional one-on-one care for seniors who need assistance in the comfort of their homes or residential care communities.  Services from highly qualified and trained caregivers range from companionship, meal preparation and incidental transportation to personal care, medication management and RN-directed case management. Available 7 days a week, services range from a few hours a day to 24-hour care.

Always There Home Care understands that every situation is unique and creates individualized care plans to help improve a client's quality of life.

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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified and carefully selected individuals who are personally and thoroughly screened, bonded and insured. Most are Certified Nurse Assistants or Home Health Aides. Most importantly our caregivers are dependable and extraordinarily caring of others. In addition to their previous experience, our caregivers receive continuous training that includes dementia, hospice care, home safety, nutrition and other topics related to seniors. These highly qualified and trained caregivers are ready to help you and your loved ones with a variety of daily activities such as:

Personal care    /  Meal planning and preparation
Transportation to doctor appointments and other errands
Caring companionship    /  Light housekeeping
Medication reminders  /    Information and referral services

Our personalized, nurse- supervised services are available 7 days a week and
can range from a few hours a day to 24 hours and live in care.

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